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Diary of losing my baby weight (now that my son is 5!)

I have been truely inspired by some of the stories in this forum so am gonna start my own and maybe even inspire someone else... who knows!!

Anyway a bit about me, found slimming world about 10 years ago - was having trouble getting pregnant and read somewhere that it could be due to my weight. So found SW lost 2 stone and got to target only to be told i needed IVF! anyway was very lucky indeed as it worked first go. However the massive amount of hormones for the IVF and the fact that being pregnant meant i could shove whatever i wanted in my gob added up to gaining 5 1/2 stone while i was pregnant and surprise surprise it didn't all come off when the baby popped out!

So back to SW where i had very little success. Then i got pregnant again naturally (another little miracle) and the whole process started all over again!

Anyhow after baby no 2 back to SW lost most of the weight then in feb 09 our visas came through for australia. We didnt leave for 3 months but in that time i went off plan and there were constant 'goodbye' drinks. Inevitably i ended up on a plane (just) squeezing into my size 12 jeans! In oz they have not heard of low fat sausage (from what i could find) plus a few bevies with the bbq so before i knew it i amback to where i was 10 years ago, albeit a mum to 2 beautiful kids and living in australia. But not happy - am now on the obese line and have 3 stone to loose. And soon it will be summer aaarrrggghhh!!

Anyway in oz you have just 2 options: shakes or weightwatchers. have done both, with limited success, but here i am back where i started. And my son turned 5 last week!

So back to what i know works! Yesterday i signed up to the sw website and this forum for support (Slimming world not here yet!) I am full of inspiration and hope. I am gonna buy the magazine today - it's about 3 months behind but still gonna be helpful. I have planned all this weeks food and am aiming to do 4 exercise classes or dvd's per week.

Had my first day yesterday (although technically for you guys in the UK its still today cos i live in the future!!!) and had a really good day even going to the cafe with the playgroup mums. Instead of my normal Chicken burger,chips and a frappe i had smoked salmon salad and diet coke. really enjoyed it - and shocked the other mums cos my kids shared a salmon salad too! I love that Slimming world encourages my kids to eat healthier too.

Ok so now i am waffling on, better get on with my day will let you know how today goes xxxx
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Oh crap - just realised that i thought yesterday was extra easy, but needed more superfree food! so i guess yesterdaywas just a purple day - not good am saving up syns for the weekend picnic races as OH company paying for all the booze and food - may have to drive and just drink free diet coke!!
ok so i had to order the mag - not surprising really given we are 12000 miles from dear old blighty - anyway so far so good with food am going back to red days so wont make same mistake again - have just spent 22 dollars on bananas for just 9 big ones but they r so expensive here - but cannot do this diet without them!

B weetbix & skim milk HE A & B
L Superfree omlette with 20g RF cheese HEA
T will be pizza topped chicken but with just 22g rf cheese with new potatoes as my HEB
snacks so far free yogurt, mandarin oranges and a banana.

Will be really cool to do two days on the trot on my diet - usually only manage 24 hours and that is if i am lucky!!!...
Tea was lovely last night - pizza topped chicken OH even liked it although i did have to leave off the peppers to make it OH friendly. My youngest wouldn't eat the topping so next time i will do an untopped one for him or maybe leave the tomato mixture out and use just cheese.

Felt really hungry at about 10.15 last night so just had a glass of water and went to bed - which was a real victory for me, the old me would have raided the pantry for all the kids treats but am still feeling strong and motivated - long may that continue.

Today i am doing sticky chicken for tea, normal weetabix and milk for breakky. Lunch may be an issue - am going shopping with the kids to the next town bout 1/2 hour away. Will inevitably involve lunch - i have a free cappichino voucher for Mcdonalds am gonna check out how many syns for a chicken snack wrap and go for the apple pieces. if it is too many i will just have the skinny cap and eat a home made sandwhich in the car ... wish me luck!!!
Hi Val, Well done on getting your diary up and running, we like to see how you are progressing as you may already know.

Wonderful that you were able to get your two little babies but weight probs afterwards... that's a bummer, isn't it?

Looks like you are doing really well and am sure you will soon get to your goal.
Keep up the good work ... :)
Day 3: Mcdonalds was waaaaay too many syns for me to even venture near it so decided to have lunch at home and go shopping later. The down side of that was that by the time i got home, unloaded the car, marinaded the chicken i missed the exercise class i was going to do at 5.30 :( so am going to have to do a class tomorrow, friday and one at the weekend to hit my 4 per week target.

My daughter went to bed with a temperature and a couple of spoons of paracetamol, hopefully she will be ok tomorrow or i will have to wheel out the old davina mcall dvd - would rather be down the gym doing the pump class!

Sticky chicken was a disaster - i think it got a bit burnt - i ate it anyway so did my son and the dogs. My daughter and OH just ate the salad! Oh well , you gotta try these things.

Am currently fighting cravings for nice things, have had 9 1/2 syns today already, am off to the fridge to get another yogurt!!!
.... - i know my diary is a bit long-winded - deffo the ramblings of a mad woman, prob need to get out more lol!!!
Know you were not addressing me Val but love all the ramblings, keeps me occupied and it's very entertaining too!
We are all a bit mad from time to time so don't think you are out of the ordinary anyway.

Hope your little girl is on the mend. Very worrying when they get a temperature.

