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Current Motivation


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What is your current goal to reach by what date and why?

My next big goal date is the 28th May. The weekend I go to London to see the Black Eyed Peas with Cheryl Cole.

Obviously the biggest after that is my wedding day (14th August). Motivation there is to look fabulous and to be able to set off with a complete size 8 honeymoon luggage bag! :)

My aunty came to make the bouquets and basket for my bridesmaids/flowergirl last night. They are stunning, am so excited for the day now! Come on... hurry up 21 weeks!
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unfortunately i still have to learn how to make goals. i know what i have to do but can't seem to motivate myself:( i dod have a weekly loss of a pound as a goal so gonna weigh in tomorrow and see where i am with that!

i'm hoping by september i will be out hillwalking again with the club so in the meantime i have to get out and push myself to get fit.

you'll have no problems with yours:) well done so far!! and the 21 weeks will fly by!!
Shelz, am absolutely sure you'll look fab....all brides do..it's the done thing! 21 weeks will fly by - its amazing how quickly time goes when you are soo busy. Enjoy the prep though because before you know it, your big day will have been and gone and you won't have had time to notice it and enjoy it!

My next goal is also a wedding (not mine - been married for 9 years now!). A friend is getting married the last Bank Holiday in May - so have to look gorgeous, although obviously not as good as the bride! My in-laws are also going to be at the wedding, and as I don't see them to often, feel I really want to make a point that I'm wonderfully beautiful - here's hoping!

Breadbin, I'm sure all the extra walking you are doing now is doing wonders to your waist line, so by the time September comes you'll be hiking up those hills like a pro! Keep going....you know you can do it.

Good luck and keep loosing
My curreny motivation is my 23rd birthday on April 18th. If I can get down to my 4 stone mark ill be exstatic but at the moment being 12 stone anything will be a bonus :)
My current motivation is my school reunion...I'd like to have lost 2 stone by the time it comes round in June (in my dreams I will have lost 4, but I have to live in the real world!)

I'm going on holiday in 7 weeks time; and then have a family wedding to attend 2 weeks after that so I'd like to shift another stone before then (& keep it off during the holiday...why did I book a holiday in Greece when greek food is a huge weakness of mine? D'oh!)

As well as the holiday, another stone will make me officially the lightest I have been in all the time (13 years) that I've been with my OH.
My first motivation is for mid may, my holiday to the dominican republic.

After that my next motivation will be my 2nd holiday to spain in september.


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My most current now is the 30th April, 5 weeks today.

Its the day my fiance and myself get the keys to our first home! Fair enough its only a rental property, but at least it is going to be somewhere we can call our home. I have already started packing!

Ultimately I want to be on goal on this date, so I can move in and be set in the right frame mind for maintenance. I think it will be so much simpler there, everythings more within reach, beautiful country, swimming baths, the city, cycle paths, walk routes, everything.

I am so looking forward to it. Rock On! =)
my motivation is my son wedding auguest bank holiday weekend. i am hoping to have lost 5 stone by then ive lost 23lb since 2nd of feb and the thought of looking good at my son wedding makes every minute of the gym worth while .ok i secretly love the gym even if i am probibly the biggest person there for the time being but i am sure that will change soon and i wont be the biggest there for long
northernlass, that sounds like a good motivation to me...keep going and keep loosing...

Shelz, how romantic, you first house together - I remember the days.... I think you are right...if you can be at goal when you move in maintaining could be easier - but if not it doesn't mean it will be harder to keep loosing, you doing so well, I'm sure everything will work out.

Good luck.


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Thanks hchappyh. I cant wait. Worked so hard at it today after two rough days; going to keep going. I have a target to meet at the end of this month. I'm hoping to attain this one so that the next is a bit more manageable.

Like you said though, if I dont its not the end of the world. We are going shopping tomorrow for a few more household bits. Lifes so good at the moment, its made all the pain in the past worth every second now =)
Shelz, Hope you enjoy your housey shopping..I remember all those years ago doing the same when me and my OH first set up home! Its a special time, so do enjoy and make the most of it. If money is tight, I've always found wilkinsons good or even Matalan...cheap and cheerful, and it lasts long enough if you look after it!

As for the diet, don't put it on the back burner, keep going with it, but as you are doing so much knew stuff at the moment, don't be too distressed if you don't loose as much as you hope/want. Once life settles down, you'll be able to diet better, in your own home, with the food that YOU want to buy and cook!

Have fun today.



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Thanks. I've found Wilkinsons a great money saver, the same with Asda really. Some really good bargains from both places. Its about a month until we move now, so I've started putting 'shopping' away for the first few weeks or month in the house. Stuff like bleach and window cleaner, and tins of soup and tuna. I'm getting so so excited now =)
Shelz, I'm excited for you. I remember the days...I sound so old even though I'm only 33! Putting food away now and cleaning stuff you sound just like me. Just before my daughter was born I wanted to have everything ready, but we decided to move and she was born early. We finally moved and she was born 6 days later! Never got to be prepared with all the baby stuff etc It was all at other peoples hses. So what I'm trying to say in my waffle is be prepared and buy what you can for your move now...you'll be thankful later.

Good luck and keep counting down.
current motivation for me is the summer holidays - we hope to go to stay with friends of my husbands in Sweden, I never met them but they invited us to their summer house for a couple of weeks. They sound perfectly lovely! But I dont want to be wearing tents or not be able to swim because of feeling bad in my swimsuit... :( I would love to lose another 10kilos before then. Fingers crossed!


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This has made me think about the fact that I don't have anything specific that I'm working towards. Gosh I really need to get a life...
I didnt originally have anything to work towards apart from overal health and wellbeing. I just have a weight I would like to be by my birthday. I feel if i have a goal then when i get there, i tend to give up afterwards as the goal or event has passed.. not this time! :)
I don't really have a goal either...lots of things happening and going on, but nothing in particular. This time I'm loosing for me, and not for anyone else. So far so good, will keep my fingers crossed!



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Had another think about this. I play poker live which is a very male dominated environment and a lot of the time I feel invisible. The guys i know just treat me as one of the lads and blokes I don't know barely notice I exist unless I make a stupendous play against them. It is part of my motivation that guys might notice me again and notice that I am actually female (without me having to dress with my baps hanging out). That would be lovely.

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