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Daisy's Diary

:D Well hello! I didnt do a diary last time on LT but as Im expecting it to be harder second time round thought I would start one to keep me on the staright and narrow ;) . I will change my tracker when I work out my new goal but for now just wanted to make a start on my diary. So went to a New Pharmacy this time round and the young girl was lovely she even told me she always works Monday if I want to see her each week so that was nice. I was really ill yesterday and in a lot of pain and woke up in the night to be sick, I been to doctors who says its gastric flu and gave me some medication for a week, so I not finding my first day too bad up to now coz Im not well and probably wouldnt be eating anyway :p. So be warned Im poorly off work this week so will be stalking the forum :D .
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Well so far so good, Ive had to replace my recent wine intake for water, I forgot how hard it is to drink enough water, never had the same problem with wine though?
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Hey Daisy, welcome, I love reading peoples diaries! Good luck on your journey!

My struggle isn't wine but cherry coke (anything fizzy really), I could drink it till my teeth fall out, but water I despise, I hate the taste! But everyone always says it has no taste, it does and it tastes rank!

All the best, day one for you nearly done!


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Ahh, hiya Daisy :) I'm so glad you are doing a diary. The way you did your first round of Lipotrim was an absolute inspiration. Whenever I'm struggling, you, Su, Sandra and Emma are the first people to come to my mind as you were all just so dedicated. Glad there is one place I can follow the next phase of your journey in :)

Heaps of luck hun, and hope you feel better soon xx
Hi Jayne thankyou babes Im following you now Ive been watching your 100% days well done huni. It has to be harder second time round so good luck to both of us xx
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Well day one over just going to have a hot drink before bed, if i remember rightly it was day three that was the worst for me last time so im not going to get over confident. All these trips to the loo are annoying as hell pmsl but will be soo worth it .


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I'm watching you all too! There are soooo many newbies that I just can't keep up with them and it's probably not fair for me to comment when I've been eating for a couple of months even if the memory of LT is still quite fresh.....

But I really want to see my old mates succeed, so good luck to you all, I can't imagine doing it again and I hope to god that I never have to
Hey Sandra, you may not be doing LT now but you suceeded on it and your experience will help all the newbies and oldies lol So you keep commenting sweetie xxx


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I guess so, it's just the rawness of it all and the emotional roller coaster that everybody is experiencing, I'm just so glad that I'm not on it- that's all I can say. Dead chuffed, though, to be where I am:D
Day two, and the rollercoaster begins! I woke up about 6am for a wee (TMI ) and I rememberd that id started LT yesterday and I was really pleased with myself for getting to day two and happy to be back on track. By 10am I was feeling quite low and sleepy( which I quickly realised was my body asking for water) and started thinking can i really do another 10 weeks? So before all the doubts set in I put my sensible head on and have decided to do what I did last time which is trick myself into thinking Im just gonna stick to it until weigh in then If I want to stop I can ( The trick might not work if I read my own diary) lol This way I know whenever I get off the scales at the pharmacy and Ive lost I will always want to do 'just' one more week lol ( Im so easily fooled)! Anyway Ive changed my mind about it being much harder the second time round, I think its harder to make the decision to restart, but once you re-start its easier because you know all the pit falls and mind games you play with yourself and you know the hunger will ease and you know you will feel better soon. Newbies dont know this for sure so have a very emotional time in that first week, which makes it harder. Oh and Im loving the shakes! Ive only ever stuck with the chocolate ones but Im really enjoying them and there is less washing up! :)
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Well, I have re-set my goal, and split my weeks into more managable chunks with some mini goals in place to spur me on. Now the weeks dont look so daunting :p My family think I should have just stuck to another healthy eating plan but I find it very difficult to keep checking everything I eat. My new Plan is to do LT for 9 weeks ( i thought it was 10 to the party but its 9) and then move to low carbing but I will need to plan full menus for at least a month for when I start eating so that I cant go wrong. I didnt do that last time and its so easy to go wrong very quickly as old habits die hard. :rolleyes:
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Thanks for doing this diary hun.... I have been reading yours and Jaynes especially, as you are both re-starters, and it has made me decide that i need to do one too... I am glad you have said it is easier cos i am dreading Monday!!! lol