Hope the exercising to Davina went well...:D
I know what you mean about Bananas - don't think that I could manage without them too!
I think i am a bit addicted prob eat 3 per day and cant do porridge without them!!
Know you were not addressing me Val but love all the ramblings, keeps me occupied and it's very entertaining too!
We are all a bit mad from time to time so don't think you are out of the ordinary anyway.

Hope your little girl is on the mend. Very worrying when they get a temperature.

Hope the exercising to Davina went well...:D
Thanks Emmaline - good to hear i am actually normal (who knew!!! lol)

This morning Yasmin is saying she feels fine but still has a temperature, i think its this wierd flu doing the rounds where you dont get a bad cold but feel really crappy so will stay at home today. Typical getting ill on school holidays!

It is horrible weather today - rainy and gale force winds so am gonna stuggle to keep out of the kitchen - thank goodness i bought 2 kilos manderins this week to snack on! am gonna get on with my massive ironing pile after my dvd workout, that should keep me busy.
Good day food wise today - not so good on the ironing front though, but i did make a set of curtains and spent 4 hours online filling in a form! My daughter got miraculously better after about 10am, but horrid weather meant we stayed in. Am very pleased with myself that when the going got tough especially with the online form filling instead of getting stressed and going to find a snack I just got on with it - head down and get the job done!

For lunch i had two tuna, (RF) cheese and onion melt wraps using mountain bread - not sure if you can get it in uk its like really thin wraps and they are only 1 syn each, so instead of using up your hex B or having 6 syns for bread i use that.

A bit of a result was that OH made tea tonight - he made chicken with tin of tomatos, an onion, some soy, ginger and garlic with wholemeal pasta - he has been very supportive - i think he wants to loose a few lbs as well and he usually does well just eating the same evening meals as me, and i have noticed he is not snacking in the evening which is helping me heaps. The old me was sooo bad it wasnt funny - i would even hide from the kids while i was stuffing my face cos then they'd find out i troughed all their treats, but now if i do fancy something i am making some good choices.

I am also chuffed that i am sticking to going to bed by 10.30 - i used to stay up till gone 12 then do some secret snacking and all the wrong choices - ark at me 4 days in and my body is a temple lol. Anyway its good to big yourself up every now and again.

Tomorrow is going to be another good day!!!
Haha brilliant, I am the same with scoffing food and I am sure people look at me now with all my fruit thinking I'm some sort of born-again-health-freak after only two weeks! lol

I love that the weather here is hot at the moment (sorry yours is crap and I'm just rubbing it in lol) but generally when I'm hot I eat cold foods like salad much more, where as winter cold times I turn to hot junk food like take aways, burgers etc!
I love that the weather here is hot at the moment (sorry yours is crap and I'm just rubbing it in lol) but generally when I'm hot I eat cold foods like salad much more, where as winter cold times I turn to hot junk food like take aways, burgers etc!
Its predicted rain till sunday - they never put that bit in the brocure!! typical when the kids are on school hols, they have got another week after this one.

Funny how the weather makes such a difference to our ability to eat salad! My youngest keeps stealing carrots from the fridge to eat raw whatever the weather, i couldnt do it! - hard to tell a 5 year old off for stealing carrot to eat raw though!

Right off to bed for me - am getting the 10.30 snack urges and my body is a temple! Night xxx
TGIF!! Not that it makes much difference to me - i dont work kids are on school hols and my OH is working all day tomorrow. Foodwise been ok.

B Weetabix and milk
L omelette with ham, a sprinkle of LF Cheese and heaps to SF peppers mushrooms tomato and onion
went out for a skinny capichino so was gonna use that as my other HEA
Then around 4pm I got incredably hungry, prob cos i did step this morning, had a couple of pieces of friut and some yogurt and 2 pkts crisps that are 2.5 syns each. Anyway decided that instead of new spuds with my pork steak would change to EE day so could have heaps of mash spud and sf veg with gravy. it was only after eating it and writing it into my food diary I realised i had doubled up on my HEA choices DOH!!! had to convert my extra milk to 6 syns and with the gravy it puts me on 15 syns - and here is me trying to save syns for the horse racing on sunday!

I have a plan for sunday - a red day with a big 'grill up' breadfast. we leave for the bus at 12 noon so i have time to make a shepherds pie with suede and carrot top for when we get back. All booze is being paid for by OH's company but will have every other drink as a diet cola. The kids will be with us anyway, so do not want to get drunk. I will take a couple of bits of fruit to fight the nibles in the company marquee and if i get hungry can resort to a steak sandwich which i can buy there. Drinking in the daytime will mean i will be asleep by 8 and therefore not eating later on - sorted! am a bit worried that this wobbly day happens the day before my first weigh in tbh, but the alternative would have been to put off the diet for another week, and then tomorrow never comes! I guess you just have to get on with it at the end of the day, and if that means i take the scenic route, so be it!

Right better take the dogs out - they are whining at me

Night all xxxx
Have been on this site for over an hour already and my kids are running ferrel! so just a quick update - need to get to the butchers before it shuts at midday - the downside to living in a small town!

Anyway food: EE today

B normal weetbix and skim milk
lunch an omlette packed with SF stuff
tea am gonna do fish - have some hoki in the freezer will just grill mine in some foil, kids and oh will get theirs with some lemon infused oil. with jacket spud and salad.

My plan for today is to keep syns below 6 1/2 will then have used 50 syns for the week so far leaving up to 55 for a couple of glasses of wine on sunday - if i am really good will only use 20 and keep the syn count at 70 for the week, will be dead chuffed it i can acheive that, but not distraught if i dont.

right - better get them kids on the naughty chair!!!!

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