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Attack Day 1


Slimming for my children
Hi guys just had breakfast can u let me know this is ok?
My friend has lost weight on Dukan and is helping me.

Bfast - 2 eggs with 1 egg White scrambled egg. Plain low fat yoghurt with sweetner

Lunch will be - chicken drumsticks marinated in soya sauce, paprika, tumeric and garlic salt.

Dinner will be - lean mince made into burgers with egg onions and mustard to flavour. cottage cheese and prawns mixed in.

Obviously water. X
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Slimming for my children
My friend said you don't need bran every day? She gave me the pancake recipe.
What do people have for snacks? I ave loads of meat in but can fathom eating it as a snack? Just doesn't seem right. X


grammar police
You must have oatbran every day. It's non negotiable. 1.5 tbsp in attack, 2 tbsp in cruise.

I would say no to garlic salt, perhaps garlic powder instead, or even better fresh garlic! Soy sauce is a tolerated item so not suitable for attack, and even in cruise to be used sparingly. You want to keep salt to a minimum as it causes water retention.
You need the bran EVERY day. 1 tbsp during the attack phase, 2 during Cruise, 3 during Consolidation. It's also very versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Make sure your Soy Sauce is Reduced Salt - not regular or light.

Also, make sure your dairy is non-fat or the lowest fat possible - both the yoghurt and cottage cheese.

Apart from that, your menu looks (to me) to be pretty reasonable.
Yoghurts and eggs are popular snacks - but after time you will probably find yourself enjoying meat as a snack! I'd only ever eaten white meat before I started the diet but now quite look forward to steak, to the surprise and disbelief of myself and everyone I know!

It's really a good idea to buy the book and familiarise yourself with the diet first. I imagine it'd be very disheartening to throw yourself into the diet only to find you had half the information and didn't lose the weight, despite all of your efforts because of incorrect advice.


Slimming for my children
Cheers. Am
Waiting for the book to come through. It's my 30th in 3 weeks so wanted as much off as possible. So shall I write today off or continue. Going shopping in a min to get the bran. And to get some other bits.

Thanks guys.


grammar police
If you're likely to have a big blow our for your birthday (and to be honest you should - its a big birthday!) perhaps you should wait till after the event. Use the next 3 weeks to read the book and get properly prepared. I know you're probably itching to get started, but you'll probably get better results if you wait - clear your cupboards of temptation, plan some menus and get the freezer stocked.
Dont stop, but do make sure you're having your bran going forwards, its absolutly essential during attack when you're getting no other fibre.

Have a look through the daily menu thread, you'll find after attack you dont need to snack that much, as Brownie_E says above yogurt and eggs and meat are what we snack on. Also muffins or other oatbran creations and sugar free jelly - though I dont know if thats okay on attack.

If you do get your bran today dont eat it too late in the evening. It swells (which helps fill you up) and so can be uncomfortable at night.


Slimming for my children
Thanks guys. I really just want to get as much off as possible
Before my 30th. Been fat far too long and even hated my wedding photos.

Even if I get 7lbs off I will be happy. Will just plod along and re start again after birthday.



Not very good at this!
You've not messed up completely with the bran. I read on the official chat one day about someone who has a gluten intolerance and they were told that the weight loss would just be slower without the bran.


Slimming for my children
Doing 5 days.
Can't believe I dropped 6lbs already. Wedding ring slid onto finger a swell today not been able to wear it in 19 months!!! Still tad tight but getting there. Couldn't get it over my knuckles a few months back!! X


** Chief WITCH **
OK Ladies... we've just established on another thread that FNM is breastfeeding so this diet is inappropriate.

Consolidation Phase plus modifications (see p.256) if breastfeeding, so please wait for your book... (or read Anja's CONSO diary from the beginning where I'm sure we talked about what one can and can't have on Conso.)