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Day 4 - No Sign Of Ketosis

Hi all, hope you are enjoying the sunny day and not having to endure BBQ fumes.

Well I'm on day 4 of SS and there's no sign of ketosis. Had a very dry mouth this morning but that's it. Went to the pharmacy and bought some Ketostix which confirmed it with a negative reading.

Is this normal, was told to expect it around day 3? Assuming maybe my carb store was just bigger than average but worried I'm doing something wrong. I'm on 3 meals which I have stuck to, not cheated one bit, and drinking lots of water. Having maybe 2 black coffees a day with tablet Splenda. Only other thing that's passed my lips is toothpaste and mouthwash!!!

Thanks in advance
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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Kirsten,
You are doing everything perfectly, keep going it will show up very soon, ketostix are not always reliable , especially if you are drinking lots of water as the ketones get diluted and can show a negavie reading. Just stick to 100% and you will see the losses.

I think I went into ketosis around day 4. I had a very dry mouth and also felt really exhausted. I didn't confirm it with ketostix-in fact I've never used them. I know I'm in because I don't feel hungry, so I've never felt the need to prove it. I've heard they're not always reliable anyway. If you've stuck to it 100% then you'll be in ketosis very soon.


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Ketostix are notoriously unreliable. There's a pretty good chance you're already in ketosis - it's just that your urine's nicely diluted because you're drinking sufficient amounts of water.

Best time to use ketostix is first thing in the morning - during that first wee of the day. :D

But others here have said that ketostix have never shown them to be in ketosis - I seem to remember KD as being someone who's said that.

There are other signs, of course. Pongy breath (though this varies from person to person), no longer feeling ravenously hungry.

Don't worry. I'm willing to bet you're already in ketosis, whatever the sticks say.
I didnt go into ketosis until day 5. I would check out the splenda, even the tabs coz I believe they are sugar based, be careful. there are many different kids of tabs, ak your chemist if your not sure but i remember reading that splenda is made from sugar with calories taken out ????
Lelly - Thanks, I did do the Ketostix not long after a drink.

Sparkles - Thanks, I haven't really felt physically hungry since day 1, just hungry in my head. Been very tired though.

Lily - Thanks, I wasnt' going to bother buying them as I've been 100% but temptation got the better of me. Have got a nasty taste in my mouth.

Wellandgood - Thanks, didn't realise that. Will have a look into it
Just grabbe the Splenda packet. It says it's made frm sucralose, for a sugar-like taste.

Ingredients - lactose (from milk), sweetener (sucralose), leucine, cross linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

Is that good or bad lol?
Oh dear, think the Ketostix can get as addictive as weighing lol! Just done another one and it says there are traces??


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Lol Kirsten, those sticks are definitely addictive. If it's showing traces then you are in fact in ketosis. The only way it can show any ketones is if you are in ketosis, however the amount of water you are drinking will obviously be diluting the urine. Try peeing on a stick first thing in the morning; but don't worry too much. If you are being 100% then you aren't going to magically slip out of ketosis once you're in it. xx
Thanks Chick. Now I only have the funky breath to worry about lol!

How are your legs now?


Absolutely Determined!
Fine now, lol. It was stressing me out at the time mind! Other than being lazy today, I'm feeling great!!! :) x

Yeah..the breath thing is pretty gross... my dog was trying to lick my lips earlier, I think she likes it haha!! x


Trying to stay healthy!
Fine now, lol. It was stressing me out at the time mind! Other than being lazy today, I'm feeling great!!! :) x

Yeah..the breath thing is pretty gross... my dog was trying to lick my lips earlier, I think she likes it haha!! x
ha ha...that's so funny Paula!! lol
Lol, nice! I will just have to hold my breath around all my friends lol!
Tell me about the bad breath, I have had bad breath all day and I am only on day 2!! Don't think I am in ketosis yet though 'cos I'm not feeling cold.

I am a driving instructor :character00182:and I'm trying really hard not to talk to pupils while I'm facing them. I'm giving instructions in a very nonchelant (spelling?!) way, looking out of my window. I can't wait for the green fog to fade away!!!! :sign0137:


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