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Deem's Xenical Diary

Hi all,

As of breakfast tomorrow morning I will be on Xenical. I'm so tired of half heartedly trying different diets and potions in an effort to shift the lard off my ass (....and all the other places!!)

This morning I was 14.7, weighed on my own scales, in exactly the right spot, starkers, immediately after doing a pee - and that's what I'm going to be doing every Wed morning for the foreseeable future.

As I havent started I'm not posting my food for today - will be doing daily for the next few months so one day doesnt make a difference.

Now, I'm off to see what you all eat everyday - chat ye tomorrow.

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Nice to meet you deem. Good luck and keep posting. Lizzie
Welcome deem!

I do my weigh ins first thing in the morning, after a wee and starkers. Every little helps :D


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Hi and welcome..
good luck. and keep us all informed.....
this site is very helpful and i hope that you get out of it what i do...
the xenical group is very friendly have very supportive..
welcome aboard!
Day 3 today - this was how yesterday panned out

Oatibix flakes with semi-skimmed milk

M&S Count on Us Chicken Tikka Masala....yummmm
M&S low fat yogurt


M&S Count on Us Pizza - alright, I suppose its better than NO pizza

Aldi low fat cherry yogurt - gorgeous, MUCH nicer than the M&S ones

5 Marshmallows

Went to the gym after work - didnt exactly kill myself but still, 40 minutes cardio is better than sitting on my arse!!

Chat later


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well done on actually getting to the gym.. It is better than nothing..

How are you finding it now??


Go on smile! =)
hello deem

Great job with the gym, exercise is by far the key to any diet and loosing weight. Your food diary looks good keep it up!

Beware of marshmallows they may look light and small but they do contain sugar :(
sugar is evil and sneaky!
Hi girls,

Sorry havent been around for a while - I weighed in last night at the gym (they have one of those fancy calibrated scales, and my scales at home is acting a bit demented at the moment) and I was down just over 2 kilos, so 4 1/2 lbs YEAHHH.

I had initially hoped for more on my first week but I got the mirena coil in last Tuesday and so I'm a bit unsettled on that front, if you get my drift.

You're right about that darned sugar too, keeping it to a minimum now.

I kind of stopped posting my food cos I really am a creature of habit and I've settled in nicely to having more or less the same thing each day....like this:

Bowl of lf cereal (like Oatiflakes or weetabix) with light milk

Snack: Orange or lf yogurt

Lunch: Bowl of soup and brown bread or
Cuppa soup n bread roll sometimes with a lf cheese triangle (laughing cow or the like)

Tea: 4 or 6 craquottes with lf cheese n tomato or something similar
Another lf yogurt

Lots of coffee and the odd cup of Options (found a Turkish Delight one..mmmmmm)

And thats more or less it - only got to the gym twice last week, aiming for three times this week.

Anyway - lunch over, back to work, chat later
mmmm - just looking at what I'm eating, could really do with more protein, will have to fix that!!


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yes protien is a good think to keep a track of....
good luck...
and well done on the 4 and a half pounds... your doing well!
Thanks girls. I have to say I'm not finding it difficult at all....I am still inclined to ramble around the kitchen at night opening presses :) old habits are hard to break, so long as I keep on closing them it'll be fine!!

Thankfully I havent had any bother so far at all with the lil blue pills, though initially I was a little constipation but just upped my water intake and that sorted that.

I had a great time in tesco yesterday evening looking at labels....if anyone was actually watching me they'd have pi$$ed themselves laughing, its a real eye-opener all the same.

Hope ur all keeping well
take care
Hi girls, doing well. Have only had one minor episode, and that was my own fault - was pushing it a little, and got told off within a few hours by my little blue policemen!!

One thing I really miss is cheese, so I got some Low Low mature cheddar slices HAHAHA...wont be doing that again.

I think it was just that I had no problems whatsoever and I got lulled into a false sense of security...oh but I miss my cheese:sigh:

Take care all
Hah i got those as well, I'd had the mild low low slices before no problems. So when I was "punished" I was a bit confused.

I guess there's a lot more fat in the mature ones :(
Hi Deem, thought I would say hello! I am new to the forum as from yesterday and started Xenical yesterday too! So far so good - you made me laugh with you "telling off" stories - not looking forward to that one! I am 41 and scared of a little blue pill!! Anyway, hope you are still getting on ok - this is a fab site - glad I found it x

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