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Diary Section - your thoughts??

After reading sonbans post and the feedback on it I was wondering would you rather have the diaries back in the main section and do away with the diaries bit??

Its YOUR forum, what works better for you and Ill let Pierce know :)

You can ofcourse have your diary moved back into the main section even if the diary sub forum is still here...
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Personally, I think it's tidier to keep things in their own section. If you want to find someones diary then it's easier to go through the diary sub than trawling through the general forum
as taz says it easy to find some1s diary if they are in sub forum.
im happy whatever, my diary is mainly for me anyway but if people want to stop by, read and comment etc thats great.xx

Mrs V

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I agree...if people want to look at diaries, then they can search for them in the other sections. Its the same with syns too...people still ask the questions in the main part regardless of the fact that there is a section for syn values.
I dont mind where mine goes, as its my online food record and if people want to read to get some ideas, I always recommend they have a look.
I haven't seen that thread about wanting diaries in the main section *goes to look* but for me personally, I think the diaries sections are great. I go there for inspiration and ideas, to see how friends are getting on and to offer advice where it's asked for.

I think it's tidier and easier! Perhaps you could combine the food diary and weight loss diary sections though, if you're thinking about changes? I think the two could get confused by some people. I know my diary is both food and a kind of journal about general slimming thoughts and feelings....

Hellie :)


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Its the same with syns too...people still ask the questions in the main part regardless of the fact that there is a section for syn values.
I mentioned this else where but when I first came on here I didn't realise that's what the syn section was for (not sure what I did think it was for!)

Maybe having a thread with 'house guidelines' as a sticky in the main section would help new members to know where posts should go.?

As for the diary thing... I have a link to mine in my signature as it's in the member only section.
I do like the idea of the diarys in the correct sections, but i have had some PM from others saying they cant find a diary. i dont mind either way


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I think it's just generally quieter here! I never look at posts by forum anyway, I'd be here all day if I did that! I first view the new posts on my subscribed threads then view all new posts and skim that for anything that interests me. TBH I think if someone really wanted to look at someones diary it's no hassle to go to the sub to look for it and if they don't then they obviously don't really want to look. I sometimes don't get replies on my diary for a few days and that's fine with me, it's mainly for me anyway. If I have something worth posting then I have to search for it like anyone else and post in it

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