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Day 7 -- Constant Flushed face


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I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo thirsty...checked and been in ketosis since day 3...

but whats this red burning face about??

no matter how much water I drink -- I am still thirsty...feel like I am retaining water (TOTM) and not weeing enough for all the water I have been drinking (2-3 liters a day)

help...any info is greatly appreciated -- please just tell me this is normal :)
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Thanks Stephen for your response...

today - 4 times only! and it should be more I know...


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hi woofy -- no meds but started my vitamins (multti, flax seed and fish oil)...

how much water should we be drinking -- maybe i am not drinking enough, even though i thought 2 liters was!


Alway see the love x
Ooo when U eat flax seeds you must up the water.

Other then that I cant see whats going on. 2 liters is fine hunni.

U feel well?

Woofy x


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I would suggest seeing a dr as something may be raising your blood pressure ( im a paramedic by the way). Ive not heard of this as a side affect of ketosis.


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thanks ladies for your advice -- including the medical aspect!

what I did last night was drink more water til I couldnt take anymore -- and today I have felt wonderful (drinking much more water than I was) -- engerized and raring to go all day! I have also wee'd 8 times...

so no flushed face today :)

but I noticed when I hadnt eaten for a few hours (cuz I am just not hungry) and then I missed dinner...around 9 pm I was feeling foggy-headed -- I quickly ate my can of tuna and salad and felt a physical relief instanteously!

so food consumption is dire...even when not hungry...

thanks again for the advice! any more tips...feel free to share!
yay glad its resolved

there aint nothin' we cant fix here lol


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thanks again ladies -- I am glad to be a part of the atkins group now :) I have been a minimins member since 2007 when I did Cambridge Diet...

I am now on a mission to lose the frump and gain bump number 2! I have planned to stay firm til end of decemebr -- what are your plans??


Loves this site!
To stay on here forever as i cant imagine life without it now. And to go on hols end of June come back and try for baby no2.

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