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Crazy's food diary any advice happily taken

Im trying to get back into slimming world after having a long christmas break and a 2.5 pound gain! Im new to this site so please bear with me :)

Wednesday 12th January 2011​

Brunch: 2 eggs scrambled using milk (A), cherry toms, spring onions, mushrooms, red chilli and cheddar (A) on 2 Toast (B)
Tea with milk (A), no added sugar juice

Tea: Pork and Apple done in slow cooker with mash pots, brussel sprouts and carrots with Gravy (?2 syns) and stuffing (?4 syns)
Hard to judge the syn value as boyfriend made the gravy and wasnt sure how much he used (grrr) and the pork was already stuffed with the stuffing but I only had a small sample!!

Snacks: Satsuma, Mullerlight, Banana, Water, Juice, Tea and Coffee, Large caramel snack a jack (2.5), homemade onion bhaji,

Total syns: 8.5

I also went to the gym for 1st time in a month, done 1 hour there. Feeling fairly positive although have not measured milk or cheese have just estimated so could have few more syns there. Will get back into the swing of measuring!!
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Fighting the bulge
Hi hun,

Just having a nosey at your diary.

Just a few things i wanted to check, you've got 3 HEXAs listed on EE you should have one A and one B, is this because you split the allowance into 3??

Also a cooked apple is 2.5 syns, something to do with sugar release or something!!

Stuffing from a packet is 2 syns per 28g cooked, if that helps you estimate.

Well done for going to the gym and only having a small gain after your xmas break!!
Thanks for noticing! Yeah I know on EE its only one of each I don't tend to drink much milk so I split my allowance in half with that and cheese (thats allowed right?) Oh damn I didn't know that about cooking an apple :( one apple was used for 4 portions, so would it be 2.5 for the whole portion?? The pork was already stuffed with pork when we bought it so no idea how to estimate it, won't buy it again cos it makes it tricky working out the syns I will just use a packet mix if I fancy it. Thanks for your help xx


Fighting the bulge
Your welcome, if one apple was used then the whole thing would be 2.5 syns.

Do you know what the brand was? It might be on the SW syns online?

I split my A choice sometimes as i struggle to use it. It's fine to do that if it is something which can be divided exactly in half rather than estimating

Ok so 2.5 into 4 portions thats not as bad as I thought pleased you picked it up :) thanks again.... I'm gonna call it 0.5 syns per portion for me as my bf had more than me (he took it in sandwiches for work) that sounds fair to me he he!!

The pork and stuffing was from Morrisons butchers, do you think I could find a value on that? I looked but didn't have much luck!! xx


Fighting the bulge
They only have this:

The Best, Pork, Apple & Cranberry Sausagemeat Stuffing, 400g pack, chilled, 28g @ 4 syns

I cant see anything else to help though, sorry!

I would estimate 1.5 syn per portion, the meat will be free, the stuffing would be minimal and the apple was only 0.5 syns

Hope that helps :)
Thursday January 2011​

Breakfast: 2 weetabix (HXB) sweetner and banana and milk (HXA), water and tea made with milk (1/2 HXA)

Lunch Huuge Jacket potato with curried beans and onion bhaji Apple and Grapes no added sugar juice and coffee

Tea Tuna Pasta Bake made using packet mix 7.5 syns which makes 4 portions so therefore 2 per portion to round it up, I packed it full of loads of superfree stuff including carrots, mushrooms, sweetcorn, onion, spring onion, toms and peppers and lots of chilli and garlic to liven it up!! As well as 56 G cheese melted on top (1/2 my HXA between 4), NAS juice

Snacks Decided to treat myself to a cheeky vodka and diet coke to use some syns up he he I'll put 2 double down which I think is 10 syns is that right??

As for exercise I didn't get to the gym today, but done an hour of housework hoovering, sweeping, moping etc so hoping that might count! Had a quick 10 minute brisk walk too!!


Fighting the bulge
Hey hun,

Just having a little nosey, feel free to tell me to bugger off im correcting you too much :)

You say 1/2 A used in your tea and 1/2 in the bake and A in the your breaky, make sure you're measuring as it has a big impact on losses if you guesstimate (trust me!! lol)

Are the curried beans and onion bhaji free?

Just a tip for the pasta bake, if you use mozzerlla you can have 42g as a hex!

If all of the above i have written is rubbish then yes you have only had 10 syns today!! Well done for the exercise! It doesnt need to be in a gym to be body magic and every little helps!!

Keep up the good work! x
Hi Hun,

Thanks for comments..... yeah I measured the milk and cheese yesterday as I know how bad I am at guessing!! I actually had the milk mixed with a bit mullerlight and I like my weetabix with tiny milk on cos hate it sooogy ewww!! The Beans were free according to slimming world and onion bhajis too I'd made a batch of them the other night very handy!! Oooh I never thought of mozerella, I usually use fat free cheese so I get loads more but the full fat was on offer and tastes so good! Thanks again :) xx
Friday 14th Jan 2011​

Busy day at work am pooped :(

Breakfast 1 portion oats so simple original (HXB) with milk (HXA), tea with milk (HXA), juice,

Lunch Jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn with extra light mayo 1 tablespoonfull (0.5 syn), big salad, banana and juice

Tea Tuna (I love tuna he he) pasta bake with veggies(2 syns for packet mix) and 14G Full fat cheddar (3 syns) juice

Snacks Mullerlights x2, mugshot, water, juice, apple and satsuma all free
Total syns 5.5

Bed time now back at work in the morning yawwwn! xx
Saturday 15th Jan​

Posting a day late as was too tired after 2 long days at work..

