Day 5....


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Day 5 and woke up starving this morning!! Not sure what thats all about lol. Have had a litre of water already and hungers died down. Its weird cos im in ketosis i think....not that it matters really, it doesnt take my hunger away hugely anyway lol. Trying to hang of til 11 for first shake as have hairdressers at 12 for my highlights and cut and will be there at least 2 dont wana be hungry there where i dont have access to my shakes haha!

Otherwise going good, had a sneak peak and lost 7lbs so far this week, hoping for 11lbs by thursday to get me into the 18s. Happy with how this weeks going, good loss so far considering ive had one WS day and one day with 4 packs!! xx
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Urgh! I can sympathise with you today! im raging hungry! least you only have an hour to go for your shake :) then im sure getting you hair done will take your mind off of food later :)

well done on the 7lbs :D thats excellent! im n day 6 and down 7lb too. go us!! xx


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Woohoo well done hun! Love the fast results of this diet! Its fab!

Yep i love going to the hairdressers so that can be my non foody treat for today lol. Busy afternoon too so should be fine! Just hate being starving hungry cos the shakes totally dont satisfy it haha xx


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well done on your loss so far i always find even when in ketosis i still have hunger pangs and am trying to figure out if theyre emotional hope you enjoyed your day at the hairdressers.