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Day 3 - Hell on Earth


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Well, I have had a couple of restarts before and they have been tough. I even tried to make it easier this time by having several carb-reduction weeks before ...... but this is the worst ever.

I am on day 3 of SS. First two days were fine, a breeze. I thought I had it cracked, and then today.

I have chronic stomach cramps, a screaming headache (almost a migraine), light headedness even after almost 4l of water, the sweats ...... it is just the worst!

I have had 3 packs and plenty of water. I don't know what is happening to me. At the moment I would just rather die and have done with it.
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:( So sorry to see you're having an awful day :( I'm afraid I can't offer advice as I'm only on day 2 myself. Have you spoken to your CDC? I really hope tomorrow is better for you x


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Your doing well!!!
Dont give up.. my third day was the worst day I felt awful.... I really did not think I could carry on .. I drank loads of water and had some neurofen... Had a nice relaxing bath and an early night and felt 100 times better in the morning.

Dont give up it will get better.. I am sure you know this as you have done it before..

You will feel so much better tomorrow!


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Sorry you are suffering like this Steve :sigh:.
I know day 3 was always th hardest for me but I'm not sure if you should be feeling like this mate.

I'm going to put out a shout with Moderators and Admin and see if any CDC's are around on the site to offer their thoughts.

Lacey..xx :)


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Sorry you are feeling like this. As you've done the diet before, you'll know that it does get easier. Get yourself off to bed, try to get some sleep and you should feel better when you wake up. Hope you have a better day tomorrow :)


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My CDC is away on holiday, and I have been away from my PC all day so I couldn't even get in here.

I am just going to have my last pack and then get to bed and try to get some sleep - it is all I have wanted to do all day anyway!!

As for tomorrow - it can't be any worse than today. I don't remember ever feeling this rough, even when I had "proper" (not "man") flu a few years ago.


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Day 3/4/5 I think are the most difficult... I've been exhausted all day & starting to feel all cold! Just think, get through a couple of 'crappy' days and the rest is plain sailing..... xx


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You CAN get through this - we've all had bad effects at the start, it just shows what toxins were in your body that need to be got rid of. The results will be SO worth it. :) (I live with sweats on a 24/7 basis because I'm on the menopause, and mine will never go away until my menopause is over. :sigh:) Just grit your teeth and plod on until this first week is over, then have a good old chat with your CDC. Then come back here!! (We'll give you a good kicking if you try and stop the diet, lol! ;))
keep up the good work steve, the headaches and lightheadedness were severe for me too.. I think restarts are hardest too!!!
You are doing great... you'll get through it...



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I'm a total newbie so can't offer any advice but think a couple of pain killers and off to bed might be the best course of action. Hope you feel better in the morning. Be strong, it will be worth it.
K x


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Pack, painkillers, shower and bed :hug99:


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If you are getting stomach cramps, you might be better off splitting your packs. Sometimes they are a bit strong all in one go (all the vits and minerals etc).

Experiment with the water levels. I used to feel dreadful (just as you described) if I drank too much water, but having said that, sometimes too little water can give you a cracking headache...so you need to find out what level suits you.

Paracetamol as others have said helps and preferably before the headache gets bad (might be too late for that now..but if head gets bad tomorrow)

I really hope you feel better tomorrow. Get some sleep and pray for ketosis :hug99:


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Steve , I have had restarts too and I also had a very bad one when i restarted a month ago or so , felt just the same , it will go , not nice I know hang in there .


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Well, I had my pack, a shower, and went to bed (and another 0.5l). Feel a little better this morning. The stomach cramps are still there, though they have eased a little, and the headache has eased a little too.

As to my water level ..... I have been drinking 2-3 litres of water a day ever since I first did this diet 3 years ago, so I have just tried to up mine a little and am trying for about 4-4.5 litres a day.

I certainly hope this will pass soon .......

Right, porridge, shower, work.

What a life ... work....sleep....work....sleep....etc


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steve i nearly gave up after day 3 again that was my worst next few days fine havent looked back since. Start ten weeks today and nearly 4 stone down


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Things getting much better. Headache has all but gone (thank-you Fore-Head!!!), the stomach cramps are fading.

Best of all, I am starting to get that cr4ppy salty/metallic taste in my mouth, and I just had to have a hot black coffee to warm my hands up ........ keto-land is obviously arriving!



Strong women stay slim
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no pain no game lol
glad your feeling good today , feeling cold , roll on the summer , i guess you will be at goal in no time so sit tight and enjoy the ride


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Well, the plan my CDC and I cooked up is SS for 4-6 weeks depending on losses, and then start coming up the plans because I want to get back to exercising again, but I have agreed to be lazy whilst on SS!! My CDC reckons I will shift most of the weight whilst in SS but she said to take my time on the steps up so that I can still lose a bit more to offset the weight gains from glycogen replenishment.

I can stick this for 4-6 weeks ..... I did 5 months the first time. I know that is no time at all to some of you guys!!

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