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Dark Under Eye Circles

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Does anyone use anything to hide dark under eye circles?

Mine are really awful and some days I look like a panda!! lol :D

I always thought my poor diet & lack of water intake was to blame but I've been on the straight and narrow for months now & it's not improved at all.

Is there anything I can buy to help?
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yes, I'd like to know what other people use. otherwise I amy have to start using OH's nivea for men!

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
does the lack of response mean i'm the only person suffering with this? or is there just nothing i can do?

that's very depressing!! :cry:
I have had them since I was a child. They got darker with age, but pretty much leveled out at terrifyingly dark around 20 years old. I use a regular moisturizer and night mask when I sleep and during the day it's moisturizer and SPF protection. Doesn't do much, though.

The only thing I found to help, and it's only to hide them, is concealer, not to be confused with foundation. Just get a concealer that is one shade too light for your skin with a yellow undertone if you are olive skinned or a red undertone if you are more pink. Blend this into the darkest areas with a concealer brush (if you use your fingers you just leave oil behind and that really messes with the concealer), then use a shade closer to your own skin tone, with pink/red undertone (regardless of your regular skin undertone) and blend this as you work away from your eye. This should blend things out so that it doesn't look strange with your regular foundation. And yes, I use it on my eyelids as well - suggested to me by a makeup artist who said that part of the problem was that I was just too dark on my eyelids. It certainly makes me look more fresh and lively, just takes time to apply and, unfortunately, money from the wallet.

Best of luck!
I have had them since I was a child and tried most things, tea bags on the eyes, cucumbers, more water, gels, creams but nothing has shifted them. I use concealer to hide them during the day and this works pretty well. The only thing I have found that seems to improve them is when I'm on holiday and I'm getting lots of sunshine lol, think this might just be because the rest of my face darkens in the sun so the just blend in better though haha. I read somewhere online that it can be a sign of intolerance to a type of food but I don't know how true that is.
well i got no miracle cure but a very good cover up is yves saint laurent touche eclait which is a rip off at 23 quid but i pay it because at 20 having panda eyes is embarassing and it feels like a bit of luxuary in the mundane! but yeah, i sympathise here - i have such pale skin and they look attrocious!


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Hey there,

I have really dark circles under my eyes too, looks like panda eyes or that i've been on the wrong side of someones fist. :eek: Again, i've had them for as long as i can remember, and positive changes to my diet, for prolonged periods of time makes no difference. I sleep well too, so its not tiredness.

I used to cover it with ordinary concealer, but i found i had to cake it on to cover it properly, which can look just as bad. A while back i discovered a great product in Superdrug called 'Cool & Calm Colour Concealor' by 'ME ME ME' cosmetic range. It's basically a little tube of lilac coloured concealor, which you apply and dab around your dark circle area. Sounds odd to put on lilac concealor but it spreads out thinly when you rub it in, and cancels out the dark circle. Then you put your ordinary make-up on over the top, and there's no need to cake it on. Dirt cheap & works wonders!

Also, sometimes i apply one of the tanning moisturisers, like Dove or Johnsons Holiday Skin. It darkens the rest of your skin slightly and doesn't make the paleness of the rest of your skin, compared to the darkness of your under-eye area, stand out so much. Plus, those products work well and you don't end up looking like a tangoed orange.

Hope that helps. :)
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Ive been out today looking for something to help with my panda eyes, I tried talking to 2 ladies working on the make up counter and they were very unhelpful, and because Im having a fat and ugly day I walked away, well almost ran and then cried, Iam hormonal too,but I find asking about these things very alien and scary, pity I didnt read this thread earlier, thanks guys
Just seen this Jools. I have terrible Panda eyes(standing joke at work!!!) Get some Touche Eclait from YSL for cover up, works a treat!!! Wee bit expensive but worth it and the lilac concealer like Yvonne described is good too:)Have tried loads of creams, not one has worked really.


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my mom suffers with the same 'puffy eye' thing, she has quite dark circles, but olive skin so they are not that noticeable, but the bags she calls shopping bags :eek:

i am not jokin now...she uses hemmoroid cream ...tell you what, sounds unusual, but work AMAZINGLY!!!!! you could always try ;)
my mom suffers with the same 'puffy eye' thing, she has quite dark circles, but olive skin so they are not that noticeable, but the bags she calls shopping bags :eek:

i am not jokin now...she uses hemmoroid cream ...tell you what, sounds unusual, but work AMAZINGLY!!!!! you could always try ;)
I have heard of that before, but what one does she use, the name please,ta
Just a thought as I haven't seen it mentioned (apologies if I skipped over!) - I see most folks are suggesting 'cover-up' - or rather 'hiding the symptom' rather than having a soultion to the basic problem of dark rings under the eyes.

For some people these rings are exacerbated by the consumption of 'caffeine' containing drinks. Coffee is a BIG culprit - and I know (from experience) that if you happen to be a coffee drinker and can wean yourself off it (caffeine withdrawl can be pretty unpleasant by the way! - as caffeine is a real, and addictive, drug after all!) - then it is amazing how the panda-eye syndrome can just fade away.

The 'puffy eyes' problem is a "whole 'nother kettle of fish" (as they say - perhaps not so ofetn these days ;)) - as a reliable source quotes some 81 different causes for puffiness - which means that what might work for one could be completely wrong for another! Here's the original item about the many causes of puffiness, if you're interested:

But seriously if you - or any others - do drink more than the odd cup of coffee (and especilaly if you are a 3+ cup-a-day consumer) this could be a major 'panda-rings' contributing causes. So, getting yourself 'off the drug' could not only dissolve your rings - but also improve your general skin health and reduce dehydration probelms (as caffeine also has a diuretic effect and can lead to fluid losses).

Happy New Year
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I have also heard using haemorroid cream works wonders from my friend. She was advised to use it and her dark puffy circles vanished within a couple of weeks! x

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