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Defecting from LighterLife!?


Hi all,

I'm currently on week 2 of SSing with LL and really don't think it's for me. It seems way too expensive for what I'm getting, the counselling sessions are not for me and I don't feel very comfortable with the group sessions. I think I'd be a lot happier on CD, as I'm happy working through my food and health issues at home (and on my blog!) and it seems a better program. Can someone advise me about switching at this stage? Would I be able to just "hop" from one to the other, and would a CD counsellor be happy taking me on? Would I need another medical?

Any advice gratefully received!
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Queen of the Damned
Hi Treefrog

Depending on your BMI and whether you are on any medication, a CDC would suggest you see your Dr, but you probably won't need a medical. If you don't take a break from SS then you should simply be able to swap straight over. There should be no problem with you moving over to CD as long as you find a CDC in your area that can see you at a convenient time :)

Saying that, have you spoken to your LLC - explained that you don't quite feel you are getting the most out of the experience at the moment. You might find that the counselling becomes more in depth and more relevant to you as time goes by.

Hope that helps


cheers D_Q!

That's very positive, I've sent an e-mail to my local CD counsellor asking for more info.

good point about talking to my LLC- I really don't feel happy talking to her, I got the impression at my last meeting that I'm not part of the group (I joined a week later than everyone else) and the meetings are a lot shorter than I'd been told they would be, and I just don't feel that it's worth £66 every week, especially when I'm on a tight budget...


Hi Treefrog

I have done LL before and to be honest apart from the counselling sessions, CD is just the same, and you get a bigger selection to choose from.

If you know and understand your problems with food and feel in a position to deal with them yourself, and are on a tight budget - you may want to swap. Just make sure you are happy with your CDC.




Well done on the 10lb weight loss. Good luck for the next 10 days and remember to keep us updated on your weight loss


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Well done on losing a stone in 10 days and welcome to Cambridge. I switched from Lipotrim to CD after 4 weeks and have to say it is much more do-able!!

I wouldn't say I LOVE the shakes/bars/soups, but they are certainly edible!!

Good luck and will be watching out to see how you get on



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Well done Treefrog,

I am on day 34 with CD and it suits me fine. I love the shakes nd the bars! Also the water flavourings! I have lost 21lbs, and I am so pleased! You go girl! You will soon be in that dres from Monsoon!!! xxxxxxx:)


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I did toy with doing CD because the counsellor lived more locally (and it was half the price), but I wanted the CBT/TA and the support of a group.

I made the right choice for me, but it's horses for courses, and we each have to find our own way!

Good luck to you treefrog.