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  1. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Hi, Good Morning all!

    Im getting married in 9 weeks:love: and have toned up considerably (but not actually lost much weight) through exercise and healthy eating, id love to get down to 12 stone mainly for my honeymoon in 12 weeks (im 13 stone now) my mum has been doing the dukan and swears by it she has lost an amazing 45lbs and is going for 50 by the wedding which she will defo do - mrs motivated and all that!!

    I am 29, size 14, 5'10 and fairly active (sedentary job but 3/4 exercise sessions per week) If this helps paint a picture!!

    I have the book, and my mum for support but its great to have a place (here) to come and read others questions, tips, motivations and successes!!

    My food today consists of a boiled egg for breaky and one as a mid-morning snack, 3 chicken breasts and a good handful of prawns for lunch and I have some yogurt for a spoonful should I need something extra!! my next fitting of my wedding dress is at the end of july so I have 4 weeks really- a stone would be a real achievement!

    I would love for some hellos back and an update of progresses of your own?!!

    Looking forward to finding some dukan buddies!!!

    Catz x
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  3. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    This site is pretty dead! You will lose a stone in no time :) For brekkie I'd have the total 0% with a spoonful of oatbran sets me up for the day :) x

    I'm on attack so let me know if you want a buddy x
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  4. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    "pretty dead" is a bit cruel... we're here and about if anyone needs us but it's true that, apart from the odd diary posting, things are quiet! Hopefully that will change!

    Meanwhile good luck. I don't see oatbran in your menu, and this is something you ought to look into as it gives us some lovely options for recipes (muffins/cakes/bread etc... but Dukan style).

    Careful also not to make your meals too plain and boring as it'll make the long haul of the diet quite difficult. Why not check out our recipe section. Some very inventive cooks have given us some options to liven up, say, that handful of prawns or three chicken breasts (but I'm sure your Mum will have told you that... do we know her over here?)

    Any questions, don't hesitate.

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  5. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    'Pretty dead' as in not that many people post, which is true. That's a commonly used phrase where I live, it's not an offensive term.

    Hopefully more people would post if they saw others using the forum.

  6. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Thank you for your kind and supportive replies!
    Mum doesn't really do computers so you wont have seen her here, I had the oatbran pancakes/galettes with tuna steaks and a garlicy/lemony/yogurty sauce which was amazing! such a treat!!
    Its only 1 day but the scales showed a 3lb loss this morning so im feeling very powerful!!! I will definitely check out the recipe section, my fiancé is also doing it with me and as long as I can keep him interested in it I will be fine - I can handle boring food but him, not so much!xx
  7. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Welcome Catz - I'm sure you will love dukan it's a brilliant diet!! Any questions just ask and someone will answer you - there's not much that Maintainer doesn't know about dukan!! I found muffins were an absolute must on my dukan journey - they are lovely and taste like you're being naughty!! I had them every day on cruise!! Stick with it and you will see the weight quickly dropping off - try looking on the recipe thread for some recipe ideas xx good luck :)
  8. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Hey Catz,

    Brilliant work on day 1, I'm looking forward to reading about your journey! I know that first stone will be off in no time. I just lost my first stone and it really feels amazing!

    Where are you off to on your honeymoon?

    Have a great attack - how long are you planning to do?
  9. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Thanks for your replies, I'm looking forward to making and trying the muffins- I LOVE cakes!!
    Today was good, boiled eggs for breakfast, chicken breasts for lunch, crab sticks to snack on, 2 cod fillets with prawns in a yogurt, lemon and garlic sauce and gallettes- I'm pretty chuffed with my gallette making abilities too! Makes me feel like I'm having something 'carby'!
    im going to do 5 days of attack to really get my head around it, and then step into cruise- one question I have since perusing the recipient section is 'wheat bran' is cropping up a lot- at first I thought it was possibly an alternative to oat bran but there are several recipes where they both feature....???

    Honeymoon- I'm sooooooo excited!! We're going to vegas for 4 nights, driving to LA and then flying to Mexico for 9 nights so skimpy sequinned frocks and bikinis are on the agenda- this bod better get bikini-worth pronto!!! And before you ask OF COURSE we're going to get remarried in the little white wedding chapel and OF COURSE by the man himself ;-)

    What's all your progress so far?xx
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  10. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Wow! That Honeymoon sounds amazing! No wonder you want to look your best! well don't worry, you're in the right place :)

    Wheatbran is a tolerated carb that you can add it from the cruise stage (I think 1 tablespoon per day) and it can really help to "get things moving" ;) You have it in addition to the oatbran and it's good for things like cakes as it helps to bulk them up.

    Sounds like you're going great so far! I hope you're seeing lots on nice loses? are you weighing everyday?
  11. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    7 lbs in 3 days?????:happy096: Am sure its all water but who cares!!!!!!
  12. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Losing a half stone in three days is very good and I am sure it is not all water.

    Well done!
  13. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    I lost all my baby weight using dukan in 2012 and haven't gained anything back but want to ditch a little more so coming back to it :)
  14. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Hi LittlestWookie, That's really positive to hear, im sure you'll do great this time too!

    My scales showed a stand still this morning - but that's really ok if I can hang onto the loss ive already had this week, I've been reading on into the cruise phase and calculated that (3 days for every lb I want to loose) (if I don't loose any more in attack) is 42 days - Would it be ok to continue attack for another couple of days to accelerate this??
  15. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    Follow your body, when would have a day or two with no loss then suddenly 4lbs over night. I've always done attack phases longer than what it says but my body works fine on that.

    If you feel you can cope with 2 more days go for it xx
  16. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    I could easily manage another couple of days on attack...I do have a question about crabsticks though....ive been eating a whole pack per day as snacks and just looked at the packet an seen that the whole pack equates to circa 24g of carbs................ :break_diet: please tell me I should ignore what it says >????!!!!!!!!!x
  17. LittlestWookie

    LittlestWookie Full Member

    Hmmmi think you are only meant to have 5 a day, if I have more than 3 it stalls my weigh loss. Get some suger free jelly sachets, that was a saviour for me! X
  18. Dukanista

    Dukanista Gold Member

    Hi catz,

    Nice to meet you, and congrats on the loss so far (and the amazing honeymoon plans!). I first started dukan 2 years ago and lost 5kg (I can't do pounds and stone!) and maintained for a while, but the weight has crept back on in recent months. But I still try and follow dukan principles as much as possible, and have had dukan muffins 9 days out of 10 since I started, even when not following a plan. So get baking!

    Keep it up and I look forward to hearing your result for the week!

  19. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Crabsticks: maximum of 8 per day and I'd try for less if you can... sugar and cars in them.

    As for increasing one's attack period, it's generally ill advised as it's rarely more effective except for really obese people. I can't see your signature and/or weight on my phone but you'd be better increasing exercise on cruise and getting some much needed veg in your body.

    Enjoy x
  20. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    im 5'10 and weighed in at 12'12 this morning which im happy about - 12 is definitely a number I can deal with!! I will go shopping this evening to prepare for cruise to start properly tomorrow, although Saturday I had a bit of a cruise moment I guess, went to a bbq - which was actually a hog roast and as I was there from 5pm - 3.30am I had to eat and so I had 2 slices of pork and a few chunks of pretty sure ive not broken the bank with that!! They were definitely the best tomatoes ive ever tasted ;-)

    Really looking forward to cruising now!!!!!xx
  21. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Good luck on cruise - I remember doing attack and then when you go onto cruise - I didn't realise I could get so excited about vegetables lol - how are you doing cruise? I always did it one day pv followed by one day pp - that way vegetables are never too far away!! Good luck xx

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