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Day 14 - FAIL (contains reference to food)

Well I did it! Day one complete!!! Have been 100% today - maple and pecan porridge for breakfast (yummy!), choc mint bar for lunch (yucky - very cardboardy) and then cappuccino shake late afternoon! Have managed 3 litres of water, plus coffee and peppermint tea, and I am now tucked up in bed (work at 7am, yucky).

Bad news is I have the most horrendous carb withdrawl headache :cry: but hey ho - I come prepared with painkillers and Nytol to make me sleep and get rid of the headache ;) couple of days and the pain will be gone, as will the hunger!!

Good luck anyone restarting tomorrow - I only restarted today as I am on shift the next 5 days which for me is a good time to start as once i am at work I am stuck at work with very limited access to food!!!
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Well done, I restarted today as well, but with an SS+ meal. So far so good. Fingers crossed it will all be worth it when we step on the scales in a week.


please try again
with you doing prep hun ketosis could come sooner. my headache didnt hit till day 3 and day 4 i slipped into ketosis


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Well done on a great start - look forward to hearing your first week loss!


Restart 3/9/2013
Day 2 100%

with you doing prep hun ketosis could come sooner. my headache didnt hit till day 3 and day 4 i slipped into ketosis
You know what, I think you may well be right! Its the end of day 2, and I am sat in bed forcing down my third shake before I go to sleep, because I just haven't felt hungry at all since about midday!

So day 2 100% SS - Choc tetra about 1.30pm, bar throughout the afternoon (actually only ate about 3/4 of it as I was nibbling it throughout and just ran out of time at work to finish it!), and now in bed with me choc tetra as I am too lazy to go downstairs and make up a proper shake! lol. Also managed 2.5 litres water plus black coffee.

Woke up with a raging headache this morning but didn't sleep well at all last night so probably why. Was dreading the headache following me round all day long, but amazingly I got in the bath and it disappeared!!!

My other concern...when I last did CD I managed a week, sort of (as in I was snacking on bits and pieces too :break_diet:). However through that entire week I was absolutely horrible. Grumpy doesn't quite cover it. I was just foul. Anyway by day 7 my other half was begging me to eat. Needless to say I did, I cheered right up, and failed spectacularly.

Anyway my point is I was worried (as was the other half, not that he'd admit it)that as soon as I started CD again I would end up being grumpy and miserable and horrible to be around again. However I'm not. I feel good :D Just goes to show my head wasn't in the right place last time I did it.

This afternoon I treated myself to browsing the menus for the restaurants at Disney. May sound like a bad idea, but it really wasn't. I am planning to CD 100% until I go, and I am looking in advance to decide the best places to eat that wont result in me regaining every ounce I have lost in the 3 days I am away :) I will e giving the pizza and pasta places a wide berth for example hehe


Restart 3/9/2013
Oh and I have made a deal with myself. I am now (finally) in a position to be able to actually save some money each month from my wages. So I have made a deal with myself that if I 1)save at least Β£300 a month from my wages every month and 2)lose 10 stone by my birthday (October) then I will be blowing said savings on our dream holiday to Florida in 2012!!! There is plenty of opportunity to do overtime in my job so plenty of potential to be able to save enough to justify this holiday...and of course a new wardrobe of clothes for me before we go...clothes that fit!!! Who knows, if I can get 12 stone off before the holiday (hopefully feb/march 2012) then I will be in size 12's with any luck :) :) :)


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I'm with you on that, can't save as much, but think i'll try my pound for a pound again- but would love to get the full 11ish stones off by next new years eve! Go for it!


Restart 3/9/2013
Day 3 done!!! Just a quicky from me tonight (you'll be glad to hear). Have managed 100% today but have only drunk 2 litres of water plus a couple of coffees, so only just enough fluids. Also had manic 16 hour day at work that didn't see me sit down a whole lot, so only managed half a bar and 1 tetra at work! Have just forced another tetra down in bed before sleeping.

