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Day one!!!!!


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Good morning all you lovely people!!! Just got my delivery checked it off ( can't tell I used to work in deliveries) mixed my first one vanilla and it tastes like porridge ;/ that might just be me I was always a choc mint girl on Cambridge!
But I'm so excited to start feels great xxxx
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good luck Maria! :)
I hope you will get on the Ketosis wagon soon!!!
Don't worry about the tastes, they will change. Well, your taste buds will. I didn't like a few tastes when started and now I do love them all. You can always add some herbs, black pepper, chilli powder in. To give it a bit more taste. Add more water if you find it too creamy, or less if you like it thick. You can also half your bar to have somethin to munch on with your cuppa in the afternoon :)
The packs are not food, they are your medicine. Maybe try to think this way :)
And please, drink min 2L of water. Seriously. You will not regret it later!
all the best for day 1!!!
xxx Biggie


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put some coffee on the vanilla and make it with hot water!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Vanilla Latte!!!!



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Thanks everyone! Just gulped down last mouthful!!! Hehehe! I have very bad food habits which I've tried to change hundreds of times when on vlcd I'm fine (minus porridge taste lol) I'm a self confessed emotional eater and picker! I hit 9stone 3 a while back and this was my lowest ever (pics in my profile) put alot back on through the above so this time my heads in the game and it's for good. Although I'm not allowed to go to 9.3 again as I'm 5ft 9. I have a little support at home from my hubby (he's only here weekends so no cooking yea!!!) my mum dad brother sister think I shouldn't and give me this disapproving looks comments etc well its alright for them I was always the fat one but not anymore I'm going to be me and happy and feel amazing!!!!! However I am going to walk with my toothbrush for next couple of weeks lol xxxx


Wow honey your a size 8 at 5 foot nine and just starting according to your other posts ? Please be careful not to lose too much . This is ( I thought and in my very humble opinion) a diet for those of us who need to lose a lot more which is why your mum is worried . Maybe do the next level with one healthy meal a day ? Sorry to interfere . It's just concerning when you see people with very low body weights doing this diet . Good luck with your choice anyway and apologies for poking my nose in x


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I've put on just over 1 and a half stone. I'm actually quite level headed :/ I'm doing ts to get me down 1 stone then I'll step up to ws till goal. I'm a size 8/10 depending where I shop the 8's are very tight on and some 10's are tight get that for shopping around. I have lost 3.5 stone on ss Cambridge diet and had to gain when the weightloss didn't slow down as I introduced food then I ha a break butlins holiday then my CDC fell and is in hospital so I'm continuing my journey solo now xxx


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Thank you! I hope i do still gotta fight the serial picking habit etc. But I'm determine not to let the hard work go to waste xx
stephie77 said:
put some coffee on the vanilla and make it with hot water!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Vanilla Latte!!!!

I used to work at cafe Nero love coffee face was hazelnut mocha yum!!!! So might add coffee to choc one didn't think of this!
I like cold coffee so might make the vanilla up still iced but with the coffee see what I get fingers crossed not porridge flavour the thought is putting me off my next shake xxxx

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