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Couteaux's diary - back on track!

Sunday's food:


Breakfast - 2 x Brown bread (hexb) and wafer thin ham
Coffee (hexa milk)

Snack - Banana 1/2 orange

Lunch - Chicken & veg noodle soup

Snack - 2 fresh figs

Dinner - Grilled steak/lamb chop & kidney with dry roast potatoes, broccoli & carrots

Syns: Red wine (10)
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Monday 28th

Breakfast: 2x 'fried' eggs & 2 x bread
Coffee (hexa milk)
Snack: Strawberries, fresh figs & vlf ff
Lunch: Jacket potato, tuna, spring onion & sweetcorn mixed with vlf ff

Dinner: Slow roast lamb stew, carrots, celery, red onion with couscous & asparagus.

Syns... Didn't have any in the end, trying not to have any wine until WI so looking for different ways to use my syns, I find if I start on the chocolate, I just can't stop...
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Tuesday 29th

Breakfast: 2x eggs, beans & 2 x bread (hexab)

Lunch: Leftover veg from last night's stew, made into soup.

Snack: Fresh figs, Grapes & vlf FF

Dinner: Chicken liver & bacon with carrots, broccoli & pasta

Syns: 1tbs sun dried pesto -2 syns

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Haven't posted for a couple of days but am still on track. I had WI last night and had lost 1/2lb. Really pleased with that as I was wearing jeans whereas I'm normally in light trousers.

Really hoping for a better result this week though - I really need that kick start as I've been floating around the same weight for a few weeks! Entirely my own fault though... ;)

So, not started that well today as it is nearly lunch time and I've only eaten a nectarine and a fig.


Breakfast: Nectarine, Fig

Lunch: Tesco wild mushroom risotto (1/2 syn) with spinach, broccoli & cauliflower


Dinner: Seafood Paella

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done on your loss this week Hun!! If you can try and weigh in the same thing or as close too, otherwise you could get disappointed!
Thanks Mrs V - I'm going to stick to the same trousers to get a true reflection of the loss this week. :)

I've been rubbish at recording what I'm eating again but have been sticking to the plan. I'm really wanting to get a better loss this week after staying around the same weight for a month! All my own fault, just want to give it 100% and see how much better I can do.

I can't remember all the food I ate over the weekend but working out syns so that I can keep to 70 for the week:

Fri: Wine 10 syns
Lasagne (homemade cheese sauce courtesy of Britmum): 4 syns
Total - 14

Sat: Jam roly poly (couple small spoons) 10 syns
Wine: 10 syns
Total - 20 syns

Sun: Gravy 2 syns
Crackling (whoops!) 10 syns
12 syns

Ouch! 46 syns this weekend. I'm guestimating upwards but you can really see how easy it is to go over the syn allowance for a few things without realising. The crackling was just popped in my mouth (by me!) without thinking and the roly poly was a couple of spoons of someone's pud - not even mine! So, I now have 24 remaining for this week - roughly 5 per day. I really need to count everything properly for the rest of the week and concentrate on where my syns are going. I think it is pretty clear why my weight hasn't been going down. All those odd little bits really do add up.

Also thinking more on this, most Thursday evenings I will share a bottle of wine with my SW pal after class - 15 syns, then home for dinner. This will be SW friendly, but if I roasted a chicken I'd allow myself some of the skin - 10 syns? so that is at least another 25 syns added on the week that I've not really been counting, sometimes could be more. Uh oh.... ;)

So today will be:

Breakfast - Hifi bar & fruit

Lunch: Pasta & sauce with broccoli, spinach, peti pois & sweetcorn

Snack: Mango, kiwi, nectarine & banana

Dinner: Chicken Stew - carrots, swede, onion broccoli & cauliflower with pasta.

Will try and have more red days this week, will see if that boosts my loss at all.
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Going to go red today in the hope that I have a good loss this week!

Breakfast: Banana & nectarine

Lunch: Leftover chicken & veg stew

Snack: Figs, mango, passionfruit & No fat greek yoghurt

Dinner: Slow cooked beef with red wine (6 syns for entire recipe) and mixed veg.

Syns: Red wine - 6

18 syns remaining until WI

After doing EE for so long I'm not used to having extra Healthy extras! Will have a think about what I want to use them for... ;) Mmmm, cheese on toast already sounding good!
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Another red day coming up today. I've just decided I really need to get my finances in order so will have to cut back on the amount of fresh meat I have been buying, my OH won't be too happy - he's a total carnivore!! So EE and green will be fine, but red will need some extra thought and TONS of veggies.

Breakfast: Mango, nectarine
2 x bread (heb) & 2 eggs

Lunch: Leftover beef stew & extra veggies

Dinner: Roast butternut squash stuffed with bolognese sauce, topped with goats cheese (hea)

Syns - think I'll save my remaining 18 for WI on Thursday. ;)
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WI today - eeeeeek! This has been my very best week for a good few months so I am hoping I have a result this week but not overly confident.

I'm so not used to having the extra HE's from being on EE for so long that I keep forgetting to eat them!
I'll be doing EE today, but will be red until dinner tonight.

Breakfast: Egg on 1 slice bread (heb)

Lunch: Smoked salmon and sardines on 1 slice bread (other half of heb)
Mango, nectarine

Dinner: SW lasagne (3 1/2 syns) extra cheese - 28g (hea) With spinach and steamed veggies.

Syns - I have 18 left over, either wine or some truffles! Oooh, decisions decisions! ;)
I lost 2lbs last night! So pleased, I've tried really hard to stay within my 70 syns and keep on plan - well, who'd a thunk! It works!! ;)

I used my 18 syns last night and enjoyed them :)

Wine - 8 syns
Cheese - 10 syns (ooh so good!)


Breakfast - Mango - need to find something else, running low on food today!

Lunch - Pasta & sauce with spinach, sweetcorn & peti pois

Dinner - Chicken & seafood paella
It's the Monday morning catch up!
I've been pretty good this weekend, won't list all the food, but it was pretty much all free and on plan, i'll just list the syns so that I know what I have left for the week ahead :)

Friday - 3.5 syns for Schwartz seasoning (1.5 for my portion)
Wine 10

Saturday - wine 15
Mayo on salad - 5 (estimate, was v small)
Sunday - Wine 5

So, 36.5 syns for the weekend. I stayed away from sweet things and found it much easier than I have recently.

So - today will be EE

Breakfast - 2 x eggs on toast (heb)

Snack - Nectarine

Lunch - Curried lentil, mushy pea & veggie curry

Dinner - Cottage pie with swede & potato mash, brocolli, & carrots.

Syns - 25 WHOOPS!!! I baked some bread for the family and it just smelt absolutely gorgeous, so I had 2 slices. Quite big ones, then a freddo chocolate. WHY??

I'm rounding up the syns, but what a waste! Annoyed with myself but pleased that I pulled myself back before going on a mad binge ( was very close!)
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B - 1/2 banana - mad at work, no time
L: leftover cottage pie
D: Spaghetti bolognaise

Snacks - fresh figs, mango, nectarine.

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