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Cruise deviation - what to do!

So half way through cruise, and my brother and his family come to stay for a week. This has put paid to my best intentions, and trying to cook 3 different meals each night (for me, family, and niece/nephew), has proved fruitless.
Although i've kept up with the Oatbran at breakfast, and have also had a protein lunch, the evening meals have mostly been PLs, with a little wine, pizza and chocky cake thrown in (small amounts and split over the week).
I've maintained the same weight as before they came out, so what do you all suggest.
Shall I go back to alternate days PP/PL until I reach my goal weight, or should I do a couple of days Attack to restart?
Any suggests please!
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It's great that you have managed to maintain your weight which says you have learned something already from the Dukan way. If this was me I would start with a PP day and then just alternate as in cruise. You haven't got a huge amount to loose so I don't think you would benefit from doing attack again.


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Exactly the same thing happened to me last week (albeit I'm in conso rather than cruise) - family reunion, four different groups to cater for (Dukanistes, a Coeliac, toddlers and hungry carb eatin' wine drinkin' travelers - plus three birthday parties!)

And yes, wine was drunk, potatoes were eaten, cake was nibbled, crumpets were toasted...

Opps - 4lbs back on by the start of this week.

I alternated pp and pv until the scales were back where they should have been, and went back in conso on Saturday.

Sorry - that's a long way of saying you just need to get back into the routine, and not panic over any short term gain, most of which will be water retention anyway.


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Janie, I'm confused as to your stats. Your signature suggests your BMI is now 22.6 and you're aiming for BMI 21.0 - yet your User Cp suggests your BMI is already 21.1. Something must be wrong in one or the other...

Personally, rather than either Attack or Cruise, I'd recommend moving into Conso at your weight.

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