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Daily Chat - keep in touch thread

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
good for you hun - dont know if i could resist - if it was winking at me.:eek:

made my hubby cheese rolls at lunchtime and it was so hard not to shove a lump in my gob :sigh:
so glad your dad is on the mend!! I would shove a big chunk of cheese in my mouth, i actually do when i am doing it for my daughter :eek: i may stop it before i sabotage my weight loss completely!! Got some more new clothes today in a smaller size so feeling pretty happy!! One is just a bit tight even though i got a top from the same shop and same size last week and it fit me perfectly!!!
Do you mind if I join in? :D
Don't really have any news, oh I had a crazy dream I went to the doctors for my first weigh in and I had lost 10 lbs.... so she gave me a £10 note! Random.


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hi ladies, i dont really have any news. though i am going to the dentist tomorrow, getting a crown fitted and hoping that the jag i get makes my mouth too sore to eat!
hey girls..well my other half and me went on a long walk today as the weather was lovely..He has now gone to work ( he works nights) so sat with daughters who have been at school all day.
tomo nipping to next village and having another walk around hardwick (when other half gets up) and as long as its not raining.

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
oh i'm so glad so many folks have added something to this thread :D
i always want to speak to everyone but can't seem to find the right threads .:confused:

i had some rice pudding and sliced peaches tonight - not a lot but it was so good - and the fat content was not high at all.
strange how you dont bother with puddings unless you aren't allowed :rolleyes:.
well done Rach for buying more new clothes - i am trying last summer's stuff on and finding it looks so much nicer - not girded to my big fat bum like last year.
i always wear gilets to hide my shape but today i just had a blouse on and felt good.
Gawd i just cant wait for the next 2 stone to disappear.

hope you are all feeling good xxx
hmm, i never normally bother with something sweet after dinner unless i know i cant have it! tonight i had a relatively low cal day and burned 800 cals at the gym so i had a tunnocks tea cake (AMAZING!) had to stop myself from chucking it all in my mouth at once!
dreading the dentist tomorrow girls :(
where are we all going on holiday this year.?? my family and i are going to bulgaria in july..And after that camping somewhere in the uk.AAAnd other half and i will spend a weekend in whitby.we like it there.. but we are all looking forward to going to bulgaria.
PS, off topic a bit (is there a topic?...) do you think gyms should have a moral obligement to refuse entry to people?
I ask because theres a clearly anorexic girl who is there ALL THE TIME, and she is deathly looking. She has dreadful wind, which i'm told can be a sign of anorexia. she goes to the gym (i've overheard her) for upto 8 hours at a time, and yesterday i seen her enter her weight into the treadmill (76lbs). i have such a fear of her dropping down dead, and surely the staff can see it, what do you think? i'm temped to write them a letter.
no i dont think you can turn people away from gyms no matter what is wrong with them.im sure this girl would find somewhere else to workout if the gynms refused her....also its like saying people over weight should nt be allowed into kfc or maccys. lol
i guess so, i just feel so sorry for her. she said to me tonight "you're looking great these days"!!! you'd think she'd be reeling back in horror when she sees me! x

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
ZOSO - poor wee soul - cant think of anything you could do to help- i think anything you did could be taken the wrong way:sigh:

AUTUMNBABE - i'm not going anywhere this year for holidays - hubby wont leave the dogs :(
thinking of getting a touring caravan so that we can get away for a wee while.
hubby says my life is a holiday - cheeky man :rolleyes:
No holidays planned as yet... I've still got 5 weeks to take off work!
I am a photographer in my spare time and I'm hoping to go around Europe for a few weeks to take lots of snaps. Would love to go to Berlin, lots of cool things for me there to see :D
id like to go to Rome on our honeymoon..got to run that one past my special man yet.lol.

see Mrs a we still have an 18 year old living at home who can look after our cat and dog.(she said going to bulgaria would be boring so we are leaving her here and just the 5 of us are going.)

KARMACOMA.!! what kind of photos do you enjoy taking.? do you do it as a hobby or a business.?
Lost £305. at the dentist though, not on the scales. :(
Mrs A thats great news about your Dad...hope he is better soon :) I often eat rice pudding with cardamon and maple syrup provides the sweetness (alli diet plan recipe)

Lou good for you resisting temptation :)

Rach glad you bought some new clothes :)

Autumn I am so happy your getting into walking....wow your holidays are all planned have a wonderful time hun :) I have all the animals so can't go away but I always think..."living in North Wales I am on a permanent holiday lol "

Karma wouldn't that be great if the Doc's gave us cash lol :)

Zoso I hope the dentist went well hun :) I don't think a gym can turn anyone away either hun.....you never know she might actually be recovering my Daughter went through bulimia and was in hospital with anorexic girls and they can look sick for many years into recovery .....Nice that she complemented you.....they don't see an overweight person any different to an average built person ...they just see themselves as fat

Well my routine very rarely changes ...Daz works away through the week leaving me with 3 dogs, 3 horses, 13 chickens to keep me on my toes lol...Our little silkie hen has just laid her 1st egg bless.....its so nice to live in the countryside.....its raining today so I am glad I have my treadmill .....I have upped my long dog walks from 2 a day to 3.....After watching Biggest Loser USA I feel truly inspired, I was in tears the achievements these people make is amazing.....we can all do it too :)

Daz took me to Monsoon on Saturday I tried on a pair of jeans....wow size 24 your out here I got into a size 18 wahay

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