Crazy Day!


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Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day and are now enjoying Boxing Day!

Im shattered, i was up and out at the Next sale for 7am this morning (sad i know :p) as i need new stuff for my new job in Jan and i got some amazing bargains including a gorgeous mock moleskin coat for £20 - belter!!!

Anyway, on my way back to the car i slipped on the ice skating rink that was the car park and literally did a Nacho Libre elbow drop onto the floor. I've grazed all of my eblow and forearm and im going to have a whopper of a bruise on my thigh :cry: Does anyone know what i can do to speed the heeling of a graze up ad i dont want to be scabby come NY eve?

I also got to the trafford centre after the local Next and it was horiffic - any Manchester peeps avoid the sales in the trafford centre at all costs!!!

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your boxing day. Im continuing to watch Worlds Strongest Man as i have all day - love it!

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Awe bless you, hope your not too battered and bruised. If your graze is dry, then moisturiser may help to clear it quicker but have no other suggestions sorry. Witch hazel or arnica for the bruising will help too.


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Tea tree essential oil! Not neat, small dilution with almond oil or some other base! Will clear it up very quickly!


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And high doses of vit C. (promotes healing)


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As CG says Arnica gel and witch hazel are really good for bruising, and maybe a bit of Deep Heat rub will help with your stiffness too, but don't put it on an open cut or graze.....Ouch!!!


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Thanks for the advice everyone!

I've been out and got some arnica for the bruising and have been using E45 on the graze and its keeping it nice and moist, fingers crossed it wont scab and go crusty :jelous:


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Oh dragged me to house of fraser sales at 8am boxing day. hes a bit of designer bargain whore. Mind you, he didnt find any bargains, just a £110 pair of jeans, £119 pair of sunglasses (totally un-needed!) and the rest...

didnt even bother with next,

got a few bras, £150 on mac makeup! some red polkadot cutlery from debenhams down from £30 to £12 :D and some various other crap. soem nice jumpers from jane norman etc.