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could do with

some motivation please? I have been losing and putting on the same 2lbs since november now. I just cant seem to stay on track at weekends, i end up being soo strict with myself 3-4 days a week then completely gorging on the other days. Got class tonight and i just feel embarrassed to go as im still no further on with my weight loss. Its going to be a sts or a gain. Again :( somebody give me a great big kick. I go away in 2 weeks so that should be enough in theory but i just keep messing up!!
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You're not too far away from your goal. Are you sure that you really need to lose any more? You're lighter than pre baby aren't you? Maybe that's the size you're supposed to be!?!

Alternatively, look at yourself in the mirror and imagine all those treats you have at the weekend expanding your waistline hips etc.

I can't talk really as I am having a bad week. But if you really really want it, you'll find that fighting spirit within!

Good luck x
I agree with Vikstar..you really dont have that much further to go and maybe your body doesnt want to give up any more weight.
You are really doing well, even if you feel as if you have stalled at the moment. Dont give in, just dust yourself off and plan as much as you can.

Take care.



I want to be fitter again
The only person who can give you a great big kick is yourself but you wouldn't kick a friend so why kick yourself. Try being nice to yourself with some positive talk about how well you have done. Tell yourself you would like more of that. What is your BMI now are you in the healthy range. You check it out on this site NHS TOOL | healthy weight BMI calculator for children & adults
I think it was Jaylou who posted recently with a great sounding tip: whenever you are tempted to eat anything which you know is a bad choice, repeat to yourself "tasteslikepoo" until you don't want it any more. By convincing yourself that it really does taste like poo, chances are you won't fancy it any more:yuk: :sign0137:

Failing that, here comes a giant boot up the bum.......:asskick: xxxx good luck xxx
It was Jaylou, from Hellie on the SW Off topic sticky - this might give you more ideas xxx (sorry don't know how to post a link!)
Thanks everybody. The thing is though i have been havng dominos and massive chocolate feasts a few times a week and have only gained 1.5lb so i know that i could loose more if i just stopped pigging out lol. Im in a good frame of mind today and have just done a big work out. Have planned my meals all weekend too so i cant fall off the wagon and order pizza!!