day one of post xmas restart, bar allowed?

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hi all, im on day one of post xmas break and had 9 days of grazing! ready to get back on ss 100%
just wanted to know if no bars till week three rule applies for a restart? just tested for ketosis, i know its early but showing a trace of pink! cheers guys and good luck x:)
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hoping for a good loss
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not sure, sorry. Just wanted to say hope you get back into routeine quickly

Charlie xx

Mrs Taurus

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Hi,I am on day 1 re-start and wondered the same,but as I know how much I love my bars and a morning bar is part of my cd routine I have gone straight back onto them.
I am sure I will still have good loses as I put on 1st 5 in 2 weeks, so even if I don't go into ketosis surely the huge drop in calories will be enough. x


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Nope hun :( I had wondered the same, but CDC told me I had to wait for week 3 again!

I have been having powdered food packs and tetra's. It's been my losses were always much more when I just had the shakes. I'm one of these that has smaller losses if I have a bar each day. Hence why I now stick to 1 bar per week as my Friday treat! lol

The 2 weeks will fly by hun :)



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My take on this is that a re-start is just the same as a start, but I am sure a CDC will give the official line.
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I'm having a bar from day 1 as I seem to go into ketosis easily and I only have a couple of shakes until I see my counsellor on Monday. She lets me have bars and water flavouring straight away as it keeps me on track. Surely they can't hurt if it helps you progress...............?
C: 10st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24
i agree with emma, i had better losses before ever trying the bars, but tried them back a couple of months ago and love them! i stick to choc tetras and peanut bars but feel im looking for bar earlier in day and am not satisfied till its eaten, wheras with tetras they fill me up more for longer! ah well let's see if i can do without till week 3 lol. thanks to all who replied x


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I have restarted twice since starting Cambridge and intro bars from day one!?!?! Doesn't make any odds to my losses

Each to their own I spose LOL



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As far as I know, there is no official guidelines about when to include the bars after a short break.

Each CDC will have their own 'beliefs' on what is best.

Personally, though I don't offer bars until day 15 at the very beginning, if a client had been having them before, I wouldn't restrict them on their return. Having said that, I would recommend they tried to do without, but if they really wanted them I'd suggest they started with the peanut or cranberry because of the fewer carbs.


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When clients come to me when they are restarting if they are adamant they want the bars I do let them have them especially if it means they will stick with it more if they have a bar.