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Hi As a "newbie" I know that my own bad habits and continual misery at having to go anywhere nice and find an outfit in a 16 or 18 is the final fling for me but wondered what else made you all start Cambridge and what is your motivation?
I should also mention that i feel increasingly worried about my health and the threat of diabetes having so much weight on me. I am also only telling close friends about it this. Does that make me deceitful?
Over to you.

Nic xxx:D
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loving life
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Hi Nic-me again,
I started cambridge beacause one of the things I worried about is my health, I want to feel good about myself again, and yes so fed up with evans as my only option for clothes also want to be more active for my 2 young daughters. I wasn't always overweight and used to be a size 12 when I met my Husband who has always remained a fantastics supportive partner no matter my size so I am very lucky, but I know he misses the nice clothes I used to wear and the fun we used to have doing other stuff other than going out for meals-he still is very fit and I feel like i'm holding my whole family back. I miss abroad holidays (because of plane seats not gone) swimming with the kids, theme parks etc and most of all being treated like a person by the public (not all). Don't want the stares or whispers any more and feel like screaming I am still me in here and carrying a picture of what I used to look like round my neck lol. I feel I missed my 20's and my life has been on hold long enough. I have my age on my side at the moment but my Mum is also overweight and the problems she is suffering now due to this is something I don't want to face or put my family through. Sorry for the long essay feels good to say all that. With regards to you telling only close friends I don't think you are being deceitful at all you are just telling the people you most feel comfortable with. Zoe xx


wannabe yummy mummy
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I have so many more reasons to do this than not to do it.

I want to look gorgeous in my wedding dress (Maggie Sottero's Cindy is the one I have my heart set on)
I want to start a family (and refuse to do it til I'm healthy enough for us both)
And actually look pregnant (it makes me sad when I see larger ladies who are 9 months gone but just look hugely obese)
I want to feel healthy and not like my lungs are gonna explode after walking up 2 flights of stairs
I want my confidence back
I want to walk in a room and not feel like everyone is judging me coz of my weight
I want OH to be to be proud to go out with me
I want to be in front of the camera rather than behind it all the time
I don't want to look older than my mam!!!
I want to shop in Primark

I don't think it's deceitful not to tell people, if they ask you directly and you lie that would be deceitful but there's nothing to say you have to tell them.


is back to finish the job
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My reasons for doing this are:

I want to be able to run after DD now that she's turning one this month and getting more and more active.

I also want to be a positive role model for DD.

I don't want to be fat and forty, which is 3 years away for me.

I had gestational diabetes while pregnant, it was awful - and I don't want to go on and develop type 2 if possible (as mum has).

I also want to have another baby and I feel I need to be a lot healthier this time round as I'll be a few years older, and last time round was tough enough.

I'd like to be able to look at photos of myself without cringing.

I want to look good in clothes. I'm looking forward to being a size 10 again.

I want to be able to go to the swimming pool and walk out confidently in a bathing suit without thinking everyone is looking at the rolls of fat.

I want to be able to shop in a range of shops that I've just walked past before as nothing would fit me.

You aren't being decietful. Apart from my hubby I've only told 1 friend and I hope she keeps it to herself. I don't want the rest of my family commenting - they can keep their negative comments to themselves.


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I'm doing this because i want to be healthier and improve my asthma (always had it even when i was a size 10 so doubt it'll go completly)

I want to start uni in September feeling confident about how I look and know that there is no way I could afford it once I start.

Want not to be the fattest out of my friends.

Want to feel attractive and sexy not only for myself but for my hubby too.

The list is endless really x


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S: 18st2lb C: 10st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 7st4lb(40.16%)
I had a blood Clot, due to my weight and mobility (Alwasy sat on arse) so had to do something plus alwasy very unhappy and never wanting to go out of the door, terrified of what people were thinking of me.

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