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D Day - Monday 12th Jan


Finally a size 12!

Read Allen Carr book I swear by it I read it monday and just stopped! No pangs nothing no nicotine replacements nothing its ace and feel upbeat and great

Day 1.

I had my last ciggie at 8 last night outside the pub. I'm feeling OK at the moment, I don't usually have my first ciggie until about 10:30 in the morning anyway. I'm chewing the gum in preparation.

Joanna, I managed to locate a copy of the book, should be here by Wednesday. Thanks.
Day 1.Well so far so good, I have now avoided 5 ciggies, managed the break and lunch. Just need to stick with it until I get home tonight.
Day 1

So here I am, first day nearly over. I have had a couple of desperate moments, but have managed to overcome them. Roll on tomorrow, my mouth is sore from all this chewing. :(
Day 2.

Morning, I had an awful night, I was waking up every couple of hours. I normally sleep like a log so I suspect this is nicotine deprivation. Ah well, I've managed 2 nights and 1 day, just got to keep going really.
Day 2.

Not going well this morning, still I have survived 'till nearly lunchtime.

I've decided I'm not going to worry if I put a few pounds on, I know if I can stop smoking then Induction will soon shift any weight gained.


** Chief WITCH **
Jim - buy some sugar free gum... drink LOTS of water... you'll be sleepy all day, and wide awake all night... this lasts a few days... then it's uphill from there. Truly. Hang in there...


I said that I was going to quit smoking and since Jan 02 I have had 3….so not too bad I don’t think :)

Good luck though


Thank's Joanne and Rachael. I have the nicotine gum. That's not bad going Rachael, I would have cracked after the first one.

Day 2 nearly over. Time to go home. I have the miseries at the moment.
Well that is proberly because you need a ciggie :(

I tend to give into them when i am feeling stressed :(

Go Jim, go Jim, go Jim!!!! You can do this, you want to give up that nasty old nicotine, so you will!

Think positive,

Day 3.

Oh yes Rachael, I know it's that. Hi Barb, thanks hun.

I woke up several times in the night, I decided that maybe I should chew a nic tab in bed whilst I was sleeping, not a good idea, I woke up with it stuck to my beard. I won't try that again. Damned Nicotine addiction, I'm so p*ssed off, but I won't give in.


** Chief WITCH **
Yeah I'd kick the nicotine gum, tabs etc. and concentrate on your quit and finding a sugar free sweet you like... hope you got some kip. It WILL get better, once the nicotine is out of your system... better to go cold turkey and suffer big time now... than substitute the cigs with nicotine something or other and have to subsequently go through it all again...

GOOD LUCK! Keep posting!
I'm not sure I could go cold turkey Joanne, it's hard enough as it is. I have cut down on the nico tabs today though.


** Chief WITCH **
Did you read the Allan Carr book? I see you've lost 167lbs... I bet you didn't think you could do that at the outset either without having your lips sewn together (or is that just me?)... Keep at whatever you're happiest at... we're with you!
It hasn't arrived yet Joanne, I will read it as soon as it does.
Day 3

Here we are end of the day and I've managed it, next big challenge is going to the pub tonight, I need to be resolute and not go out the door with my mates. How come they all smoke.:sigh::wave_cry:

see you tomorrow thread. :)
Day 4.

Good news, I managed to get through last night, despite a bottle of Red and a (cough) few pint's of Guiness. I also slept through the night no problem. I wonder why ;)

Bad news is I woke up wanting a ciggie so bad. I'm OK now though, so onward and upwards as they say. :)

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