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could i have gallstones?

Hi hun,

Sorry you're not feeling great. I'm not an expert on gallstones however I've heard it can be very painful to the point you're doubled over in pain. Do you have any pain or is the wind just foul smelling but not painful?

I would say that if it continues you should speak with your doc to be on the safe side

i would say it's just the food hitting your gutt especially if there was any fat involved. you might need to be close to the loo for a few days. i've heard of gallstones being unbearable, worse than childbirth.
Re: cold i have gallstones?

Iv been reading and its not always pain that could be gallbladder iykwim lol, it's more to do with one min I'm constipated next I can't leave the bathroom!

Yeah I can't stay away from the loo, why's that? Is it because of the fat in the food? Ergh it's horrid! I feel like I'm on them weightloss tablets! My stomach is just constantly rumberling today :(
Sounds more like irritable bowel rather than gallstones. I had my gall bladder removed and had suffered and can agree with the others that the pain from gall stones is unbearable and you would definitely be in great pain.
Foul smelling flatulence is usually a sign of eating difficult to digest food. Foul smelling burping is usually associated with hot and/or fizzy drinks (and gulping air without realising while you drink/eat) but can occur if there is a build up of digestive gases in your gut.

It's more than likely that your digestive system has slowed down due to CD (as you know we all have problems in that area :p) and then you eat and the carbs in the food, which take time to digest anyway, decompose more because of the length of time in your digestive tract. Some carbs (e.g. some veg, beans, pulses, sorbitol, fructose) take longer to break down than others. Not pleasant but not "medically" serious either. You may find some mild digestive stimulant like Movicol helps you get through this. Are you taking daily fibre etc as it's also a side effect of constipation itself.

The normal medical reasons are coeliac disease, IBS or lactose intolerance.

Hope this helps

There are an awful lot of tummy bugs around at the moment too. It could just simply be that you've picked up a bug.
Re: cold i have gallstones?

I had gallstones and my gallbladder removed and it never gave me gas. Must just be something else which I'm sure will pass soon x


please try again
i have the same thing if ive taken time off the diet, takes me about a week for the gas to stop.
i do hae ibs so tend to put down anything bottom related to my ibs
One of the things I remember from the gallstone attack that put me in hospital was the feeling that if I could only fart (and a big long one!) it would relieve the pain! I was half convinced (and I'm a nurse!) that I was going to A&E for treatment for wind! Lol
It hurts alot :( I cant stop farting or burping! And there long ones and alot of wind lol I'm surprised I have that much in me!
oh poor you.. is there anyone you can send out to a latenight chemist? If so charcoal tablets will help. Walking around also helps gets your digestive tract moving so a few laps of the house every so often might help too.
Iv taken windeze and pepermint something
Lol i don't know what else to take? In dreading the sleep tonight because it's alot worse :(
It's just going to take a few days to settle down. Nowt more you can do apart from wait it out. If it doesn't settle over next 24-48 hours or gets worse then it would be worth seeing your GP just for a check-up.
hi I have never heard of gallstones causing smelly gas :) Its more likely just your guts reacting to getting food again .. I had my gallbladder out a few months ago and the pain is the most horrendous thing you can imagine ( and I have 2 kids !)
Sorry to butt in ladies but I have to agree with the comment above.......I've had 4 children and that was a piece of cake compared to the pain of gallstones. I have never known anything like that!!

I had my gallbladder removed in May of this year but I can ever remember getting a wind problem with it!!

Sounds more like IBS to me and I hope that it sorts itself out for you soon. x

How are you feeling today? Any better? You might need to continue with the laxatives for another week or so until the daily preventative stuff has a chance to kick in.

Anyway hope you are feeling better hon
I had my gallbladder out in September after months of unbearable pain but I can say I never had wind..... it was an excrutiating pain under my right rib cage and in my back (like a crushing pain that hurt to breathe)... I would say be really careful with doing CD and then having a "break-binge" as this type of dieting will 90% cause things like gallstones as your body stuggles to re-adjust to the changes in food / make enough bile etc....

I'm not preaching - I just learned the hard way!

CD is 100% amazing but its meant to be used in a certain way and if you want to come off it for awhile you're meant to work back up through the stages to allow your body to adjust. If you don't do this it CAN make you ill.

The pain is awful! I felt like I was giving birth this morning! Had the urge to push ect, I cried that I wanted an epidural this morning lol I have poos again and bad wind :( back on my shakes today :(

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