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Cruiksl's Refeed Diary


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Well after my little binge yesterday (1/8 of a tortilla and a chocolate krispie), I officially started my refeed today).

I woke up feeling optomistic having had a good nights sleep and started my day with my vanilla shake.

My MIL offered me a cup of tea which I decided to have but didn't enjoy. I think I'm going to stick to the water for a little while - I was a total tea jenny before.

I've managed to miss lunch but will have my shake later as I've been shopping today - the delights of getting into a size 16 tops and a 14 bottoms ! I haven't been this size for about 10 years.

I'm so looking forward to my chicken salad. Picked up DH and the kids from my inlaws and managed not to have any of the chips takeaway that they were having as a treat.

Will let you know how the chicken tastes !
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Welcome to the land of food chick.

Enjoy your chicken and try and keep away from anything that is not on the refeed list for best results.


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Thanks for the advice.

Well I had my salad last night which was so lovely. Added some extra balsamic vinegar to the cooked chicken as it was soooo nice !

Today it's a shake for breakfast, salad and chicken for lunch and same for dinner. Yum !


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Yesterday's Refeed

Vanilla shake

Chicken salad

Chicken Salad

Feeling very bloated today though.


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hows it going cruiks???
I am starting today, nervous and excited all at the same time!!!! I'l be glued to this site all day now ha ha ha!!!!xxxxx

Sorry only read your email now !

Just feeling bloated still ! Ate too much dinner !


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Didn't feel at all great yesterday. Really bloated.

Just had some water in the morning then had my shake about 2pm. To be honest, I really didn't feel like anything else.

So here was my day

Glass of Water

Hot Chocolate shake

Baked potato with low fat fromaige frais and chives, small tin of tuna and salad with balsamic vinegar.

I then seemed to spend an hour on the toilet (sorry if tmi) but it's cleared the bloatedness - lol !

I couldn't face anything else but drank about 3.5 litres of water yesterday.

On the other downside, woke up at 3.00am for the loo and felt really sick.

Don't feel like breakfast again :sigh:


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Feeling much better now. Here's today's

Vanilla shake with coffee

Baked potato, tuna and salad.

Chicken breast marinated in peri peri spices and lemon juice and salad.

Had a bit of homemade shortbread with a cup of tea :mad: but am walking to join weight watchers tonight so will burn it off !
I dont have an scales and not sure on the amount of potatoes we can have, is it one small jacket or 6 small new potatoes? thanks hun!! mmmmmm home made shortbread! naughty but nice!!!!!
I'm thinking I deserve a little treat but not all of the time and it was lovely. Really savoured the taste !

An 8oz potato would be a medium size baked potato. Not sure about the smaller ones though. I had mine with fromaige fraise and chives.
Ok - so I joined ww last night and had lost a 1lb from my weigh in last Friday. This also included me having a meal and a pint of water before I went.

Today haven't been so good.

Chocolate Shake

Lunch :sigh:
2 small slices of bread and butter
Chicken Ceasar Salad - but didn't finish it all. I stopped when I felt full. That itself is an achievement as I always cleared my plate. :eek:

I'm going to have another shake

Think I ate my ww allowance at lunchtime!


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i joined ww on saturday - you doing the points? how many points are in an lt shake, do you know?
what is your points allowance?
I've no idea to be honest. I'm kind of not doing ww at the moment. I did think about allocating a third of my points to a shake though.
OK - yesterday wasn't a great day as just had a shake and a ceasar salad. Also didn't drink my water :sigh:

Today is a new day though and will be having my shake for breakfast.
Thanks for the advice.

Have had my shake this morning. Feeling very bloated and bunged up. Will have another shake for lunch. Also been drinking lots of water.

Planning baked potato and chicken for dinner.

I didn't think re-eating would be so uncomfortable !

Thanks for the advice. You're like asking a mum !

Deep down we're all scared of gaining the weight which makes eating difficult. We're trying to re-education our habits !

I had my shake for lunch and going to have a baked potato for dinner with chicken yummy.
Its only natural to be scared, to be honest, I am still weighing each morning, but its not making me obsessed. I might have one heavy day, where I have been out for a drink, or had a couple of choccies etc, but then I make up for it the next day.
I think I will be the same to be honest.

I always weigh myself in the morning every day and have done since I started this diet.

I think I've lost a lb or two on the refeed plan which I'm chuffed about.

Like you though - I plan on keeping an eye on it and if I've gained more than 2lbs then I will keep it in check. I just don't want to put the weight back on again ever.

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