Day 3 - rough


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I have a banging headache and I'm starving. I really hope Kitosis kicks in tomorrow because I'm not sure how much longer I go on with the hunger pains.

The headaches I can deal with because I suffer from them a lot, but the hungrey pains are something else.

Right now I could eat a pony for starters, a horse for dinner and a stallion for pudding - I kid you not, and all I have to look forward to is a bowl of runny soup:(

Off to take some headache tablets
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Sorry to hear that you're finding it so tough!!

Did you do any preparation before starting the diet? I found that this helped me loads... Four days before starting I cut out carbs in my food and started drinking all of the water... This meant that I was in Ketosis on the morning of the second day!

My words of advice would be take paracetamol for the headache if its bangin! and drink loads of water... as water will help in quashing those hunger pangs... and also help you be less dehydrated... which is often the cause of the headaches in the first place. (it could also be carb withdrawal)

All I can say is stick with it!!! REALLY DO!! I mean it sooo much... It may seem really really tough... But its worth it so much!

Words to inspire...
I am on day 21... you count every day when you cant eat! lol!
Day 21 (3 weeks) and I had to buy some new trousers today as my belt was the only thing holding them up... I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in a full length mirror!! And I cannot put into words how pleased I was when I was able to fit into a size 20.... having previously been a size 24...(only 21 days earlier)

All of the hunger (which generally is only until you go into Ketosis) and everything else is worth it! Nothing compares to feeling ontop of the world... when you see how well the diet works!!!

Good luck!!!



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Yes, these first few days are horrid for most people but it honestly does get better (otherwise no one would ever get through it!!)

Keep on trucking, hun - you'll be glad that you did!


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Can only agree with everyone else
It does get better.
Hopefully you will wake in the morning full of beans and no hunger pains.
Hold on there you are doing well


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Are you able to go to take some pills and go to bed. i hibernated my first few days!!!!

Keep drinking the water and taking the pills it does get better - very soon your tummy wont feel like you can eat a rabid dog. Just keep drinking the water.

keep posting and let us know how you're getting on. try keeping yourself as busy as possible if you cant rest up.
Thinking about you. xx

Mrs Bean

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Come on girl - keep it up. It will be fine soon and you will be amazed at your first weeks weight loss result!!!



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Hiya - sorry to hear ur feeling so rotten :( It WILL get easier.....7weeks in and nearly 2stone down, I'm loving CD !

It really is the best weightloss plan ever...prepare to watch yourself change...and be amazed :D

keep drinking the water....and try not to do too much for these first few days....


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Take it easy if you can, It does get easier I promise you, its very easy for someone to say this, but please believe it, day 73 and 3s 4lbs lighter is worth a few days struggle in teh begining, Your hunger will abate and the headaches will ease, but dont suffer, take paracetomol.

ood Luck x


I want to be slim !!
I just wanted to tell you, I too know how you feel, my first few days were terrible, All i did was cry as i was so hungry,
But im now on day 18 and buzzing, ive lost about 16LB so far, (start weight 13st 9lb)

please keep going i promise it does get better !!

And drink lots of water !