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Day One on FF

Sounds harsh! 1lb to go to target though that's fantastic and will be well worth it at the end of the week I'm sure! Good luck let us know how you go over the day.
Just out of curiosity, can I ask why losing that last pound is so crucial that you will put yourself through FF? I think I would just call target rather than deprive myself for a week and then risk putting it back on the next! (Not having a go - just genuinely curious!):)
I am curious about that too Harry'sMom.

I realise that getting that last lb off to get to target is such a huge thing, but I think I'd resort to Success Express first, before attempting FF! I've had the info for FF before, when I was really struggling (one of the many times) but I never actually did it. It just seemed too hard!

It'd be interesting to hear why you chose to do it Emma....and how you get on as well :)


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Water! I am such a water nag for anyone on FF - it is 'easy' to follow the food / unit rules, but the water rule is an easy one to let slip (yet makes such a huge difference).

My method was simple - get a 500ml bottle. Drink it before lunch, refill and finish it before end of school / end of work, refill again and drink before bed. I then also added a glass (200 - 250ml) with both lunch and dinner to get me to 2L.

oh, and be prepared to pee the weight away :sign0131:
I'm doing it now because, I was off work last week,I did little exercise and my job helps with the exercise, postie, so I'm thinking of the worst case scenario, with a lb to go...I'm hoping I've not put on a huge amount, 2lbs top, I don't know how much I weigh this week as weigh in is tomorrow, I'm thinking in my head that I have 3lbs to go, so starting FF a day before weigh will make me feel better and tomorrow I can see what I actually need to lose! I hope I'm making sense?? I have been struggling with this last lb for 2wks I know It won't make a HUGE difference to the way I look, and feel, but I've come this far 3stone 9, that that last lb is doing my head in AND I WONT GIVE IN!!!

Water in take is ok! 500ml 3x a day is ok for me...

My C put me on FF not looked at success express, I will do though!

Emma X

Mrs V

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I have done FF twice now and have never found it a problem. You really have to plan properly though otherwise you can feel really hungry.
Good luck and you will definitely shift that stubborn 1lb!!

Mrs V was my FF guidance counsellor! I just couldn't give myself over to that much planning and rigidity.

But if it gets you 3lbs off...you go girlfriend, as Auntie Gok would say!
I'm trying!
I've had a 75g bagel with 2tbsp of quark and 6 cherry toms for breakfast +500ml of water

Lunch 2slices of weightwatchers (or any other 400gr loaf) toasted with 2 poached eggs ( and an extra slice and a 1unit snack) +500ml of water

Just tea to go after my 2mile run, and bed! EARLY LOL

I hope I can shift my (hopefully) 3lb, and planning is ESSENTIAL! There is NO WAY you could do without, I'm aiming for one day on one day off! Gives me chance to prepare my day!
It's surprising also how fluid can suppress my appetite!

Wow, strict! Good luck to you. I can understand wanting to lose that last stubborn pound, but don't know if I could restrict myself so much - after all, that's what I love about SW!
Hmmm, I know but I want to kick it's butt! I know as long as I stay busy I'll cope, I love grazing though :( I'll keep you all posted, I'm trying to do one day on, one day red or green..... gulp!

Can you do that? One day on, one day off? I thought you had to do a full week or bust, kinda thing.
what are the FF and the success express things?!
FF is a personal unit calculated eating plan. you have a choice of 5unit and 8unit meals plus 2unit and 1unit snacks, you can ONLY eat what you are allowed, within your unit amount, even fruit is counted in units. you have to drink a litre and half of water spread into 500ml 3x a day... It's meant to kick start your SW diet if you're struggling, I've been STS. Not sure about express success, I'm going to look into that.

No my C said do as many or as less days as you wanted?! I'm presuming I can do that??? Gulp :/

I'm sure that she's right - I'd take your C's word over mine! lol!
Nearly the end of my HARD day, boy I've felt hungry :( I was talking to my husband about brain signals etc, false brain signals! Meaning Have I just been normally full, I use the word full loosely! I've 2units left and that for my evening snack, wait for it....4oz of LF cottage cheese :( used to krisprolls and cheese and picked eggs and pickled cabbage!

Aw well, tomorrow is another day and it's WI so I'll see whats what!