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Hi Everyone on this cold, wet & dark horrible morning.
I have 12 lbs to lose before I get to target. Is anyone else like me determined that Christmas is not going to stop me. I am still going to get the usual stuff for my family as it wouldnt be fair if I didnt but perhaps not as much because I was the one that eat the most!!! I'm more looking forward to being off, chill time, going for long walks (fingers & toes x no snow) and spending some quality time with my family and of course getting to target. :)
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Totally determined that Christmas isn't going to stop me losing weight.

I both need and want to be a healthy weight, I'd be a fool to let the party season stop me getting where I want to be. This is the first time in 9 months I've been well enough to even attempt this lifestyle change, so I'm determined I'm going to do it, come what may.


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Hear Hear!!

I think as I will be staying with relatives for most of the holidays, I'm going to have to switch to a sort of consolidation type diet as not to put anybody out/have to listen to how "bad" the dukan diet diets.

Then sort of have a mini attack afterwards, the continue onwards and upwards, or rather downwards and inwards!

So excited for christmas!!!!


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I'm very determined ;-) we will be at home so I should be able to keep on track as I've gotten used to doing potatoes etc just for hubby, he has been doing the food shopping and bought lots of goodies that look at me when I open cupboard doors but they are not bothering me one bit lol


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I will hopefully be on Conso by Xmas but am also determined not to overindulge and plan to make a Dukan friendly dessert as well. Am planning to write down exactly what I want, I might even make Dukan carrotcake for dessert. Hmm... like the sound of that! :D

Btw, bought an oatbran cook book yesterday which has some great recipes in there as I don't want to eat muffins for the rest of my life. Bought it on if anyone's interested in it. The title of the book is The Oat Bran Guide.


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My family and my friends are astounded when I say I'm going to stick to it right through Christmas. "What? You're not even going to give yourself a day off on Christmas Day?" No, I'm not - I think you can make the day more than enjoyable and still eat the Dukan way.

The big issue for me will be going to my parents from Christmas Eve until the 28th/29th as my mum is a typical 'feeder'. There are always bowls of chocolates in every room and she's constantly putting out nibbles. I'm providing her with a Dukan-approved shopping list so hopefully she'll have nibbles I can eat too.


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I'm definitely determined, will bake lots of goodies for kids and enjoy doing so but I'm looking forward to the day Dukan-wise. Loads of turkey, some bacon rolls, BNS croquettes, nice veg, Dukan trifle for after...can you tell I've put some thought into this ;). The house will still be full of happiness and laughter and tinsel and I will feel very proud of myself :D


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Some of my friends think im potty - No G & T they cry. Actually No, why would I, Ive not done almost 5 months without slipping once. Its good to see there are other potty people too LOL ;) x