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Consolidation Couteaux - Consolidation time!! :)


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Well, I reached my true weight today, so am starting consolidation. Wow, woooop etc etc :D

Nervous, excited, bit more nervous and really thrilled to have actually made it to here!!

Not sure what I'll be eating today - We're supposed to be heading off to a party later, so I might just treat myself to a celebratory glass of champagne. I'm so pleased I stuck with it!
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Yahoooooooooo!!! Well done, enjoy that glass of champagne it will taste as sweet as! x


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Congratulations :D


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Hi Couteaux are you going to post your menu's? it will give me a clue as to the sort of things i can have in January :)


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Thanks all!!!

Chris - I will, not from today tho as not the best of starts... The celebratory drink at the party became 4 or 5 and a rather fuzzy day today as a result....

I had my first gala of sorts.. It was more medicinal than anything as I felt so awful :( all self inflicted to no sympathy required. I ate a cookie, piece of rocky road and a funzize chocolate along with 2 slices of bread. Oh dear :( even tho I could call it a gala and therefore on plan, I still felt very naughty and worried that I was opening the floodgates to eating sweet carby things again.

Feel rather disappointed with myself but also have to remind myself life will sometimes get in the way, 'normal' people have days like I have had and don't suddenly get huge from a few treats.

So - I will be starting conso properly tomorrow with all the correct foods and no hangover induced rubbish.

On a brighter note, I had some really lovely comments at the party. I was wearing a little black dress (my first ever) and lots of people I hadn't seen for ages made me feel fabulous :D

So tomorrow food planned:

PP - mine will be Monday's just for ease with work etc

Breakfast - muffins, will make a big batch for cpl weeks

lunch - chicken drumsticks and cottage cheese

Dinner - spicy chicken

Hopefully Tues will be more interesting food wise and I can report back!

Lunch - chicken drumsticks


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PP today - I had a few feelings of wanting foods that were totally off limits and unappealing just a matter of days ago. Weird how attitudes can change so quickly!

I made a pudding for the troops here and nearly had some... but stopped myself in time. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week being PV and having a properly planned gala at the weekend. :)

Chris- I'm working in town tomorrow so not sure what I will end up having, but will report back and let you know. Guessing a salad and muffins, unless there is something surprisingly dukan friendly on offer ;)


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PV today and ended up at a gorgeous cafe for lunch, they had the most divine salads, absolutely delish!

Breakfast - muffins and coffee

Lunch - Greek salad (feta as my cheese) aubergine, onion and pepper 'stew', bulgar wheat salad (instead of bread..)

Dinner - chilli served in roasted butternut squash.

Yum!!! Felt great today, weighed in this am and was 11.12 still so all good and glad I have pv's the rest of the week!

I haven't had my fruit yet today tho...


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Well done Couteaux! I missed this thread being away for the weekend. I did pretty much as you did for my first gala, but I'm sure your next one will follow the "gala meal" rules ;)


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Thanks all :)

I am in a funny place now- and remember people talking about it, how much easier cruise is etc. Crikey - I am suddenly really wanting biscuits and sweet stuff. I have already had a cereal bar *smacks self*.

Breakfast was one slice of 'proper' organic wholemeal bread & lots coffee

Lunch - pastrami - too busy at work.

Dinner - beef stew & lots veggies.

I wish I didn't have these sweet cravings :(


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Aaaaaaaah!!! The cereal bar turned into 2, then chocolate and 2 slices of bread.

Bleugh - I was so in control during cruise - consolidation feeling a bit scary at the moment... :(

It's a new day tomorrow!


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Congrats on reaching the target - keep posting - we are all rooting for you! Cravings are the worst! I tell myself that cravings are my bad habits reasserting themselves, so cravings must be fought! However properly planned treats - like the galas - are to be enjoyed to the fullest.


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Couteaux - if I might be so bold, you need to start organising your menus again. Like in Cruise. Conso is, after all, PV plus a few things so where are your PV meals? Use the TINY bread and cheese ration as a snack initially perhaps, rather than having a total upheaval of your routine, and go back to your normal PV lunches and dinner.

When hungry/tempted/feeling nibbly, you always have the "Dukan picnic basket" to turn to - chicken, steak, eggs, prawns... EAT protein!



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Couteaux - if I might be so bold, you need to start organising your menus again. Like in Cruise. Conso is, after all, PV plus a few things so where are your PV meals? Use the TINY bread and cheese ration as a snack initially perhaps, rather than having a total upheaval of your routine, and go back to your normal PV lunches and dinner.

When hungry/tempted/feeling nibbly, you always have the "Dukan picnic basket" to turn to - chicken, steak, eggs, prawns... EAT protein!


