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Darling's Food and Exercise Diary

Hi guys and girls

I am (once again) on a mission to look fab! I've just noticed I joined this site over 3 years ago and have since then made very little progress towards getting my 'dream' body.

I really want to combine a healthy diet with a regular exercise regime and I'm hoping that keeping a diary will help keep me on track. I'm going to try to stick to 1200 cals and exercise at the very least 3 times a week.

Started yesterday and here's how it went:

40g branflakes and skimmed milk

1 1/2 wholemeal pitta breads with sweet chilli chicken and salad

Scallop and pak choi stir fry with garlic, ginger and chillies with small amount of rice noodles

1 wholewheat rice cake with cottage cheese
1 shapers yoghurt with handful of blueberries

1 cup of tea, skimmed milk, 2 sweeteners
3 pints NAS squash (1.5 litres)

That all came in at just under 1200cals :)

No exercise yesterday as I had a personal training session today so I try and keep the day before as a rest day.

Looking forward to getting to know you all :)
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Day 2 (yesterday):

30g branflakes and skimmed milk
Fun size banana

Hienz cream of tomato soup

Steak (grilleded)
Roasted piquito squash with paprika and cayenne pepper

2 wholewheat rice cakes with light cottage cheese
5 almonds
Shape fat free youghurt

Powerade (post workout)
Tea, skimmed milk and sweeteners
Squash x3

That came in at just over 1250 cals. Plus I had a one hour personal training session which will have burnt around 250-300 cals I think.

Today is harder because I've been at work and always want to eat lunch at 12 whereas I can wait till 3.30 if I'm at home! OH is in a naughty mood and wants to order pizza or chinease but I'm putting my foot down and will be sticking with something healthy! Will update tomorrow on how I did!

Thanks hun :)

Had Tuesday off for pancake day hehe, so here was yesterday's diary:

2 scrambled eggs

Tuna and bean salad

Home made pork sweet and sour stir fry

Low fat yoghurt
Small banana
Medium apple
Protein shake
Cup of blueberries and raspberries

Tea x 4

Total: 1250

Exercise: 40mins cardio at the gym then core exercises

Protein shake and cup of tea

Three bean and mint salad

Roast chicken breast, broccoli and gravy.

2 mini babybell light
Small banana
2 low fat yoghurts

Tea x4

Total: 1250


3 rice cakes with cottage cheese

(No time to have proper lunch so lots of snacks - 2 low fat yoghurts, 2 mini babybells, half an apple, mixed fruit in fruit juice, 2 wholewheat rice cakes and nutella)

Not sure yet

Tea x4

Will try and have something healthy for dinner but I've today managed to resist lots of goodies at work (flapjacks, cookies, welsh cakes etc) so I won't be hard on myself if I go over my calories for dinner.

Off home for the weekend and might be having a takeaway for dinner on Saturday night but I'll try not to go mad. Will be back to 100% on Sunday.


Hippety Hop!
Hi there, Well done on a good start.

So you've been here before hey? Well I guess there are plenty of us that have done the yoyo thing with our weight and I for one, have been there at least four times before.

Hope you continue to have great success....:)
Thanks Emmaline

I'm ashamed to say I didnt last very long! Not sure what was up with me but just couldnt stick to it!! Dont think my head was in the right place!

However, I restarted on Friday and Im feeling much more positive!! I had 1258 cals on Fri, 1340 on Sat (stayed with mother in law but did very well considering) and hoping to finish today on 1173, plus I've been to the gym to work up abit of a sweat!

We have booked a holiday for the 24th June so that gives me exactly 12 weeks since Friday to get in shape for it! I want to lose about 10lbs but mainly tone up and get rid of the wobbly bits! We've booked a villa which is just 200m from the beach so I'm expecting to be in a bikini alot and dont want to feel self conscious!

Really hope I manage to stay on track this time!

Well I've finished my 4th day on 1100 cals:

Breakfast: Branflakes
Lunch: Prawn noodle salad, fruit medley
Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with brocolli, cauliflower and gravy
Snack: Mini babybel, 2 cups of tea with sweeteners.

Managed to resist chocolate brownies and chocolate muffins that were on my desk all day so I'm very proud of myself!

Got a work's lunch out tomorrow and have gone for the healthiest thing on the menu - cajun salmon with salad (dressing on the side).

Feeling really positive still, hoping I can last for the whole 12 weeks until holiday without any major slip ups. Was thinking about having a cheat meal every week or two which should keep me on the wagon.

No exercise today as was feeling very tired, but hoping to make it to the gym tomorrow.


Hippety Hop!
Well done on your continued successful eating prog.
Could I suggest that you change the idea of having a "cheat" meal to a "treat" meal...I really think that calling it cheating, sinning or whatever else it is usually called, is such a bad idea. It starts off the whole negative thought process of failing and being useless...I'm sure you know what I mean.
Keep up the good work...:)
Good idea Emmaline, think it will def be called my 'treat meal' from now on - its going to be on my sis's bday in two weeks, and I'm going to allow myself whatever I want, inc pudding, for that one meal :)

Had a little treat today - a thorntons caramel mini egg, it was very nice!

