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Day 4 and fainted at work


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As ive mentioned before i have a very physical job. Today i was pushed to the limit, was in the middle of working and just started to struggle. I hit the floor narrowly missing a sharp corner. I was allowed to stay at work once id come round but they made me eat. I had chicken and a mullerlight yoghurt. From now on ill be having some protein at work every weekend. I would rather do that than pass out.
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Have to say I have always said I don't think I could this diet if I had a very physical job! I think you are doing the right thing! A chicken breast will tide you over. Drop one shake. Will balance out. But the danger of it will be keeping to just doing it on days of work and not letting it creep into every night!!

Hope your feeling better. Good on ya for continuing.


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do what works for you. just dont let every think else start slipping back in ..


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I wont, i know im only eating because of work. Otherwise i 100% wouldnt. I just dont want to risk fainting again and all the awkward questions about the shakes. (i told my colleagues i was having a shake due to my acid reflux)

I understand why you would say having protein at work might lead the way for other allowances. I just want people to understand it wont. I know some people wont approve of this but to be honest i see no other way.

Ps sorry if the food mentioned caused anyone discomfort.
At the end of the day, you do what is best for you :) x
I get u ! I am type 2 diabetic and the pharmacy girl said it was fine. I have had to stop my medication because I was feeling so faint. Had to use my head because eating fewer calories means lower blood sugar. After stoppn the med I checked my blood sugar a few times and they were very low explaining the dizziness. At times I feel like someone is pushing me and at such times. I have chicken or fish. I have also experienced palpitations and chest pain but just like it has been said,know your limit as ur body tells you when to stop. The diet is not suitable for everyone honestly and my husband has been shouting on mr recently to stop cos I just don't have energy for anything but I will keep on going for now

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I agree with you Temmy - you've got to use your head and, in a way, be your own doctor. I think you have to use your common sense and adjust the diet and/or your lifestyle temporarily to make it work for you. I fainted in the shower about 6 weeks ago - never done it before in my life - (fainted, not showered!) - but it was cos I'm on medication for high blood pressure even though mine is very low at the moment. Doctor, bless him, refused to lower my pills cos he thinks the diet is affecting it short term and it will zoom up again as soon as I stop. Instead of just stopping LT, I've worked around the problem so I don't shower first thing in the morning now cos that's when I'm weakest, etc and I try not to expect too much from my body at the mo. Other people on the forum talk about their house being gleaming cos they're so full of energy, but my house is going to pot but I don't care. My health and weight is the priority right now.
Take care, both of you x :D

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