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Coughs, colds, flu


** Chief WITCH **
I've never had 'flu... but take a multi vitamin each day, and have added a vitamin C also at the moment...

Since losing my weight, I suffer far less from seasonal bugs... oh and of course since quitting smoking, that helps too.

<and now that I've said that, you can guarantee I'll get something!! if ever I do, it'll be when I'm on "holiday"...>
Ugh, Jaqys, I am so sick of getting colds! I've had 3 in the last 7 weeks - one before I began the diet, one just as I started it and the other more recently. It's driving me mad.

Since being on the diet, I haven't used any Strepsils or Soothers (which I normally devour during colds) or even any cough medicine (I can only take Honey and Lemon Linctus because of my asthma). All I've done is take an occasional couple of Paracetamol when my head has felt at its worst.

You know, one of the best things I've found for colds in the past has been fruit squash diluted with hot water. Obviously, I can't drink those whilst on the diet, but would recommend that Dukan dieters with colds perhaps try plenty of hot drinks, like tea. Not only are they soothing, I wonder whether the heat helps to fight off infection?
I have had some sugar-free sweets, they're great if you have a ropey throat (from talking too much :eek: or if ill). I don't generally get many colds and don't tend to use medicines either except maybe paracetamol if I feel a bit fluey.

Hot drinks are good, Dukan-friendly hot chocolate?
I can understand that, I much prefer my chocolate untouched (ie not in cakes, drinks) but I will have a hot chocolate now and again (in winter when it's very, very cold and I've been outside for half the day).


** Chief WITCH **
Actually DD, I'm just the same... my other half will often have a hot chocolate in the winter, but even off diet, I'll not join him...
I'm not fussed on hot choc either, I would rather eat it than drink it.

As for coughs and colds, I had a bad cold and a horrid chest infection in November and a slight cold in summer but nothing work stopping unfortunately . I didnt take anything for my horrid cough in November, I should have had antibiotics, I was so ill , coughing up blood , but just from strained vessels I think . I hate going to the gp though and antibiotics only shorten it a bit. I think t builds good resistance too, I hardly ever get colds. I know loads of folk always sniffing about. I dont know how they manage it. I had flu in 2004 when was pg with Emma, awful, havent had it since though.
Hot toddys are what I take , cant beat them. whiskey/brandy in hot water with lemon juice and if you arent low carbing a teaspoon of honey, I could go one now actually lol.
ginger is allowed on dukan cruise (not sure if on attack...) boil some up it's a good immune system booster and an (Sp) anti-emetic (stops sickness)...so you could chew some peeled root ginger, boil some up or add some powdered spice to your muffins/oatbran x


** Chief WITCH **
nope don't get sicky bugs either (one advantage of having no contact with vertically challenged people - it's easier to stay bug free!)
well it got me,spent all day in bed yesterday after being up all night being sick:(

iv had my porridge and some chicken today feeling very fragile cant seem to drink my water tho,and no appetite yet:sigh:
my lad was like that last night seems better this morning !!!!
You can get sugar free strepsils i had them last time i had a cold someone on here recomended them
Im lucky now that ive had my flu jab so may not have to worry about the flu

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