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DecemberBride2008 - Is better now.

Can I come back:sign0009:

I have been so bad :cry:. I have felt really depressed lately, and have turned to food for comfort. The reason I have been depressed, is because of my weight, so I have no idea why I thought turning to food would help!

I woke up this morning, and feel really fat and disgusting. I have no idea what I weigh, because my scales need new batteries. I'm so scared about getting on the scales, because I dread to think how much weight I have gained.

There is now less than 7 months until my wedding, so I really need to get my bum into gear and start losing some weight and gaining some confidence. Whenever I think about walking down the aisle, I turn into a blubbering wreck. I really don't want to walk down the aisle at the size I am now.

Today I booked my hen weekend, which is in October so would be great to be at goal weight before we go.

Anyway, I am will be back on track tomoroow, and this time I must succeed!!!!

Hope everyone else is ok.

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Mushrooms cooked in frylite on crustless bread with some flora extra light is nice. I sometimes use some spices with the mushrooms like paprika, garlic or five spice just to jazz them up a bit if you use 10g marg it is only 1.5 points :D even grill or fry some cherry tomatos in with it sometimes its my FAVOURITE breakfast
I was told yesterday about the joys of Oatso Simple- only 1 1/2 points! I had mine this morning with some blueberries and I was full for hours! Seriously, I really liked it. And what is more is that if you find it bland it really picks up the flavour of whatever you eat it with- yum, think strawberries, blueberries or raisins or...the list is endless...
Also, don't feel too downhearted! You have 7 whole months to go and every day is a chance to turn it around more x I'm sure you will be fabulous for your big day! :)
Hi Girls

Thanks for your replies.

I'm feeling quite good today except that I'm so tired. I had porridge with sultanas for breakfast and some oat cakes with a laughing cow triangle for snack. I've made pasta with tomatoes and WW Tuna Mayo with sweetcorn for lunch and I have some strawberries and grapes to munch on later.

Hoping to go for a walk this evening.


welcome back again Carol! You can do it,just think you wanna be slim for the wedding then you will do it hun,if i can do it anyone can do it hun xx


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You can do it lovey! Just picture yourself walking down the aisle just the way you want to look, might help to keep you motivated xxx
Thanks Clair and Fatfighter. :)

My first day back is going well so far, just need to be good when I get home from work. Not sure what we're having for dinner, but I think it will be something with Sweet potato.

I'm feeling very sleepy today, I had a nightmare time trying to get out of bed this morning. I love my bed :p

Went into some clothes shops lunch time with my friend, there are some lovely clothes around, ideal for honeymoon, but only once I've lost a lot of weight!

Yes, keep that in mind! I almost bought clothes this week but decided I was not rewarding myself until I had something to reward myself for! You will look great on your wedding day, I'm sure of it. You have ample time to lose significant amounts of weight...just keep focused and keep positive x
Hi everyone,
Could you please have a look over the following menu, to see if it is ok, or point out what is wrong with it. I need all the help I can get.


Porridge 1.5
Sultanas 1

Pitta Bread x2 5
Cheese (20g) 2
Salad 0

Sweet Potato 2.5
Pork Steak 3
Salad 0

Low Fat Crackers x 4 1
Laughing Cow Trangle 1
Grapes 1
Strawberries 0.5
Thanks Starlight, I'm very happy to be back, was in a low place for a while, but am back with force (hopefully!)

Glad that the menu sounds ok. I'm a bit worried about having 2 pitta bread for lunch.
Hi everyone

Well Day 1 back on the diet went quite well. I didn't manage to do any exercise, but food wise I was quite good.

Day 1

WW Tuna Mayo with Sweetcorn

WW Ready Meal

4 Oat Cakes
Laughing Cow Triangle

Points Used: 21
Points Banked: 0

I dont think I'll be having Oat Cakes again, because they are 1 point each. I can have 4 low fat crackers for 1 point!

Fingers crossed I am going to stay motivated :D


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When you point your porridge is that its total amount made or dry, or do you allow milk from your daily allowence for it
I will try porridge again as it is quite filling

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