You done a great job 1st time round, and we all know you will do it again x x
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Hi Daisy! I feel the same as you. The thought of sticking with this til I'm thin is awful. I've got throught this week thinking ' I've done today so I can do tomorrow'. I'm planning on doing week 2 but will deal with week 3 when it comes!

Good luck with it!


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Glad day 2 has gone well Daisy :) Loving the new goal and especially the end one of the glam party dress :D I think I may well use that trick of telling myself I will just do this until weigh in, as even just thinking that at the moment makes it feel a lot less overwhelming. I can do this no food lark for 5 more days - no probs! ;)

Su - I hope you do a diary, as it's so much easier to keep track of what people are up to when it's all in one place :) It's very cathartic as well to let out your feelings in a diary, as it's not necessarily the place where you have to have responses. That's more for the main board. Although of course it is lovely when people do post and encourage you in your diary :)

Thanks Jayne, It is a good trick really, It worked for me last time because you are usually all emotional when thinking of giving up so I always tell myself not to pack in when im upset but make a calm decision to stop on weigh in day when Ive used my shakes up, as it is expensive to stop when you already paid out. :rolleyes: Anyway I had a bad night last night I kept wanting to sneak downstairs for tea and toast lol :( I kept thinking omg how harmfull can a bit of toast be?? :confused:. Ive got through it and Im on day 3 cant believe how fast its gone, Im just gonna concentrate on the next 4 days and get to first weigh in :p in fact at the moment Im just going to take it one day at a time.
Slimmer Su! I really look forward to reading your diary huni you do make me laugh, I wish I started one last time it's very helpful. Good luck for Monday babes hopefully the first few days will be easier than last time for you .


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Hi Daisy
Delighted you started a diary. Like Su says, it's great to read the diaries of people who were on LT before Christmas and are now restarting. I've had a few problems restarting for various reasons, have a look at my diary if you're interested in the gory details, but the fact that you've done so well on LT from the summer and are now coming back for the last few laps is a great motivation for me to stay focussed as you were always so positive before.


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Hi Daisy,
I'm a newbie (day 7) and have never done anything like this before. I just wanted to let you know that its great reading about re-starters because a) its so inspiration to see how much you've managed to lose already with LT b) it reminds us how hard it would be to start again and keeps us on the straight and narrow :giggle:
I look forward to following your diary and love the idea of telling yourself that you'll carry on til wi day and see how you feel... very clever psychology!! I might have to adopt that attitude on my tough days ;)

All the very best to you, you know you can do it - you've got the experience and 90lbs off to show for it! Onwards and downwards,

Paula x
Thankyou for that Paula and well done for getting to day 7, the weeks will start to fly by for you good luck. :)

SSusee, thankyou for your comments and I did go read your diary, you have actually really made me think and as I was posting on your diary page I was thinking. This time last year I was Huge! I started yet another year wondering which slimming club had I not joined and left 100 times ? Now dont get me wrong I do like WW and SW and if you stick to their plans I know that they work, but for me I just couldnt accept that it would possibly take me 2 years to slowly get slim and I just couldnt keep the motivation for that long, I was very desperate and very lost. I pretended I didnt care and carried on regardless........ One day when I felt so low I didnt see anything ever improving I decided it was LT or carry on being miserable and bigger. So basically what im saying is I found the TOOL that for works for me, and since re-starting Ive been feeling sorry for myself but why?? This time last year I had no hope of geting slim, this year not only have I already lost shed loads of weight I know exactly how to get the last bit off ! I know HOW to do it !!! Ive gone from feeling Low to High in 60 seconds pmsl :D:p

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