Day une..


Going to do this......
sorry fed up writing day one,

anyway day one again today so far so good hopefully next ten days will be fine as OH going to sign up our home in Portugal, so should have no distractions!!!!

Cheb..........hope all is well at home (sorry wrong words but you no what i mean.)....Chin up.
welcome back Supergran,

Good luck for your first few days..
Une. uno, eins, ................ well use any one of them!! But well done for starting again! Good luck and have a great time in Portugal.
day two gone fine, oh off to sign for house tomorrow so i am home alone apart from Harry my Guard dog!!!!!!!!alright he is a minature poodle.No food in the house for the next 9 days so i should be good.
Everyone doing fine out there?
Hey June

Food free zone eh? Gotta help, mind you be careful now cos Harry's dinner might start looking tempting:eek:

I'm off the wagon AGAIN today, start again tommorrow. Riet home last night after all, the hospital thought she lived alone so would have to stay in overnight following the biopsy. Apparently you must have a responsible adult at home to look after you.......still they let her out anyway!!!!:D She's ok and I actually nagged her back to bed at 8 this morning and managed to keep her there until 3pm.

Just taking things one day at a time, gotta keep my chin up for her. Did have a good cry in Sainsburys carpark on Wednesday:(

See you soon.
day three..........went well until 4pm. then i have ate for England just posted on Chebs thread to embarrassed to repeat what i consumed seems really bad in black and white.still i will get through this.............