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Debs diary


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So day 5 of slimming world life, and have been 100% on plan woop woop so thought I might start a diary thread to keep me motivated through the bank holiday weekend

B banana an a bottle of water

L 2 wholemeal hex b's filled with salad

Snacks half syn cake from last night , still not sure if I like it but don't want to waste the strawberries

Dinner to be decided OH is taking me to pictures so could be the first disaster of the week
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sneeky peak

Couldnt resist having a sneeky pre weekend weigh in to see how i am doing and to keep my self motivated over the weekend with pictures and a bbq coming up soo faar the scales say a 4.5lb loss so weelllll happy just got to keep it up till monday!:p


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Good start to the day original
B banana
10 mins mel b get fit burned 50cal

Lunch/ dinner BBQ
Taking quorn sausages
Whole meal rolls x 2 hex b
Cheese 28g hex a

Wine first cape apparently 12 syns a bottle. Taking diet lemonade to make it last all day fingers crossed


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Only drank half of the wine topped with diet lemonade and had a burger instead but not to bad as or was a red day and managed to resist birthday cake so good day today


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Why does star week have to come the day before weigh in? Any way diary so far

B 2 Alpen light bars hexb


Scrambled egg ketchup 1 syn

Dinner will be 2 taco shells 7.5 syns
Ex lean mince
Cheddar hex a
Salsa 1 syn
Sour cream 1 syn

Syn free cake with strawberries 10.5 total for day

Weekly total 70 ish


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Red day today

2 x weetabix and banana skimmed mill hex a and b


1x Wholemeal bread hex b 4 turkey slices 4 syns cucumber

2 pears

Pork and turkey kebabs pitta bread 2.5 syns pea shoots and ex light Mayo 1

Total 7.5 syns
Yum pittas tastes like takeaway kebab shop very lovely any way half way through the week, dont feel as I I am doing as well this week but trying to stick with it rambling away to my self. , bought new underwear thy actually fits for a bit of motivation last night. So here goes today's diary

Green day

Alpen light 4 syns

Laughing cow in wholemeal bread sandwhich with pea shoots hexa and hex b

Pear x 2

Mushy pea curry and rice

Milk for tea hex a

Treat for later ?????
Good day today so far and looking forward to weighing

2 wholemeal toast with smudge of jam hexb and 1 syn


Lunch Jacket with beans and cottage cheese with a side salad

Dinner pasta with tuna 3 syns chilli fresh tomatoe and basil topped with cheese under the grill hex a

4 syns so far hoping to keep it there and have a few extra tommorrow while movie watching x
Weigh day today so trying to be extra good today for a final push, did have vodka yesterday but was within syns still made me feel a bit guilty though def need to deal with that, anyway today's diary

Banana and light alpen bar 4 syns

Grated cheese spring onion and salad cream on 2 wholemeal 2 hex b hex a and 3 syns

Tea hex a
Diet coke

Salmon and asparagus for dinner

7 syn total for day hopefully
After half a pound loss I am very disappointed so must try really hard to stay motivated x

Today's diary

2 weetabix and banana hex a and hex b

Diet coke mini can

Jacket potatoe with baked beans

Tuna and chilli pasta with home grown tomatoes hex b and hex a for some cheese on top

Curly whirly 5 syns
Yesterday green
stressful day visiting grandparents, spent a ling time onthe m1 but think I kept it together as long as the Indian calculation is not to far out

Breakfast weetabix bar hex b

Lunch 1 chicken drumstick with

Dinner veggie curry from Indian takeaway 9 syns 1 poppadum 4 syns mint yog stuff 2 1 spoon rice of Keema rice 4 1 spoon of bombay pot 3


22 syns ish

2 x weetabix an banana hex b


Jacket with beans and cheese hex a

Quorn nuggets x 5 2.5 syns with slimming world wedges

2.5 sums hopefully to counteract yesterday
If any one is looking does this seem ok I am really hoping for bigger than a half pound loss this week
green day
B 1 weetabix .5 a hex banana strawberries

Pasta tinned toms mushrooms onion and chilli

Sw wedges with skin on 6 quorn nuggets 3 syns

4 cups of tea 2 bottles o water hex a

2 scan bread with laughing cow lights .5 hex b and hex a
Right back to it
green day
Breakfast. oat so simple hex b hex a milk
Lunch. jacket with beans and hex a cheese
Dinner. Butternut squash curry using one spoon of oil hexb and 2spoons of single cream 3 syns

Snacks tbc

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