Seconded. You are in control if you TAKE CONTROL

You definitely can't think 'diet over', all you should think is 'small extras added to PV'. You are still following a restricted diet! Extras like you are having will at this point immediately undo all your hard work, because you need to SLOWLY get your system used to digesting carbs again, without it still thinking 'I'm in starvation mode I must store as much of this as possible as FAT'. So you have to very very GENTLY add the carbs back in. Hence the strict planning still.

Last year at this point I was still mapping out my weeks (I still plan main meals even now!), making sure that any social occasions fell in place as Galas or at a pinch 'Carb meals' - I made sure my PP day was still there every week, particularly in the Christmas break. The rest of the time all other PV days themselves are just that - PV days with a small slice of bread, a small portion of cheese and a piece of fruit added. At the start I was simply having a slice of cheese on toast added to my lunchtimes, and an apple as a snack during the day, that took care of all the daily the extras.
Then I planned the one 'Celebration' meal a week - when it was not a social occasion I must made that a normal (not overindulgent) meal of something I had missed, which would include otherwise 'not allowed' ingredients like cheese, potatoes, sausages - you get he picture): like shepherds pie or pea risotto or simply adding potato wedges to a normal PV meal. I usually timed them to be at the weekend and had a glass of wine or Belgian beer (my weakness) with it.
Then you might also choose to have a dessert that's not yoghurt :)

The other near-'normal' meal a week is a (wholemeal) pasta dish, or a pasta portion, but the rest of your meal needs to be PV. So for example Spaghetti bolognese is perfect - and if you haven't had your cheese ration yet you can grate that over it too!

SO for the upcoming holidays - I print myself a planner and write into it each day "PP / PV / Gala / Carb" and roughly what the meal will be, so I can see the weekly / larger picture and balance Christmas day and other nice meals (we'll be having visitors again), whilst making sure I can if necessary drop the carbs or take the low-fat option (like not having a sauce etc), and I can also see that I put in enough PP days even if it's not always possible to stick to my Thursdays - next week it all goes haywire because I have 3 work-related Christmas dinners in a row so I'll do a PP before and one extra one after ;-) I also find that now in Stab, telling myself it's a PP day makes it easy to resist offered treats (like mince pies yesterday) whereas on other days it's much much harder and I certainly don't always succeed!

Come on , you can do it - but the hard work only starts now!


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Gosh Anja, you are so well organised! I wish i could say the same..planning my menus is more about what I have in the fridge/freezer today than anything else! Fortunately I also do the shop, so at least I can focus on having some good Dukan friendly choices to hand.

But I have noticed that since I've re-introduced fruit & bread that my desire for sweet things has vastly increased - so I can understand the off piste excursions Couteaux has been making. Yesterday for example for the first time on this diet I was actually hungry: it was a PP day: -
Breakfast - rhubarb, yoghurt & oatbran
Snack - hard boiled egg
Lunch - crab salad (yes I know no veges on PP day but its just a bit of lettuce & cucumber - has worked for me throughout)
Supper - chicken in a thai style sauce, sf jelly and fromage frais

By 4pm I was starving, although I admit I had been for a fairly energetic swim before work, so that may have contributed to my urgent need for cake! Fortunately I resisted on this occaision, so my conscience is clear and hopefully the scales remain steady at weigh in tommorrow. Only another 6 weeks of conso first stage to go....


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Well, yes my plan is also based on what's in the Freezer... and I do it the day before I do the weekly shopping (for the whole family). I normally plan one week, just for Christmas it gets a bit more complicated with parties, Christmas day celebrations and birthdays too, so I feel I need to see the bigger picture. I also do a lot of baking and cooking and have made sure that any cooking where I really will need to sample/taste the food I'm making does not fall on on a PP day. Last night I baked 2 batches of biscuits (5 trays worth) and did not even lick my fingers, no problem. Next week I am planning a cake I have never made before, better not put that on a PP day because I have to test the filling (pistachio 'marzipan')...

Oh I do understand the excursions and I certainly battle the sweet cravings, every day. Just saying that for *me*, telling myself it's a PP day still carries some weight, whereas telling myself 'you have already had one biscuit today' does not always have the same effect! I do have plenty of occasions now with real 'rumbling stomach' hunger - for example today before 10, because my breakfast had not included the customary egg...

That's the 'one problem' - coming out of ketosis - the cravings and real hunger come back. When before you didn't bat an eyelid saying no to a cake placed in front of you, now suddenly the cake is very very appealing again :(
So I TRY to reach for a piece of fruit or (yet another) bowl of yoghurt... On PP days I just say no and it works fine ....
And in Conso it still worked for me because I was terrified of gaining (there is an old Conso diary of mine somewhere....). Now I sort of float in a 2kg 'window' and try to stay down / the same by doing extra exercise and some weeks managing to completely cut out the treats and 'full normal meals' while keeping the bread and cheese!