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Day 6 and need to set some goals!

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by littlemisscadbury, 9 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    It's day 6 for me today and so far I've managed to be 100%.:)

    I've got such a long road ahead of me (at least 6 stone, then i'll review). My end goal is my holiday in August and feeling more confident in a swimming costume :eek:. As that seems so far away I thought it might be a good idea to set some additional goals along the way as motivation.

    I would welcome any suggestions as to the mini goals?
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  3. Desperate!!!

    Desperate!!! Full Member

    I'm off plan ATM due to antibiotics but I have a similar end goal to you except I qualify as a nurse in august rather than a hol haha!
    I have no advice on short term goal sorry though I'd right on here though so that if you got some suggestions I could steal
    Them too as I'm struggling to set small goals as to me I'm not guna be happy till I've stuck to it till august!!!! Haha so good luck and keep in touch :) x
  4. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Well done for getting to day 6! The hardest bit is over.
    Why not break it into 7lb chunks, or getting into each new stone bracket? Or any other personal weight goals-for me it's getting to the lowest adult weight I can remember x good luck x
    Have just noticed you've got your goals listed in your sig :confused: x
  5. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Hey :)
    My mini goals where every half a stone and when i got there I treated myself to either a new top or bag or costume jewellery, things like that, really helped :)

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  6. Desperate!!!

    Desperate!!! Full Member

    Sounds childish but been thinking about making a sticker chart haha! Use to love getting a star in school ha! Perhaps putting my start weight down and my goal for my planned break then every half stone put a sticker on or prehaps at the end of every week sort of like a count down!
    Then setting up a new one after that hol for my final
    Countdown to august!
    Thing that worries me doing it every 7lbs is this week five and I've had to come off plan unexpectedly due to illness and the tablets I've been given have citric acid in etc so I know that next week I would have put on weight... But then maybe a big red cross through a sticker or two is a reminder of what can happen :/ hmmmm x
  7. weasey

    weasey Gold Member

    I used mini goals extensively throughout my weight loss journey and found it to be a really rewarding thing to do. Whever I was within a stone of any of my weight loss goals I would update how far away I was each week too - it really helped to keep me motivated. Here are my goals (I still use them for fitness):

    Goals Achieved : off diabetes meds / 1 stone / only obese! / 10% off / wedding ring fits again! / size 22 / 2 stone / weight when I started WW / 25% of the way there / <100lbs to go / 3 stone / size 20 / 50 lbs lost / weigh less than 100kg / weigh less than husband for first time ever! / 4 stone / size 18 / half way there / lightest in adult life (after WW) / 5 stone / weigh < 200 lbs / size 16 / wear knee high boots / 6 stone / only overweight! / size 14 / wear hotel robe / wear knee high boots with jeans tucked in! / 7 stone / 100 lbs lost! / 75% of the way there / In a Karen Millen dress / size 12 / 8 stone / bmi <= 25 / some size 10 / 9 stone / comfortable size 10 / final goal!!! / be able to hold the plank position (feet/elbows) for 30 secs / be able to hold the plank position (feet/elbows) for 45 secs / be able to do a sit up / be able to hold the plank position (feet/elbows) for 1 min / be able to hold the plank position (feet/hands) for 1 min / run at 11 km/hr for 8 intervals of 30 secs each with 30 secs 'rest' / to be able to do a sit up without anyone holding my feet or using weights to help

    Goals to Achieve: run at 11 km/hr for 8 intervals of 1 min each with 1 min 'rest' / run at 11 km/hr for 8 intervals of 1 min each with 30 secs 'rest'
  8. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    Some good suggestions so far thanks everyone. Keep them coming!

    Sticker chart would be a really good visual aid Desperate!! - I think I might put one in the kitchen. I hadn't though of knee length boots goal either weasey and it would be a great day if I managed this.:D
  9. xClaire84x

    xClaire84x Full Member

    This is my weight loss chart I done this morning lol can't wait to colour in the boxes as I lose.

    I'm going to stick some thin pics on aswell just didn't have any old magazines or catalogues to cut up this morning lol


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  10. Desperate!!!

    Desperate!!! Full Member

    Lush is that days or? Xx
  11. xClaire84x

    xClaire84x Full Member

    It's pounds :)

  12. Desperate!!!

    Desperate!!! Full Member

    I've just done one a worked out in two more weeks I will be half way through the first part :D just need to get better an off these antibiotics so I can get back on it!!! X


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  13. Desperate!!!

    Desperate!!! Full Member

    Ps the second photo is my chart the first one is on the corner of my chart but thought I'd post it for motivation :) x
  14. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Hi littlemisscadbury Well done on being so disciplined I wish I had your willpower! I have a lot to lose so I'm just taking it one stone at a time. I break each stone into mini goals. My start weight was 16.3 so my first goal was to get into the 15s (-4lbs) then get to half a stone (-7 lbs) then get down a dress size (-10 lbs) and then my first stone (-14 lbs) It just seems a bit more achievable then. Best of luck with it all xx
  15. xClaire84x

    xClaire84x Full Member

    I think it's a great motivator. Can't wait to colour in the boxes lol. I'm going to put some thinsperation pics on mine today too :).

  16. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I'm not really a chart person, I like them but don't want to put it up in my bedroom, it'd ruin my colour scheme haha I love updating tickers though! You could create something quite similar in your signature really, 12 black 7s for every half stone that you want to lose, each time you hit one, change it to a different colour, your favourite colour maybe.

    My big goal is the same as yours, a holiday in August. It'll be me and my boyfriend's first 'proper' holiday, other than a 3 day trip to Amsterdam for my birthday last year. So that's my big motivation really and that's what I'm keeping as my end goal. I've not set myself mini goals but each week I'm putting however much I lose into a big pot, along with whatever loose change I have. When I get to goal, I'm going to use the money in there to treat myself to something. Maybe new clothes, maybe things for our holiday, a spa day or maybe a kindle. Currently undecided!
  17. xClaire84x

    xClaire84x Full Member

    I love tickers too :). Although cause I'm on the app on my fone it doesn't show my ticker and I sometimes forget to update it lol.

    My big goal is my wedding in July.

  18. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    Thanks everyone, I'll definately be using some of these ideas. Today I'm going to start a savings pot too for every pound lost for all those new clothes.

    Wishing everyone a smooth journey to their holidays and weddings (or any other goal). WE CAN DO IT!!
  19. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    I've got a £ a lb pot for clothes - I put an extra tenner in for each stone, soon adds up. I've posted my flowers before but I'll post again as it's a fab idea that I shamelessly stole from someone else on another site. It's another visual which helps - each flower is half a stone, 6 petals and a centre, colour one in for each pound lost, each completed flower half a stone. I started off with 4 stone of flowers to fill in - almost there! My first goals were each stone up to 3 stone before Christmas, had a rethink for new ones after that and now have others, mainly each 10lb lost and fitting into clothes - all in my signature :)

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