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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tatty head, 18 April 2007 Social URL.

  1. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member

    Hi all,
    would love to get some, heard they are really comfy and i spend alot of time on my feet so any advice on which ones and best place to get them ?????

    Thanks Miniminners luv Tatty Head XXX
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  3. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member

    C'mon guys n gals bombard me with your ideas lol !

    TBH bit concerned by lack of responses are they really untrendy and uncomfortable ? if so i will let my thread just fade away and we will never speak of this again okay
    lol !

  4. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    I have never worn them, I think crocs are best viewed alive and

    Steve Irwin R.I.P ......"CRIKEY"
  5. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    hey tatty
    corcs are sooooo comfy but make sure you get real ones as the fake ones rip
    the real ones have a picture of a croc on the black button on the side
    ravel do them also next directory do them
    ummmmmm bullfrog, office
    cant think of any more
    dont pay more than £30
    also do little tiny kids one called caymens sooooooooo cute
    nat xx
  6. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member


    Cheers Sonya but i aint puttin' my foot in a live one ! xxx
  7. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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  8. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member

    Thanks Nat ,
    Brilliant,definitely want some i will have a browse at the places you suggested thanks for that .

    I saw the knock offs on e-bay but i will steer clear now !

    Cheers m8 xxxxx
  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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  10. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member

    Thanks Mini,
    Now i have read that i have to buy some jibbitz i hadn't even heard of them till i just read that more expense lol but i am worth it !

  11. natayou

    natayou a bit different everyday

    i am worried the jibbitz might rub my foot??
    its a very sensitive foot:rolleyes:
  12. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member


    It's like another language innit !
  13. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I have a pair of crocs.

    In canada, nearly everyone seems to wear them. You can even buy gems to attach to them.

    Yes...comfy. Very, very light. Bit like walking inside a polystyrene box
  14. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    I own 3 pairs of Crocs Tatty , I first saw them in Austrailia last year where everybody wears them and they are seriously trendy. I was a bit sceptical at first resisted whil in OZ , but on return I got some, OMG , I never have em aoff my feet , they are brilliant , so comfy I just Love them. I have converted loads of people to them, and loads of differnt syles and colours are now available without having to have them shipped form canada or the US which is where I got my first 2 pairs a pair of turqoiuse caymans and a red and black pair of Disney beach ones which are my favs cos the little holes instead of being round are in the shape of MIckeys head! I love em, sad or what? My latest aqquistition is a pair of All Terrains which look like deck shoes and you can wear them in all weather cos no holes at all. My sister has a pair of Primas that just look like ballet pumps and she loves them too. Loads of places selling them on the net, a lot cheper than at SHUU . I just bought some from ( I know ironic isnt it?) and they do free postage and dead cheap , but loads of other uk companies now doing them, cheaper than ever.
    Goos Luck hope you find your special pair, you wont regret it!
    Love C
  15. Yorkiegirl

    Yorkiegirl is happy being Yorkiegirl

    I've got 3 pairs.
    A pair of aspen closed in front one
    A pair of cayman in pearl grey
    and a pair of scutes black flip flop ones
    Love them all!
  16. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hi TattyHead - Recently bought my first pair of crocs - from NEXT - they're FAB :D

    hope you find ur perfect pair soon.....


  17. trinakmh

    trinakmh Silver Member

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    Hi Tatty.....
    They are the most comfortable shoe in the world (although mine are
    I have 4 pairs and have spotted more colours in the catalogue for £8 a pair!! :eek:
    Deffinatley recommend them to anyone!
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  19. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    My kids have got em - bought them from a garden centre (Peter Barratts) and were about 20 quid. We tried some fakes last year and they just exploded the first time we put them on - rubbish! lol Deffo go for the real ones.

    I can't get them off my kids' feet lol!

  20. Ameythist

    Ameythist Full Member

    Hi was just going to say, they are in the New Next book but there is more choice on line
  21. Fireflies_UK

    Fireflies_UK Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    I was watching Oprah the other day and the woman who invented the Jibbitz was on there! She was an ordinary housewife who initially made them fro her daughters Crocs and it took off from there. She eventually sold her business to Crocs for millions!
  22. tatty head

    tatty head Full Member

    Thanks everybody well i am sold! now off to buy up some crocs quite excited about it !

    They are more popular than i thought thanks for all your replys love Tatty Head XXX
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