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Definitely Up For The 10s This Week!!!


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Hi All, I'm new to this site, just found it by accident! I think it could be just what I'm looking for.

I've been a member of slimming world for 14 weeks (this time round) and I've so far lost 1 stone 9 1/2. The last two weeks now I've maintained. Last week was probably because the week before I lost 3lb and my weekly average is 1 1/2lb, this week though I don't have a clue.

I've had 73 syns over the week, stuck to the plan 100% (actually tried success express a few days) and have done over 5 hours of exercise including 3 hours at the gym. Anyone any advice on what could have gone wrong?
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Hi hun and welcome to mins. Great loss so far well done. It could be that your body is gaining muscle and losing inches rather than showing on the scales. Are you near your target weight as this could also be a cause. Post your food diary and keep variety to your meals and you will be losing agin in no time. xx


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Hi, thanks for the advice. Nowhere near target yet sadly but I'll get there eventually. I need to read up a little on this site, there's so many abreviations that I don't understand yet lol
Hey welcome. I've only been on here a few days but you'll find everyone really welcoming and friendly. I'm on day 2 of SW but I've done it before in the past. I guess write everything down 100% and that might help. Good luck.


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Thanks - I'm going through the tutorials to get up to speed with the site. Well done everyone on your weight losses so far


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Hi Sandra, welcome to the forum. If you need to know any abreviations just ask and we will be happy to tell you x


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I've been reading a number of threads today and have decided to do a diary - mainly to help myself but I'm sure one or two others may find some interest in there.
Wednesday is my WI day and yesterday I was bitterly disappointed to have maintained for the second week in a row, I had a bar of chocolate and a packet of crisps to help me get over it. Today I am raring to go. I've had a green day today with past for dinner and risotto for tea. My syns for the day total 5 1/2. I've been to the gym for 75 minutes and burned off 575 calories. I can't wait to get weighed next week!


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It's Saturday afternoon and as there's nothing on tv I thought I would update my diary.
Yesterday I had a good day, a total of 10.5 syns and I had the mix to max plan. The downside to the day was that I couldn't control the urge to get weighed and was gutted to discover my scales had increase by a pound!
I get weighed before I go to class on a wednesday and my scales are always 1/2 pound over those used but when I got weighed at the usual time yesterday, before having tea, they were heavier than normal. I know we all have fluctuations which is why we should only get weighed once a week - slapped wrists for caving and and jumping on the scales! lol. That'll teach me.
I've started filling in a food diary on the Slimming World website which I'll print off and take to class next week.
I'm remaining positive that I will stick to the diet - I have done for 14 weeks and haven't had a gain - I refuse to be beaten by food!


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hi sandrah - why don't you try success express for a few days. this will give your weight loss a boost. i average 1-2lbs loss a week, but when i did success express for 3 days i lost 3.5lbs. i find it hard work though as i'm a vegetarian, but if i could do red days i would probably try success express alot more.


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Hi, thanks for the advice. I tried success express last week for 3 days, hence the disappointment at no loss. Not sure if I was taking in enough calories with going to the gym (something I introduced last week). I enjoy going to the gym and don't want to drop it (though the £28 a month would be useful) but don't know where to go from here if I get the same result this wednesday.


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I'm in a great mood today and espite lazing around I'm up for making some great food. Had a SW fry up for breakfast/dinner and I'm having salmon and roasted veg for tea. Using syns for soft cheese, tomato ketchup and honey.
Going to drag myself away from the computer soon so that I can have a wlk to my mums.


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Ah, thanks for that, can't find the info on that - checked the website and books, thought I'd seen it somewhere. Will count as syns for the time being to be on the safeside.


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Are you eating when you're hungry? Are you eating enough, considering all the exercise you're doing. A lady at our group wasn't losing, and she was advised to eat little and often, i.e. 1 weetabix for breakfast, another two hours later, and having small 'meals' every 2 hours or so, to bump start her metabolism after being on too many diets over the years. Another thing, are you varying your diet? Sometimes we can end up eating the same old stuff all the time, and that can slow things down.

Good luck with it, try not to worry, I'm sure it'll come off soon and it's probably just a blip on the journey. The best way to tell if it's working is if your clothes are getting looser, never mind what the scales say.
And by the way, I take it you're not pregnant? (just a thought...)


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Hi, thanks for the advice. I don't think I did eat enough last week, I wasn't hungry at any point but tried success express and ate tonnes of veg and salad with very little else so wondered if that had something to do with it. I'll see how I get on this week. I'm toning the exercise down slightly as I could have pushed myself a little too hard aswell. My clothes are looser which does make me feel better.

As for being pregnant, I seriously hope not. I've been on the pill for years so doubt it very much.

The other thing is that my 'toilet' habits have changed slightly which could also attribute to my problems.

Long list eh? Still, I'll revise the situation after this weeks WI.


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I've got myself into a bit of a state! I stupidly got weighed again this morning and I am the same weight as last week , the week before and the week before that! I've just been to the shop on my lunch and bought a pack of 3 jaffa cakes and two packets of revels - though I haven't eaten any of them yet. I know I'm sticking to the regime 110%, I've allowed myself upto 10 syns a day and I'm exercising. I feel like I'm going to lose all hope unless I get a decent weight loss soon :(

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