Yesterday I had some greek yoghurt with honey and blueberries so I ended the day on 1200.

Todays menu was
Breakfast: Cornflakes and skimmed milk
Lunch: Cajun salmon and salad
Snacks: Mini babybel, 1 celebrations choccie, orange, thorntons caramel egg
Dinner: Pork stir fry

Was very proud about resisting cookies and muffins that were on my desk today (there was no calorie info on them so I knew I couldnt have them!) So I'm not going to feel at all guilty about the little chocolate I've had today as it could be a lot lot worse! Still within 1200 cals too!

I've got a slight digestive issue which means its actually better for me to have a low fibre diet - hence the cornflakes for breakie. I used to eat alot of branflakes, wholemeal pasta, brown rice, brown bread etc, but now I'm switching back to the white kind. I still don't eat alot of carbs anyway as I find I have less symptoms without them, but normally always have some for breakfast at the least and rarely have them in my evening meal.

Another two days and I will have done a week of sticking (albeit roughly) to my cals! Only another 11 weeks to go after that until holiday! Yikes! Really should up my exercise abit but I have to be in the mood for it!
Thanks Laura!

Had some more yoghurt, honey and blueberries last night so ended on 1270 :)

Hoping for another good day today, the sun is back out and i'm in a good mood :D
Yesterday was a very snacky day - ate loads of fruit! Nothing unhealthy though and finished on 1227 :)

Was in a bad mood for some reason last night and really just wanted to eat alot of naughties but I resisted! Had a lovely dinner of lightly breaded river cobbler with peas and ketchup - it felt naughty but it really wasnt!

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping to be 2-3lbs down.

Gonna try and drink alot more water today as have noticed I'm waking up very dehydrated, and hopefully it will help with the weight loss too. I've been crap with the gym this week and have only gone once so far so may have to drag my wobbly bum there later just so I make my minimum target of going twice a week!

Hope everyone has a good day! xx
Well Thursday I ate 1246 and had my weigh in Friday morning... I've lost three pounds (and a quarter!) :D
So I'm very happy with how the first week went! Didn't end up going to the gym either so I only went once last week, but I'm happy with the loss so not going to beat myself up over it!

Yesterday I went to the cinema and only had coke zero! BF bought popcorn and kept offerring but I resisted! And I ended the day on 976 cals!

Today has been alittle bit naughty so far, we decided to go and have a picnic for what was actually breakfast and lunch, and I had three mini danish pastries (450cals) plus 2/3 of a pasty (388cals)! Lots of fat there! I kind of redeemed myself with strawberries after and a bottle of water but have already eaten over 900 cals!

Its not too bad though because I am just planning on having roast chicken and salad for dinner and will try not to have anything other than that today, so I could still end the day within 1200, but I dont mind if I go up to say 1400 or even 1500, as that is still below maintenance.

Gonna go to the gym tomorrow as its always dead on a Sunday (just how i like it) and once I feel like I'm all set with the eating then I'm going to concentrate on toning my fairly wobbly behind before I go on holiday!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine!!!
I'm so proud of myself, I didn't have anything else! Yay me!!

This was a real breakthrough for me as before, whenever I'd eaten anything bad I thought 'sod it, i may as well go on a proper binge and start again tomorrow'. But I managed to keep myself in check and only ended up being 207 cals over yesterday, which I'm sure will be burnt off in the gym at some point this week!

Feeling really good for not blowing it all!!

Had said I'd make risotto tonight for dinner, which is normally really calorific so I'm going to try and cut down on the cheese a little and just make sure I leave plenty of calories for dinner!

Sun is back out today too and it's gonna be a good day! :D
I found a really yummy low cal recipe for risotto on the BBC food website. It's mushroom and thyme risotto and some of the risotto rice is substituted for quinoa, it's yummy and much less cals.

Well done on not throwing the whole day away, I truely believe that's half the battle to success on this kind of health kick. x
I saw that too and suggested it to OH but he wasn't having any of it! Only went over cals by 100 or so though so I'm happy!

Will end up on about 1200 cals today, and went for a run too! Managed 2miles without stopping!! Was very proud of myself! It was round a local park/lake and it was really lovely. Just need to increase my speed now coz I was practically shuffling!! Gonna try and do it as often as possible to build up my fitness :)

Had a home-made burger for dinner - was yummers!! Will do a longer post tomoz xxx

I don't tell OH... he's much more open to stuff when he doesn't know what I've done to it to make it low cal, lol!!! x
Lol! That sounds like a good idea!!

Had 1255 net calories yesterday. Normally I prefer not to eat my exercise calories but I was hungry after dinner last night so had to get something else.

I'm hoping to go to the gym tonight or out for a run. My legs are a little bit sore from yesterday but I think they will be fine once I've warmed up abit. I'm really gonna try and get more fitness in. This week I want to aim for at least 2hrs fitness. 30 mins done already. I'll try and increase it each week until I'm doing about 5 hours a week consistently.

I also really need to drink more water. I've been terribly dehydrated the last couple of days but I find it very hard to drink more than a glass or two throughout the day. So today I've got a bottle filled up and will try and have 2lts.

Have a good day everyone! xx

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