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Hi allxx
I read the sticky post about ketosis because yesterday I was FREEZING and had a slight headache, so I thought Id do a test to check and I couldnt believe it it turned purple!!! I know that this indicates I need to drink more water but Im a train driver and its sooo hard to get to the loo as you can imagine but I will increase my water gradually.
OOOh and if it stays in the purple is it dangerous?
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when i was on LL my stick was constantly purple and that was with me drinking more than the recommended amount of water!! my LLC said that it is nothing to worry about, the weight still came off and i still felt fit and healthy!
well done you for that! I start CD on Monday well tuesday as i pick the packs on monday night, lol i just have to figure out how to get there but ill walk if i bloomin well have to!!

Dont worry about the sticks hun honestly i was on the diet for 3 months and it never ever was out of the purple.

Two days with out temptation and your in ketosis doddle :D
LOL thanks hun. My CDC is in Harlesden and it I couldnt get there unless I had a car too...bloody nightmare!! But I drove down cause I didnt wanna carry the bags on the bus incase ppl can see what it was!


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Well done :)

I too nearly always have a purple stick and I drink litres of water a day!! Usually 4 or 5 so it can't be dehydration!

Stick with it Indianprincess, the weight loss is amazing :)

Sarah x
Sarah haha "stick with it"

ok obviously only my sense of humour that caught onto that lol oh dear!!!
well done, indian princess, i have just started ll, and on day 2, i feel great, how much weight do you want to lose? i want to weigh 9 stones as i am 5ft 2 tall at the moment i am 17st 12lbs. so that is about 9 stones.
Hi hun, I want to lose 10stone. Im 5"10 and 22st 9 I want to get to about 11stone. When I was on WW it felt like it would take me a lifetime to get there but now it feel that by July (summer wahoooo) Ill be at goal.
Thank so you much everyone....the support on here is keeping me motivated!!!!
Hun I am also 5ft 10, its rare to find someone the same hight as me, I start next week, so ill keep in touch with you see how your getting on, i am 18st 5 lbs and i want to lose 6stone to get me down to 12 :) we can keep each other going!! :)
sounds like a plan :D :D
Lol wants2bnormal, from now on it will be:

Keto - stick with it... lmao

Sarah x

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