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  1. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Hey guys!

    I'm completely new to dukan and going to be starting first thing tomorrow :) I'm pretty excited about it I hope it works for me like it has so many others! But i know I'm going to need some support to get me through the tough parts so that's why I decided to write a diary to keep me on track and (hopefully) share my successes with you guys :) haven't actually got any oatbran yet xD haha but it's first on my Friday shopping list - I figured one day wouldn't hurt and I can't wait another day to start shifting these pounds!

    Any advice and support will be super appreciated :)

    Much love xx
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  3. Maintainer

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    Hi Dani,

    If you're starting tomorrow, I presume you've read at least the beginning of the book... The key to this diet is planning ahead, both for shopping and menus, as it's not easy to buy Dukan friendly food when caught out. Perhaps post your menus in advance to be sure you're doing everything right. Attack is a crucial period, so stick to Total 0% fat free yoghurt for your dairy if you can. So many other yoghurts have sugars and fruit added. I'd also advise waiting until Friday when you have your oatbran. Not only is it an integral part of this diet, but it also fills you up really well!

    Good luck!
  4. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Thanks for your advice :) i definitely got a little confused regarding yoghurt - i bought onken's fat free yoghurt which was lower in sugar than most but i'll have a look out for that total one. i've read through all of the phases in the book so i'm confident the diet could work for me. i'm really quite a plain eater anyway i can get by eating foods without sauces and dressings and so on and i love meat and fish so my menus through attack are mainly going to be plain chicken, tuna, salmon scrambled eggs (we can add a little skimmed milk right?) and oatbran mixed with yoghurt. as i become more confident with the diet i may try and spice my menus up a little!

  5. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Good luck, Dani! Skimmed milk is fine :D

    P x
  6. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Now I'm a little bit confused about ham - I thought ham slices were allowed as long as it was lean, but then I was told that ham is a bad idea as it has too much salt.
    Is ham tolerated or should it be avoided?
  7. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Original Dukan says no pork at all, but I believe lean jam is now allowed. I think most of us girls on here are 'no pork'.

    P x
  8. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Ham!!! Definitely no jam (lean or otherwise!) ;)

    P x
  9. Munchkin71

    Munchkin71 Full Member

    P, LOL I was getting quite excited at the thought of 'lean jam' x
  10. Jojo25

    Jojo25 Gold Member

    Hello & Welcome, loads of good advice on here & the girls are lovely so just keep posting & someone will pick it up x
  11. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Thanks for helping me out haha lean jam made me giggle xD

    I think I'll just stick to no pork then just to be safe - for now at least :)

    Today went pretty well :) food- wise at least anyway; had an exam that went horrifically xD oh well!
    Breakfast was 150g fat free natural yoghurt
    Dinner: half tin of tuna and 200g fat free Greek yoghurt
    Snack: 100g fat free Greek yoghurt w/oatbran
    Tea: Turkey steak with scrambled eggs (made with a splash of skimmed)
    Snack: half tin of tuna
    Fluids: bottle of water and can of diet coke - will be drinking 2 more bottles of water this evening :)

    Quite a bit of yoghurt today but it was the only Dukkan friendly thing I could get my hands on for lunch - think I' 'll probably just stick to one in future.
  12. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Down 3lbs so far :D wooo chuffed! :D
  13. Jojo25

    Jojo25 Gold Member

    Well done keep going x
  14. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Sooo it's coming to the close of attack day 2 :D

    Breakfast: 200g yoghurt w/oatbran
    I didnt really have dinner today as I was doing some uni work all day. Just munched on some chicken breast chunks, two small beef slices, half a tin of salmon and another 100g of yoghurt.
    Supper is going to be a Turkey steak with scrambled eggs again aaaand if i'm hungry before bed i'll just nibble on some more beef slices.

    Regarding fluids I am now on my third and final bottle of water! A can of diet coke is waiting for me to have with my supper in the fridge and a nice cup of green tea before bed (which will also be my third today)

    All in all things are going good :) if i can lose another 2.8lbs by the end of attack I will be one happy bunny :p
  15. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Wow you lost 3lbs in a few days?

    Do you think Dukan is compatible with running? Is that mentioned in the book? And is the diet possible to do without buying the book?!
  16. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Yeah :) in the first couple of days it's a lot to do with water weight I think - but I'm still chuffed anyway! hehe

    I'm not an expert so I can't really say for sure if it would be compatible or not. The book encourages activity like walking everyday, but I think for running you wouldn't have enough energy as carbs are really limited.

    It is possible I suppose without the book, you can find out a lot on this forum everyone is really helpful :)
    But the book does provide a lot of information about how the diet works and things like that so I would recommend that you read it :)
  17. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Cool thanks for your advice, I'm looking around th section. Must say the diet sounds a little complicated! Are you getting to grips with it? Well done on your focus so far :) and even if its water weight it's a nice boost and soon will be fat loss :)
  18. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    It's not too complicated really :) At first you need to eat foods that are as close to pure protein as possible, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and low fat dairy. Then after about 4-5 days you can introduce certain vegetables on alternate days. You keep to this until you reach your goal weight and then you 'consolidate' your weight to allow your body to adjust (That way the weight won't pile back on). You can introduce small amounts of bread and cheese to your diet too and you get to have 'naughty' meals once, and then twice a week. The book tells you exactly what you need to do, what foods you can and can't have and it's great because there's no calorie counting or measuring and you can eat as much as you want (using common sense of course!) It is quite a long process but its not too difficult to get your head around it. As long as you stick to the rules its pretty simple and should work! Hope I've helped and good luck with your weight loss!
  19. Lara1986

    Lara1986 Gold Member

    Thanks you've explained it a lot better I think I get it now (sort of!) I've done low carb vlcd diets before so think I could do this will look into it a bit more thanks for your help :) are you feeling good on it?
  20. Dohnuts

    Dohnuts Full Member

    Yeah I'm feeling fine so far. I've had minor headaches but nothing too uncomfortable and I don't feel too tired or anything :p Down by 0.5lbs this morning - a little disappointed I wanted a little bit more - definitely gonna jolt my metabolism with a nice walk this morning :) didn't have too much time yesterday so I'll see if it makes any difference!
  21. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

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