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Extra Easy Day 2 here, surely this cant be right ? pls check

Hi me again .......

Im on day 2 of ee can you please check my day so far, as i feel im eating wayyyy too much , even for me :D

grillledbacon,scrambled egg,mushrooms,beans and a cuppa with slice melon

tuna pasta salad
1 tbsp light mayo 2.5 sysns
2 crabsticks
cherrys and melon

jst potatoe very large one
2 tsp x light spread 1syn
chicken breast wrapped in bacon
peppers, onions,tom,mushrooms courgettes
3 tbsp x light mayo 1.5 syn

shape zero youghurt

My hea is milk for my tea

Ive still got to have my heb yet, and syns !!! (Advisor told me to eat all my syns have got a bit to lose)

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Yeah the first lot of mayo at lunch was just light so therefore 2.5 syns the one i had with dinner was Xlight so 0.5 and the spread if flora xlight too which is 0.5 per tsp.

I just feel like im eating sooo much im stuffed and dont wana eat for eatings sake ?


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I'm on day two, too.

Today I only had fruit for breakfast - grapes and a kiwi.

Lunch - huge salad with a whole packet of savoury rice in it.. Oink oink

Snacks -alpen light bar half of hex b, save the other one for a cuppa later :)
Carrot sticks

Dinner - 2x quorn sauages, broccoli, salad and some mild cheese and broccoli pasta n sauce (1/2 a syn I've been told..) with the milk as my hex a

I wad wondering if this sounded okay cos I feel a piggy eating so often on a diet :/


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Yes, you can have lots more. As mentioned be careful with the syns - especially the mayo and the Flora. Spoon measurements are notoriously difficult. I would weigh the margarine to be honest. It is a great choice and I only use Flora lighter then light too:cool: but only in sandwiches and I just count it as 2 syns (better to over compensate).

I quit using mayo as if I am honest with myself it seldom added to the flavour, more to the fat content.

Drink plenty though, and use them syns.

No need to ever be hungry lol, and the more you have to lose, the more you'll lose and better you'll feel.

Ive got some of those measuring spoons and ive made sure i wipe across the top with the back of a knife so its level ! otherwise i would jst pile it on and there would be about 3 searvings there lol

The diet i did b4 was ww and i guess im used to having to have a lot smaller portions etc , i will keep an eye on portion size though cos even though it says "eat as much as u like" im sure u have to use common sense as well ? lol


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I love EE too! Your meal plans all sound fab!! I think as long as you stop eating when you're full then you can't go wrong!! xx
Ok so in 30 mins im gonna have my heb whoch will be some readybreak with splenda 1 ryvita with a banana !, this ontop of all the above ive eaten and still have some syns to use im thinking a kitkat ?, this just doesnt seem right to me ?


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common sense prevails, eat until you are satisfied but not stuffed :)
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you look like you're eating well to me. If you don't feel like them then don't bother. You would just be eating for the sake of it!

I would try to include my healthy extra's earlier on in the day, or plan to have them in your evening meal.

LEsley x
Tahnkyou for all your replys, im going to call my leader tommorow and tell her what ive been having and see what she says about it all !

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