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Never gets tired of SW!
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So who saw Corrie last night? Any fans lurking here? I'm not an avid viewer of it, but really enjoy it when I do catch it! I watched last nights and thought it was awesome!! Who do we think has popped their clogs:wave_cry: and what big story lines are going to come out of it?! It's actually led to a decision that I'm going to follow it from now on!! Life after X-Factor, Strictly and the Apprentice will be a dark place lol!X
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Hi, I don't always watch it either but I loved last night's episodes and can't wait for tonight's! :eek: My guess is either Peter or Nick will have been killed. I hope Rita survives!


Never gets tired of SW!
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I hear that Molly is out, which probably means the baby will survive and that'll make for a good story-line! Who will bring him up!!X
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Molly and Ashley are favourites to die in next week's tram crash, according to bookmaker Paddy Power, with those mostly likely to survive including Kevin Webster, Bill Webster, Hayley Cropper and Norris Cole.
Odds on Molly Dobbs meeting her maker in the tram crash are just 1/40 while the bookies' are offering 1/16 on squeaky voiced butcher Ashley Peacock dying in the tragedy.
Hardly surprising given that Corrie producer Phil Collinson has announced that both characters will be axed from the soap. Janice Battersby (Vicki Entwistle) who is also leaving Coronation Street
in its 50th anniversary year has odds of 6/4.
Although it's supposedly a closely guarded secret which of the THREE major characters will die in the Coronation Street tram crash, pictures of Rita appearing to survive the incident with cuts and bruises have been widely circulated - including on Corrieblog here.
Meanwhile the tabloids recently reported that Molly and Ashley were to die in the tram crash and that John Stape is to murder Charlotte
Hoyle in a desperate attempt to stop her revealing that he buried Colin Fishwick's body in the Underworld knicker factory.
Here are the current odds on who is to die in the Coronation Street tram crash from Paddy Power:
Molly Dobbs 1/40
Peter Barlow 5/2
Dev Alahan 5/1
Ashley Peacock 1/16
Jim MacDonald 3/1
Chris Gray 5/1
Charlotte Hoyle 4/6
Nick Tilsley 3/1
Kevin Webster 6/1
Rita Sullivan evens
Becky MacDonald 3/1
Norris Cole 6/1
Sunita Alahan 5/4
Emily Bishop 4/1
Bill Webster 6/1
Janice Battersby 6/4
Ken Barlow 5/1
Hayley Cropper 6/1
Ciaran McCarthy 9/4
Lloyd Mullaney 5/1

I love Corrie as well and am totally hooked.

Thank goodness DH recorded it for me last night as I was so tired I fell asleep in front of the television.
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Wasnt last night amazing, despite knowing what was happening it was still a real OMG moment... brilliant..

If there are, as rumoured, to be 4 deaths, I think itll be Ashley, Molly and some non 'main' character like Pam or Connie and ofcourse Charlotte whos already had her head caved in lol

Cant wait for tonights episode
Oh neither can I. All the animals have been fed early, our dinner is ready and I am relaxing with a well earned glass of Shiraz.

Bring it on ..................

What good value for money T.V. is.
ITV have officially confirmed Ashley as the first fatality after the cave-in last night. It was pretty obvious from the build up, I thought, but it is good to have it confirmed.

Live episode tonight, and apparently there are more explosions to come.
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i hear kevin and sally raise the baby:(


is taking a scenic route
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ooo getting well excited now for the live episode. so glad baby jack ok now itsgoing to be mega sad if molly dies
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I missed it last night as I was working :(. will be watching tonight though - wonder if fiz's has the baby? x


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I've got a bit of a Corrie feast ahead of me tonight as I've got last night's waiting for me to watch just before the live one starts, I've heard that Molly has to hand baby Jack over which will have me in tears - the whole way through I've dreaded the baby scenes, as a mum, and to a little boy, it gets me every time. Can't wait for the live tonight, me and OH will be cuddled up in front of the fire trying so hard to spot any little mistakes, of which I'm sure there will be some!
I remember the last live episode, Ken Barlow was hilariously bad. I can still see him in my head now, knocking on someones door, I cant remember what for, but they suggested he go do something and he went "Worth A Try!" and strode off camera. It was hammier than a ham sandwich in Hamburg.

Cant WAIT for tonights.


Never gets tired of SW!
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I thought it was great, but I was muttering all the way through, "Why is Sally not wearing a hard hat???"
I was thinking the same thing! But even worse, being an intensive care nurse, I was shocked by the management of Peter Barlow! He was having a full on cardiac arrest/tamponade and he had poxy nasal cannulae in! He wouldn't have looked that pink and healthy and he would have had a facemask on, swiftly swapped for an ambibag to provide some big breaths to help resuscitate him!

Saying that, what a fantastic episode with some amazing storylines emerging!! I'm very excited, but just can't wait for them to tidy up the mess! Tragedy or no tragedy, I don't do mess!


Never gets tired of SW!
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So, do we think Peter IS actually going to die or is it a big red herring... I cant decide
Hmmm, there's so much going on at the moment I'm so confused about what's what!!! Will Sally forgive Kevin? Will Sally & Tyrone have an affair? Who will bring the baby up? Will baby 'Hope Stape'(?) survive? Will Leanne and Nick get together? Will Charlotte survive and if so what will happen to John?

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