Oh and I am well and truly in ketosis!!! Tested this morning and the stick was darkest pink :D :D :D


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Well done on getting into ketosis! That did not take you too long.
Well done I am on Day 3 today, absolutely starving and have a headache but determined to get through it, the stick is pink but I dont think I am fully in ketosis as I am so hungry.
Yay Cazza well done Hun. Get to your first weigh and you will be flying xx
Thanks hun! At the beginning of day 5 and still 100% and going strong!!! I had forgotten how good ketosis makes you feel :D Worked a night shift last night and again tonight. So had a shake yesterday morning when I got up and 1 litre water. Slept all afternoon, went to work and had a shake about 9pm, then munched on a bar through the rest of the night pretty much, plus another 2 litres water and coffee and peppermint tea :)

Weighed myself at Tesco yesterday (naughty). According to their scales I was 23st 6.9lb yesterday lunchtime - my start weight was 24st 4lb when I was weighed on 29th (started diet the 31st) woohoo!!!! Not just to adjust my ticker though until I have my official weigh in next week :D
hi , you are doing so well :) how do you manage working nights ? I start a new job tonight and am doing 2 nights a week , I havent worked nights for years and not quite sure how I am going to get on .. especially being on day 3 of CD , which tends to be my worst day :(
Do you have any tips as to how and when to have shakes ? do you have 3 products from midnight to midnight .. or do it another way ??
thanks x
Hiya - I wasn't really sure how it was going to work - annoyingly i work a mix of nights and days so it's going to be a challenge I think! I tend to sleep pretty well when I work nights so I kind of just flip around with the shakes - last night was the first night I have worked on the diet.

I had a shake when I got up yesterday morning - about 10am I think. Then went to bed at lunchtime and slept til 6pm. Left for work 6.45pm, started work at 7.30pm. Had a shake about 9pm - more because I thought I really ought to rather than actually NEEDING one if that makes sense. Then I had a bar. I tend to nibble bars so started the bar about 1am and made it last through until about 5am!!! Finished work at 7.45am, got home and had another shake at about 8.30am before I went to sleep.

Just woken up now and plan to pretty much do the same tonight. My job generally keeps me very busy, so that definitely helps. Bottle of water helps too - just sip my way through that over the course of the night. When anyone makes a hot drink I'll have a black coffee or peppermint tea, though I am tempted to get some boullion as I rather like that after a few days of shakes!!!

I guess it is going to be difficult for you to judge if you are just starting the job tonight how it will go. Hope it is ok and you get on alright!
Help. Can't Poo. TMI sorry. Need to but can't. Ouch. Never had this problem with cambridge before - normally the opposite problem!!!! Can't get to counsellor until at least Thursday for some fibre stuff. Tried Senna tablets with no success yet. Any other tips????
Hi , this is a very common problem on CD and I suffer really badly . I take 2 movicol every other daya nd keep a stock of glycerin suppositories for when it gets 'stuck ' :rolleyes:
It all depends where you are constipated , if it is there but its too hard to get out you need to tackle it from that end ! You could use a syringe with a little oil and warm water , or get some glycerin suppositories ( boots sell them )
Senna works by stimulating your bowl , which will not help if it is there but hard , I find it gives me cramps and doesnt work very well . Movicol is a very effective 'softener' and great if taken regularly

hope this helps
Thanks for the advice, will definitely give it a go. Think I will have to take the suppository route unfortunately!!! Every time I have done CD before I have had the opposite problem, so this is new for me

Ended up SS+ last night as I cocked up and only took one shake to work with me :break_diet: feel so bad, but was in desperate need of a few calories. I work 12 hour shifts and working nights at the mo so I couldnt come home and grab another shake, so went to 24 hour tesco's round the corner and got some plain chicken and some lettuce. Not terribly exciting but I needed something as was starting to feel quite unwell :(

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