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  1. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Hi folks,

    I thought I would create a diary and share some of my experiences & menus, and hopefully pick up on some of your ideas too.

    I am a full time working mum, juggling housekeeping, work, family & weight watchers. So far, I have lost 25 pounds with 49 still to go. I don't look at what I have to lose but concentrate on what I have achieved. I would get depressed & give up if I was to dwell on the journey ahead of me!!

    So far, I have enjoyed the eating plan & it's flexibility, I think that is why I have found success with weight watchers.

    Anyway, now that you know a little about me, I hope to find out a little about you guys & hopefully find some minimin buddies too.

    I am on 30 pp's per day. I get weighed every Monday, so I will update my result tomorrow evening.

    Today I have had -

    Breakfast 6pp
    2 weetabix 3 pp's
    Milk 3 (for tea & coffee too)

    Lunch 11pp
    Salad 0 pp's
    Tuna light lunch 7 pp
    Marks & Sencer chilli prawns 3 pp
    Ww'er yogurt 1 pp
    Cherries 0 pp

    Dinner 8pp
    Cod 2 pp
    Sauce 2 pp
    Potatoes 4 pp

    Snack 5pp
    2 aero biscuits 5 pp

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  3. MidlandsChick

    MidlandsChick Full Member

    Hi! Best of luck, I'm a stay-at-home Mam too, it's hard trying to juggle everything and have time for ourselves too! Best of luck x
  4. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Aww, thank you.
    I just need to stay focused & continue to make ww'er friendly meals for family dinners. No-one has complained yet so I must be doing something right lol xx

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  5. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Monday morning, the start of another week and my weeklies have been replenished. Yipeee!!
    I try to stay within my dailies through the week & keep my weeklies for the weekend where I can basically have what I want & not feel guilty :-D

    Tonight I start 7 nights of nightshift eurgh......... What I need to do is plan filling foods to keep me going right through until tomorrow morning. I take my dinner with me to work so I try to eat later in the day so I will last through the night. Every Monday I plan the week ahead, thinking through menus & going shopping for what I need.

    I have my weigh in later on too, so hopefully I have moved a little closer to my little target. I have set myself 1/2 stone targets, I think it's easier to focus on small achievements than look at the bigger picture. I have lost 1 stone 11 pounds so I am 3 lbs away from my next 1/2 stone.

    Today I will be having

    Breakfast (very late, didn't have it until 12.30) 6pp
    45g ready brek made with 200mls sk milk & 50 mls water (fills me up for ages) 6pp

    Mid afternoon 3pp
    Walkers baked crisps 3pp

    Tea time (which will be my lunch) 6pp
    Stuffed peppers 5pp
    Ww'er yogurt 1pp

    Dinner (around midnight) 15pp
    Fish, loads of potatoes & sauce with loads of veg 12pp
    Ww'er yogurt 1pp
    Fresh pineapple
    Morrisons fruit bar 2pp

    Total 30 pp - weeklies left 49

    I will edit this later with the results of my weigh in.

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  6. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Hi,have seen you on the post dinner pics thread :0) well done on your weight loss so far and good luck for wi tonight.Planning ahead works well for you I see so that's good :0)
  7. lauramarlow88

    lauramarlow88 Full Member

    Hi, here to subscribe. Well done on all your weight loss so far x
  8. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Had my weigh in tonight & I have lost 2 & 1/2 pounds so I'm happy happy happy!! I am now just 1/2 a pound away from a 2 stone loss :-D

    Thank you for your kind words ladies, this is what keeps me going x
  9. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Woo well done thats a great loss,brilliant start to the week :0)
  10. lauramarlow88

    lauramarlow88 Full Member

    Well done x
  11. Furrykins

    Furrykins Full Member

  12. Loopeylou

    Loopeylou Gold Member

    Fantastic loss, well done xx

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  13. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Just popping by to say hello :)
  14. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Thanks everyone :) I'm really motivated just now, I just hoping it lasts!!

    First nightshift over, only 6 to go ......gulp!

    Today I am having

    Breakfast 9pp
    2 slices wholemeal bread 6pp
    2 cheese triangles 2pp
    Milk 1pp

    Lunch 8pp
    2 slices wholemeal bread 6pp
    Flora 1pp
    Ham 1pp

    Dinner 12pp
    Pasta 6pp
    Gammon steak 6pp
    Free sweet & sour sauce

    Snack 5pp
    ww'ers apple pie bar 2pp
    Walkers baked crisps 3pp

    Total 34 = daily 30 & 4 weeklies
    Running total - weeklies now 45
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  15. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Keep that motivation going.i hope tonight at work goes well for you :0)
  16. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Thank you :) the shift went by quite quickly thankfully. Having plenty to nibble on through the night certainly helps! x

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  17. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    It's good to be prepared whilst at work,well done :0)
  18. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    Not had much sleep today, I will struggle later on me thinks! Went to sleep at 9am, woke up just after 2pm. I need 8 hours to function properly lol.

    Anyway, todays eats -

    Breakfast 7pp
    40g crunchy nut cornflakes 4pp
    Milk 140ml 1pp
    Milk for tea & coffee 2pp

    Lunch 7pp
    John west light lunch 7pp

    Dinner 10pp
    Mince (made with turkey mince) 5pp
    Potatoes 4pp
    Ww'ers yogurt 1pp

    Snacks 6pp
    Marks & spencers mini bag chocolate popcorn 4pp
    Ww'er jaffa mini roll 2pp

    Total - 30pp, weeklies balance 45

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  19. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Eek! Sorry to hear that you didn't get enough sleep! Hope you do manage ok tonight.
  20. Hazykay

    Hazykay Silver Member

    I have had a great sleep, woke up really refreshed but soooo hungry. Need really filling foods today to keep me going til tomorrow so today I am having

    Breakfast 6pp
    Porridge made with 45g oatmeal & water 4pp
    Milk 2pp

    Lunch 8pp
    2 eggs scrambled 4pp
    2 slices toast 3pp
    Flora ex light 1pp

    Fruit salad

    Dinner 8pp
    Chicken stew 4pp
    Potatoes 3pp
    We'ers yogurt 1pp

    Snack 9pp
    Ww'ers gums 1pp
    Walkers baked crisps 3pp
    Morrisons fruit bar 2pp
    Aero biscuit 3pp

    Total 31
    Dailies 30 weeklies balance 44
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  21. bulldogdaisy

    bulldogdaisy Gold Member

    Glad you had a good amount of sleep :0) food looks nice and filling,hope the shift goes well for you :0)

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