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Cya ...


Says it as it is!!!
Hi guys,
Not going to be around for a while ...need to clear my head and focus x not been feeling in the best of moods and reading all eating posts is really starting to get me down! Those of you on FB i will no doubt bug you on there ....should be back in a weeks or so xxxxxxxx
Love you all and good luck everyone with thee WI'S XXXXX
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nicki, hope your ok hun? give us a holla on fb if you want to chat but what ever your going through, hope you get it sorted soon and it works out for you, jx


Wants it Gone!
Hey nic.. hope whatever it is you can sort out!

Take care hun! xx


weighs a lot less
youve proberly already dissappeared nic but i dont blame you a break did me the world of good .if you need me pm and i will send you my email,good luck hun speak to you soon xxxxx
Sorry to hear this my lovely...... you'll be back soon you are addicted to this, like the rest of us mad buggars. see you soon

Toni x


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I know what you mean Nic and i reckon a break is a good idea..love ya xxx


fightin the fat !
Come back soon Nic xx
hey nic - hope you are ok hun. Keep in touch. PM me if you want a chat or need anything. Take good care of you xx


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Awh nic hope your ok, sorry if any of my posts on the F word upset ya!

Come back soon :(


Says it as it is!!!
Lady l is not the word food is all the bloody ppl saying i ahev eaten thsi and i want to do that etc...whilst on A TOTAL FOOD REPLACMENT and the stopid questions which pissed me off and nearly made me lose focus and eat ...as they were still loosing wieght ...but i decided to come back with avengence!!!! and just say EXACTLY what i think
I dont think food is bad and i will happily help anyone along with receipes when they are off LT (as i have thousands of books) infact i am already doing meal planing and trying out my receipes on my boys...xxxxx
Nothing you said offended me and the cod worm story brought back some memories of my own lol
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Hi i dont post very often here but im a daily reader.I love it when ppl go on about food,makes me feel like im not alone wanting and wishing to eat all these lovely foods.I think that this is what this board is for,let out what your feeling to help yourself and others.I know if talked about eating and cravings,cooking etc... and if i didnt come on here and have a moan about eating i think id be doing the eating LOL,Welcome back Niki though and hope you do fab on this plan and everyone else here.
But dont stop with the posts,it makes me feel im not alone in all this and do honestly feel i couldnt do this diet plan if it wasnt for coming on here everyday and reading what others are going through just like myself.Keep it up everyone!!!


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you must remember though nic, everyone has downfalls at times and this is a forum for people to who may have daily difficulties, and if they want food or want to talk about food then they must be allowed to do so, not everyone is 100% perfect and a problem shared is a problem halved,


Says it as it is!!!
Like i said it not the strugglers i have a grip with hun...it s the ooo i fancy a drink tonight ...why cant people wait!!! lt doesnt takethat long and the ones who come and have i have eaten this ....but i dont care attitude

Like i said before this is my opinon and there is not just me getting fed up of it tbh!
I undestand LT is hard...i am doing it...but people must be committed! Otherwise maybe they should try a less strict diet


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dont take other peoples downfalls to heart, you have done just fab, and well done, but remember everyone is different, and so we should be, wouldnt life be boring if we were all the same, keep smiling


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aww nic come back soon and i admire your strong will and frank opinions,i think we are all different,people do moan alot thow i hope i dont! its a good idea coz although people need draggin out off there crap they can also bring you down without realizin i totally agree that talkin about food generates people to think about it when their doin great, i think youl be fine.just think its other people that'l ruin your diet if you dont stay strong xx me love ya too