Breakfast 2 weetabix with milk (1/2HXA),banana, mullerlight and tea

Lunch Tuna pasta bake (again) thats the last of the batch! 2.0 syns and (1/2HXA on cheese) apple and juice

Tea Packet pasta sauce (0.5 syns) and satsuma

Snacks: Murray Mint (I need to find the syn value I needed a sugar fix at work and it seemed the best option!!), vodka 10.0 syns and diet coke
Sunday 16th January​

Brunch Bacon Sandwich (2 slices bread HXB) with passata tea with dash milk (0.5 syn) diet coke

Tea Vegetable chick pea curry (asda free) with slimming world chips and steam veg and rice (3.5 syns owch I didn't realise until after I'd eaten it)

Treats Cheese (HXA) pickled onions, beetroot, ham and grapes, diet irun bru and vodka (10 syns)

Syns total 14.0

Not a great day with food I know, I had an extra long lie in after been at work for 2 long days then I was busy with housework and shopping, but I did manage a gym session in. I am going to aim for more superfree food cos know how important that is!! :)
Hiya Hun :) Thanks thats good to hear, no I didn't go hungry probably cos I wasn't awake for that many hours!! Im thinking of trying a green day today for a change... what days do you do? Also how do I get to put my details on like you have... like weight... BMI... certificates?

As I am a shift worker I go to different classes, last week I weighed in Tuesday but I am working tomorrow so am undecided my options are....

to go tonight to a one I have never been to
to go to thursday one I have been to before
to wait until next tuesday to go to my usual fave one but I do feel motivated after class so feel I should go to one this week and then go to my fave one next week!

I am lucky having so many near to where I live but I am so indecisive!! When is your WI? XX


Fighting the bulge
Im exactly the same!! I have a monday night one which i love but is aw 15 minute drive, a monday night one which is a bit pants but a 5 minute drive and a Tues night one which i have only been too once but quite like so will change permanently in Feb.

I think it's good to mix and match sometimes but really you should choose one group to stick with so that you make the friendships with other SWer and the weighers and consultants get a personal relationship with you to help on your journey.

I find that i use most of my syns on the weekend and so im switching to a Tues so that the food weight isnt too much of an issue although whatever day you weigh on if you do it consecutively should be the same.

My weight bmi etc is all put on by going into 'user CP' in the top left corner and completing the 'details' section down the left hand side. You can also change your signature from there! xx
Thanks hun, Im in the process of changing my profile, I still cant figure out how to put my certificates on my signature am i just being thick!!

I was thinking of changing my permanant group, how does it work? You don't have to start all over again do you? My fave one is the Tuesday one the consultant is great as are the people in group, it makes such a difference. What day are you going to weigh in this week?

I have spent this afternoon making soup and sampled some for lunch yummm and so warming!! XX
Monday 17th January 2011​

My first ever green day!

Breakfast Scrambled eggs using 2 eggs and milk from (HXA allowance) and cheese from other (HXA allowance) and cherry toms, chilli and tinned tomatoes on 1 slice of nimble toast (1/2 HXB)

Lunch Homemade speed soup huuuge bowl

Tea Beef 57G cooked in slow cooker (HXB) with mash pots, sprouts, carrots and onion with natural gravy from meat

Snacks 1 Alpen Light (1/2 HXB), low sugar jelly made with diet lemonade 0.5 syns, 4 pints juice, herbal tea, tea and diet lemonade.

Total syns 0.5

Weigh in tonight = 1 pound loss, dissapointed as I had been good no meals out, stayed with syn limit and been to gym twice. Never mind I will stick at it and hope for a better loss next week. At least I loss!! Just my last 1st weeks back at it I have a big loss. This week I am going to stock up loads on superfree foods, weigh weigh weigh everything, vary the days I do and have all the super speed soup Ive made... :)


Fighting the bulge
Hey huni,

I weighed in last night and lost 1.5lb.

Well done on your loss hun, as you say a loss is a loss and if you were to lose 1lb a week for a year that would be 52lb!! Thats 3 stone 10lb!! and lets face it you'll lose more than that some weeks!

How much do you drink? If you are exercising it could be water retention slowing your losses?

The green day looks good! I think you need to do a few more posts (50) before you have permissions to put more in your signature.

You can change group whenever youu want, you just take your card and book to the new group and say you want to switch! xx
Hi Hun well done you thats great and you are almost at target :)

How much do I drink.. as in fluids or alcohol ha ha? Fluid retention I never thought of that!! It was also that time of the month so maybe that could effect it?! Ha ha now I really am trying my luck!!

I did another green day today, enjoyed it especially having extra healthy options yumm cheese!! XX

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