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Day 3 & doing okay

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by Suze012, 8 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    I gave just started exante, have dabled in vlcds before I got preggars with my second and did well, now im back on it. Started tues after bank hols.

    First 2 days I did only shakes, today 2 shakes and a turkey dinner.. hmmm not sure, didn't like it much, bit salty. Why do they all taste the same! or at least have that weird background taste.

    So my baby is 8 weeks old and I have a 3year old too.

    Starting weight
    6/5/14 - 19st 1.5lbs
    8/5/14 - 18st 10.5lbs

    Yep a daily weigher.. Cant help it! :)

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  3. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    It can be a bit of a pain going through packs finding what works for you and what doesn't. But hopefully you'll find something good.

    What are your long term goals. Minimins is fantastic for support so if you are finding it challenging pop on here! :)
  4. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    I can do it on just the shakes, so is fine :)

    Todays weight

    18st 9.4lbs

    Goal to loose as much weight as possible before going back to work after mat leave :)

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  5. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Same as me. I'm an all shakes girl! Get them down quick lol.

    Good luck with your goals I'm sure you'll smash them! :)
  6. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    Well I guess my main one is getting to 13st again :) my lightest was 11st when I yot married 4 years ago but for me that was very hard work gym 4 times a week etc. But that was pre kids lol just don't have the time or time im willing to give up for the gym lol :)

    What about u? Do u have a goal?

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  7. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    Ohh porridge for dinner and its amazing! Lol love it! Why can they get sweet right but savoury wrong?? Hmm

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  8. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    Its the apple and cinnamon one
    What's the normal one like? ?

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  9. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    Starting weight

    6/5/14 - 19st 1.5lbs
    7/5/14 - 18st 13lbs
    8/5/14 - 18st 10.5lbs
    9/5/14 - 18st 9.4lbs
    10/5/14 - 18st 8.6lbs

    Today is day 5 :) almost 7lbs down..

    Not my best week so far on a vlcd :( but still great losses for any sort of diet and a few more days to go!

    Its prob my water intake, I just cant drink that much water with looking after a newborn and 3 year old, I cant go to the loo every 5 mins!! Lol dont have a downstairs loo, and go out daily walks etc:rolleyes:
    Last edited: 10 May 2014
  10. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    I like the normal porridge but sometimes it can be a bit sickly.

    Well done! Looks like you are doing very well :)
  11. How did you prepare your Porridge? I had my first one on Monday morning (Day 1 of Exante), which I made as recommended on the packet. It was awful; really lumpy and powdery. Did you mix the powder/water with a blender? I think I may try this; I was at work so just did it with a spoon in the bowl. The problem is, I found the texture so awful that it's kinda put me off.

    The fact that you both say it's good gives me some encouragement to try it again.

    I'm trying the get used to the bars - I find the chocolate orange one really salty. Does anyone else? They're also really dry and make me want to drink a nice cup of milky tea :(

    The shakes aren't too bad, but i may have a look for some interesting ideas to make them more varied. I got the multi-pack with strawberry, vanilla, mint choc, toffee and banana - any ideas for variations?
  12. Suze012

    Suze012 Well-Known Member

    I just followed the instructions. I did find the time to micro it was ott, so have to keep stopping and starting the micro to stop it boiling over but stirred it everytime I had to stop the micro :)

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