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Creamy Curry :) (Super speedy!)

this sounds lovely, i love curry so will have to try it!! i've found quark or low fat yoghurt always seem to seperate :( so it would be nice to discover a creamy way!


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Hey everyone.

I did a search of this but couldn't find it so it may be a new one to some?

Basically I adore curry but I'm not fussed on baked bean/mushy pea curry as it doesn't taste enough like curry.

I tried something though that made THE most delicious and creamy curry ever, nicer than my local takeaway!!

1 Large Cauliflower (or frozen florets)
Chicken Stock
Curry powder

Break the cauliflower up into florets and wash thoroughly.
Place in a large pot and put in enough chicken stock to just cover the florets.
Boil for about 15 minutes or until Cauliflower is very soft.
Once softened, blend with a hand blender until totally smooth.
Add curry powder to your liking.

If I read this on here I would totally disregard it but it is HONESTLY amazing. Its so creamy and delicious and in my opinion its better than superspeed curry as its superfree curry!
There is NO taste of cauliflower once you add your spices so it would be great for kids too.

Remember, this is JUST the sauce, you will need to add things to it.

I cooked chicken pieces, onion, peppers, peas, mushrooms and garlic up and added it in and served with rice and it is easily my new favourite slimming world meal!

This is fab! Thanks for posting it - we're big fans of curries here too so a superfree one would ne awesome!! I think I'll make this for our 'fakeaway' night tomorrow.


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Made this tonight for the first time and I can confirm... it is AMAZING! Had SW chips with curry sauce, feels so naughty, but it's not only syn free, but 50% superfree! :D


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Thanks for posting pic - I want to try it now!


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ps lol @ fakeaway night! love it!


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Totally making this tonight!! Yummy!!! xx

xx kirsti xx

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I made this curry tonight and its amazing!!!
I was put off by the sound of cauliflower but its lovely!!!
I just threw in some chicken mushrooms carrots pea and onions.


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Will be trying this later as sounds amazing


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Made this tonight for the first time and I can confirm... it is AMAZING! Had SW chips with curry sauce, feels so naughty, but it's not only syn free, but 50% superfree! :D

And as someone commented ages ago, does it really not taste of cauliflower? I just can't imagine the taste at all. What curry flavouring did you use? x


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To me it tasted abit like chinese curry x


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Tried this tonight with added chilli and curry powder. It tasted good but I maybe added too many mushrooms as it went a horrible grey colour lol-anyone got tips on good veg to use with it for a curry? I know it'll be fab as just curry sauce with chips though, so I'm looking forward to that


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Well, have just made the curry ready for tonight and I must say it does taste fab!

I had to use vegetable oxo's as I have run out of chicken but it does taste good. Have added it to chicken, onions, chilli, garlic, mushrooms and green beans (also run out of peas!)

We're having it tonight with rice, looking forward to it now too!

Thanks for posting this recipe :)

Oh, and it doesn't taste like cauliflower at all.


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Add a tin of tomatoes a tsp of sweetener in addition to your cauli and curry mix and voilà