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Cross Trainer!

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Right! I know there are many many many views on exercise and stuff but just would like a few wee opinions!
I have asked my darling boyfriend to buy me a cross trainer for Christmas. Now bearing in mind I have literally never exercised in my life, is this a good idea?? I am desperate to start exercising and thought the cross trainer seemed a pretty good option but really don't want it to have a negative effect on my weight loss!
Can anyone advise me how often or for how long I should exercise on it?? Any suggestions are most welcome!xx
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I dunno, imho I wouldnt buy something I hadnt tried. You might prefer the versitility of a treadmill more for instance? John Lewis has good displays of excersise equiptment, why dont you pop inand have a look?
S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh no I have tried in....many moons ago I had a short spell of going to the gym and hated the treadmill but really loved the cross trainer....that's why I'm asking for one!x


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Iv got one gathering did upstairs - don't bother!

Started with good intentions but it bores

Try a Zumba class or an excercise DVD something with music and versatilty!

Your welcome to my cross trainer!! Xx
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i would say start at 15 mins a day and build on it. upto 30 mins and then raise the intensity. a cross trainer is good for your upper arms and bra bulge.
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I'm getting a cross trainer, I know i like the one i'm getting, you may see a dip in weight loss at first as you will be using your muscles which will then hold on to some fluids to repair and act as fuel for the next work out but within a week or so you will be burning more calories so should see a faster weight loss. if you do low resistance (obv not too easy) and do cycles of slower then faster speeds you will be doing cardio vascular work, high resistance any speed is more muscle work.


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If you've got an XBox I'd consider getting the new Kinetic sensor, I was playing with one on Sunday and absolutely knackered myself whilst having fun. All sorts of sports and exercise games, as well as more fun ones like dancing and stuff. I'm going to treat myself to one for my own home!
S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thankyou all for suggestions! Lauren I am going to start Zumba in the new year as I have heard it' fab. I am looking to improve my upper arms and legs so I'm gonna get the cross trainer and work on it from a few of your suggestions on here! Thank you again x


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good luck with it Lisa - we bought a treadmill 2 weeks ago and it has been fantastic - started the couch potato to 5 k programme and loving it.( can't do anything using my arms because my shoulder is knackered and waiting for an operation to fix it next summer). I'd be at the end of week 2 if i hadn't had a bad cold this week. I get such a buzz from it.

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