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DCG's weight in number 2


Otherwise known as Jools
Wow 19lb in 2 weeks is bloody amazing! Disappointed?! Pah! You should be shouting from rooftops!

I hope I lose 4-5lbs next week as the water loss is gone and from now on in it's pure unadulterated fat, the bad stuff.

Congrats and wow you could lose 2 stone in a month if you keep going the way you are going.
I agree with Betsy, You`re doing FAB!!!

Well done & good luck for next week

well done. thats brilliant!


Otherwise known as Jools
Thank you - am very pleased overall and determined still to keep going. :D


Gold Member
You should be dead chuffed! 5lbs is a fab loss! Well done!
19LBS IN TWO WEEKS!! Bloody hell that's amazing -you are almost a stone and a half lighter than you were a fortnight ago. That's astounding -WELL DONE!
5lbs is fantastic,keep up the good work xxx
Hopefully your disappointment will fade as 5lb is a brilliant loss for ANY week, let alone taking you to nearly 1.5 stone in a fortnight. Aer you kidding me, that's amazing!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Gosh, I wouldnt be disappointed with a 5lb loss and 19lb in 2 weeks! Dont set yourself too high an expectation or your other weeks will make you feel down!

19lbs - 2 weeks!!! WAW!!!! What other diet offers weight loss like this.

You have done incredibly well and should be so proud of yourself!

Have a great week
well done hun!!! that's great!

and don't forget that a lot of your first week's weigh in will be water and glycogen stores so this week is 5lbs for PURE FAT. that's like 9 packs of butter!

celebrate!! xxx
Well done, thats inspirational to all us new people, id be shouting from the roof top....yippeeeee , lol ;)


Otherwise known as Jools
Thanks all. I do feel fantastic and am really chuffed :D
OMG!!!! How can you POSSIBLY be a little disappointed in 1 stone 5lbs weight loss in 2 WEEKS!!!!! Sorry, but other than chopping off a limb, where the hell can you lose it faster???!!!! As Lipotrim state a weight-loss for woman at around 1 stone a month, I think you really need to adjust your thinking......'cos it's blinkin' BRILLIANT!!!!!


Otherwise known as Jools
@Supaslimma - I was only a little disappointed as I thought I might have had a little bit more BUT did you not read my BUT ;) - I am really pleased with what has happened so far and am encouraged, over the moon, chuffed to bits, etc etc that I have lost nearly 1 1/2 stone in two weeks - the most I have ever done on any diet. :D :D

Now that this has sunk in the enormity of what I have done in 2 weeks its just amazing and any loss is fantastic.

Its odd because I am feeling more positive about this program than any other I have been on and think that finally this could be my chance to be the person that I want to be :D



Eloquent hooligan
19lbs in 2 weeks is A-FRIKKEN-MAZING :D

Well done you ! :D


Otherwise known as Jools
Thank you but just to clarify I am :

:party0011: :stickdance:
:wee: :wee: :wee: :wee: :wee:

to have lost what I have lost so far

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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