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Cruise....What combo?


So, I have been reading the book, and considering my next move. I am on day 3 of attack today and was planning to do 5 days, meaning that on Saturday I am due to start to cruise;)

I was wondering how many of you do the 5/5 plan or the 1/1 plan as mentioned in the book, or do any of you do anything different? Once you have chosen, have you stuck to it or have you found yourself changing to a different combination of pp & pv days?

I would love to hear your experiences and the pros and cons of each combination:D

Mel xx
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I am the same, starting on Saturday, I have no idea how I am going to work it, I am thinking 2/2 at the moment see how that goes
Up until now I've been doing 1/1. I am doing PP (should be PV) as it's weigh-in tomorrow, so from now on I'll do

Thursday - PV
Friday - PP
Saturday - PV
Sunday - PP
Monday - PV
Tuesday - PP
Wednesday - PP

So 4 days PP and 3 PV per week.


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5/5 is pretty tough going and, while it was his original preferred alternance in the French book, he soon amended that to only really be for the heavier among us with a great deal of weight to lose.

1/1 he prefers now, and indeed on coaching I think he puts everyone on it. It's true that for those who find eating protein only a drag, at least it's only one day until one's next CRUNCH (something I do miss on PPs, despite adoring them!). Intestinal wise, it's best.

If you work, a favoured combo in France among workers at least is the 4PP/3PV. (This might involve your curtailing your attack and moving onto Cruise on Friday...). Then each and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when we've more time to choose and cook our fresh veggies/salads, and more likely to have family around to eat with and possibly even meals out, you'll be on PV. It's also easier I think for those with a good social life as you can plan things in advance without digging out your diary and counting!

He does recommend choosing your plan and sticking to it (obviously with the odd social occasion requiring a change, but not to constantly change).

So it kind of depends on your lifestyle as to what will work best for you...


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I originally was doing 2pp/1pv/2pp/2pv (with wed and sat/sun being PV) but i now do as the french do. Mon - thurs PP and the weekend PV. Helps if you going out for meals, or like to have a big lunch on a sunday..roast beef or roast chicken and some veg . (cauli mash with spring onions and quark this weekend for me yummy)
Thanks...something to think about then.

Well I am not working, I don't have a social life, but I don't find eating protein only a complete drag!!

I am also eager to lose weight fairly rapidly, and I understand from the book that weight loss slows with the vegetable introduction...maybe I should choose something like a 2pp/1pv so as to keep weight loss up or maybe something like 2pp/1pv/2pp/2pv, so basically Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are PV days!! Do they HAVE to be consecutive days though??


haha crossed post Vicky...how did you find the wed/weekend pv plan?? Why did you change?


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haha crossed post Vicky...how did you find the wed/weekend pv plan?? Why did you change?
no they dont have to be consec days and the reason I did wed originally was I go to mums for dinner on a wednesday night and just having a piece of salmon when she always has lovely veggies was daft. Ive now started eating tea before I go over cos of the dos situ.
remember your meal should still be a lot of protein dont go overboard on the veggies.
Also try veggies that help with water rentention...cucumber/celery/asparagus :D


** Chief WITCH **
and, as he explains in the book, any weight "gain" on PV days is purely water anyway, and it'll go on the next PP day... (and come back as soon as you move onto Consolidation anyway...)


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ahhhh! weight gain lol.
thats why i do PP before WI on friday :D


** Chief WITCH **
I know... and that's why I won't be weighing in on Friday this week, cos I'm PV'ing tomorrow... thought it best to get 3 good PPs under my belt to rekick my butt into gear! Plus, with being alone in the evenings, I feared "old habits" might rear their ugly heads...


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but they havent have they? are you going back to the country on friday? will your guests still be there?


** Chief WITCH **
Not yet no, but ever vigilant! (Have spare jellies, crabsticks, egg custards, you name it, "just in case"!)

The guests... hmm... the last two, who arrived after I left (last minute people who didn't commit themselves until the day before - I was FURIOUS!), have now offered to take the other one plus kids back up to the port first thing Saturday meaning that I COULD after all go on Friday evening and join them (I've never even MET these two!)... and stay on after their departure for a normal weekend with the other half.

BUT, cos I didn't even know those two were in fact coming until the day before they arrived (grrrr), knowing that my other half was driving the others back to the port first thing Saturday, it was futile my joining them Friday evening, to have a 5 hr drive Sat am to the port, then 3 hrs back to Paris!

So I cancelled the cat feeder... and made an appointment to get my highlights done...

soooooo, as usual, disorganised people end up mucking up ORGANISED people's plans! grrrr!


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Oh no. who are the 'two'???
ah have a nice relaxing weekend. get your hair done and DONT EAT RUBBISH. although will be harder for you as you are alone. Do you computer at home so we can keep you motivated?


** Chief WITCH **
The two are friends of other half's daughter... (who's the adult with the two kids!)... nice people. Just disorganised! We've been arranging this trip for MONTHS... yet two weeks before it, no one had booked their travel up so I didn't really even believe they were coming while they hadn't! And these two were supposed to bring the other three in the car, but couldn't commit themselves, so other three ended up on the train, with other half driving 5 hrs to get them, and me having to take Friday off to get to the house, bla bla. I LOVE DISORGANISED PEOPLE!!

I'm hoping other half will come back on Saturday cos we're in for a HOT weekend... and I fancied dragging him for a walk to Paris Plage (he hates to walk).

I do have internet at home, and have read the site, but am loath to post cos want to keep my "secret garden" and not have other half know who I am! On the French site, he can't understand so I feel free to speak...


** Chief WITCH **
Do any of your other halves know who you are online?


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Ah. Paris plage??? explain!
Ah he wont know who you are surely?
No mine just knows im always on here lol


** Chief WITCH **


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lol Jo little does he know you are talking about food! wow the beach is fab. what a great idea.
Lucky for you the weather is good. Its awful here :(


** Chief WITCH **
that's why I left the country! ok it's not always fabulous here, and today's pretty dull, but at least the chances are higher!

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